flow along the river
and ocean waves
seething in the heat
bright under the flowing sun
cold & verdent underneath.

some times only six feet deep
water is like the tears
from an angels song
the glaciers freeze, just to
unfreeze from brim to brim
the coldest water-floes
will be warm again.

if you're in a state
no anger can replace
try not to displace
for that is another's fate.

keep me strong.

"keep my body strong"
- I keep my body strong

fight for it until the end to feel no harm from the wrong -

keep my body strong
i'll be moving, my hands
& feet, too.

get your smile best

Honor in the edge
Remember what you have
Get your smile the
That your grin is also

They are mean,
And not nice to him,
Who they hate
The smile of,


Just keep on smiling.


my own things

The love of my own memories
The words of my own poetry
The relations I build dear to me.

The reasons eye know I am free.

The ways in which both
My first two eyes can see

& my love for everything I may
Have to hold.

These are my things
They are the things I love

These are things I'm made of.

sketch the line,
then curve.
do not draw the words,

no symbol, only music.

only music.

sometimes only beauty.

i'll need one a day

Beauty shows no excessivity.

Remember her. Remember her, also.

do not speak of poetry.

"How The Woods Feel To Me"

. . . and no other bed
'cept mine

(Acadian woods)
The Circadia.


& shower - prepared.

No paranow, in a
Room well-felt to my
Security, in no overflow
Of tears.

Be alone
When you are emotional.

They'll need
Whatever they want to

You ..

Sleep as late
As you are able to

No 11:eleven
Without the two.


my dreams, start from
the first good one

my dreams start from
That Christmas Eve

"Jordan Clemm"
"Jordan Clemm"
I need you
Protect me
Sleep near my side
Like last time you did.

You also
If you need me

"They" Won't Always B'Right
Sometimes, it's all just
A match of the intelligence

Women love to defy men,

(Sometimes when they Know why / how you can't

sleep with them).

I won't look like
A fool to you
I found the blue
ink & all.

I have to ...

do whatever I can
no blame of thought
i believe in you
i believe in you
& I believe in love
i'm always allright
by twelve o'clock
dark city
each & every night
i believe in you i believe in me i believe in love i believe in God

feeling 'cool'
requires you

you must be

the one who is cool.


"Be cool."

Because when it is "you."

Who feels this way
You truly are cool.


Use the tones & words you want.


I amhappy

This is all one word

To somepeople


Be the way you want to.


I recommend to just try

and see what happens


Scary Girls

Some girls are scary .....

Stare at their boobs

       ^ solution

Right one
Is the
Singable . . .
Singable loud Singable slow.


Is all that I can say sometimes,

When you keep

breaking my heart

The Letter Helps

He needs to know
What you want to do
He needs to trust
The therapeautic effect

The therapy I get
I love
I love the music I made

I feel good about it.

Stay strong.
Be confident. Think on positive Forward-moving words

stupid people

"some people R stupid."

                   (are) ..

if you win
if you beat them
don't let them cry
make sure they're

make sure they
are laughing

make sure they

instead of have
to cry . . .


When she's mean (whoever)

- She doesn't have it all -

- We're all bitter toward the mental -

- Maybe you should be helping her -

(G / S / or "L")

People are good.

She still has life-figuring
Try to be good.

Make her smile instead.

Because if not then
You probably would have.

- The affirmations

You are nice
You are rarely mean bad thoughts? May first be nullified by the muse Before anything else .. Else takes place.

Listen to music when You feel that way.

Be nice.

You'll always feel good.

That Aren't Funny

"I bet I could make a song out of the Ecclesiastes."

- "I'm an American hamburger man..!"

- It doesn't matter.

They're never funny.

'S Ok

All those bad times
Were only fights
With yourself
Essentially since / especially
When You're the only one
Who actually feels the hurt.

In the end.

The pain is yours and yours alone.


The heart & the mind are alike
Both have multiple sides.

hands out
hands in
you don't need much
if i don't need a single thing

all i want is
All i want is
The Number Two
All I want
Is the number two

I am the one
You are the one
I am the one, and
You are the other one.

You are the one
That makes up the two
You are the one
You are the one


Don't worry about your enemies
- they're Your enemies.


don't worry

trust me

no matter what, you'll find love