The Akasha

The "Akasha" sanskrit for "Atmosphere" is derived from the making-up of this atmosphere, which is "Atmos" or "Atum" according to Egyptians, meaning Atom.

Waves are made of atoms, and even soundwaves are made of atoms.

The super-string science we follow is essentially true, in accordance with a lot of vibrational theory.

There is a quanta, and waves, and string-theory binds all of this together.

An EMF frequency, which is the electromagnetic frequency of an actual atmosphere, is bearing of waves.

In all our akasha of wonder, over the matter, we use a word to describe words and information itself, when yet this is merely a universal substance of information itself.

Though we know old school concepts like "omnisphere" or "biosphere" the entire world of sound, in regard to frequencies is just as affectable, through words, with words, and with words.

The affectability of the akashic records is a fundamental matter in recorded information embedded into time and space.

If we live in an atmosphere, surely we live in a universe as well. From a universe, to the unispheric world around us, there are words.

Words hold energy in accordance with their gravity to action, yet action is not complete without a thought, therefore experiential motives of action are embedded into the matrix, these forms of information, such as thought-forms, akashic waves, and what might even be termed "information-waves" make up the essential substance of time and space.

This science is of the ancient classical concept followed by the Greeks and Egyptians.

Who in a cult society of power, rended sounds of the "A Note" merely through the construction and pyramidal designs of their very walls.

Information exists in a space, and yet an entire space is not one room, and not just one thing alone.

Inter-tangled waves, making up ourselves from the same matter: "we are names."

Named or titled matter is of the akashic orientation with a scientific outlook on the universe of words and thought.

That "Eureka" is a thought, and we find so much out of the equince of this deliquate phrase, who are we not to want to spell our own way..?

Accordancy to some common schema of human behaviorism, when we know "free will" is above and beyond the most vital aspect of our daily expressions, why do we not express more to the poetic impermanence of words, over subject, or headline..?

Poetic value is stored in thoughts of actionate power, and in our power, so the matrix-effected is the matrix complete when these words make sense to us.

Words that truly evoke, or evince a sense of "knowing" are impermanent. They are finite and immortal at the same time, and exist on both sides of each realm, of the seen, and unseen, equatable to the feelings of any kind, or creature, we feel these equi-universally.

Since subjects in headlines, stories on crime, and fear-media focus so much on the opposite, and how much eversomuch witchcraft and Pagan abuse of words exist in America, in spite of the modern need for "good magic" in the world -- the infosphere of such databases, data-stores, and equilariums of human data, are not so well-stored when we do not recall that "nature knows the truth."

Nature, and the natural psychic, just like the natural Earth know the truth of what is right.

Nature knowing this, we see through histories enforcing nature on humankind.

Though at one time, a prisoner may find solace in a peaceful place of power, the headlines might even change around him, while he is away from the world, and untouched by their influence of the going-ons of his life.

"Ode on Solitude" -- and every epistle thus read, we find that the true classical need for "An Essay On Existence" becomes the essay on "Man" himself, since we know only ourselves.

Our "human data" is information we can store, reflect on, forget, or remember. We can do what we want with information, but words, in their stand intropositions, and many standing waves, and stuck energy, thought-forms, and electrical waves that permeate into the biosphere, are not just words, they are sub-atomic waves, EMF frequencies, and vibration.

The energy end-result of a "mean thought" versus a "kind one" is a matter of temperament, and volumes also sensable by Nature.

We should know by now, no entire "book" needs to be written on the book itself,

And for another reason is why short, poetic statements tend to do more justice than prolonged statements, especially in the third party.

Words are sacred to a poet, and to a truly poetic mind, our every word, and our every thought "matters" in accordance with the universal theory of an akashic storehouse of information, that is defineable, and searchable, and understandable through our own questions that are also made up of words, which are energy also.

Even to one side, or the other parallel, whether attraction or repulsion, words still have an equal effect on the atmosphere, high or low, since the density-rate is merely opposite, or pro-parallel to itself, on a level plane of "zero" in the silence, or "silent atmosphere" when the atmosphere is in a state of stillness.

Words are meant to be respected, yet why have so many forgot the thought of how to properly influence an atmosphere, or use news media, and words (energy) to our advantage, when I write these universal thoughts, and they are felt as merely opinion alone --

Yet this opinion is held by so many more people than just myself.

Words are energy, thoughts are energy, and the akashic records are all around us.