Killing ALIENS

(A Satire)

First, you need a good hammer.

A good .. well-made hammer.

Fit the drill-bit of "paper wax" (so to speak) into the right hole, and mack on her mom/dad or nearest cousin, to co-perversify their soul, like they do yours, and then let the counterheartbreaking-process begin.

Killing aliens is easy, in essence, but not rarely, or commonly, anymore than psychopathically spoken of, so let me be the first to say I've already (myself) dealt with several clones, hosts, bad witches, and mind-controlled "people" of these awful beasts.

Crocodile and alligator infestations in the United States has to the people of the "Swamp People" TV show, pre-indicated a strange near-relationship to an odd increase in spider, insect, and other form of "vile beast" infectivity to rare parts of the world, to our own, because of the (now risen) increase in reptilian, and sadomasochistic behavior in the U.S.A.
(Inspiring them to live here, also).

Alligators especially.

To kill an alien, do not hesitate.

When killing an alien, for this book will be written piece by piece (as the story of your civil lifetime) the story of a new war on slavery itself.

The war against aliens has gone on since the days of Cain and Lamech, yet very few are willing to speak of the atrocious evil these vile fiends have brought upon the near-loving and awe-striking beauty of a race as good as ours, making us prey to such hideous evil, that they love abusing us for our beauty is obvious, yet that with such gentleness we already know, they doubt the equal and opposite weight of the hammer is a hilarious precundity (also, use words they don't understand, even if you yourself don't know what they mean) to doubt, destroy, or maim them in return. (Or fecundity, whatever the word was). Being random, may be your best weapon, not to mention.

The malleum of your best magic is near-loving, yet not always need be. You may employ all of your black books in the war against them. In the state of destruction, usually their eyes flare up, and become enbled with a tearry-eyed, and "shocked" look on their faces. I've noticed this in several.

The tendency to abuse the young, and indoctrinate people into the world of the devil is "easy" for aliens ..

Books like the black leatherbound King James Bible, the Malleum itself, and other newfound books of logic against these evils, because witchcraft is their prime effort to abuse our souls, they will even clone witches, and indoctrinate demon-children. Millennials also now swear off all drugs, except for things like cough syrup -- because even they are (now) aware of the evil alien horde on the planet Earth, since a lot of our parents are (now) so abusive of us, we can not but hide our drugs under other names. (DXM is in cough syrup). Alcohol is good to hide, also. We are in a state of "coolness" when we drink at a young age.

It is said that the early alien hunter, "Edgar Poe" once drank a full bottle of wine at the age of six, and killed (with vodun magic) at least seven of his UK (English classmates) with spells on his own dorm-room wall, one night, as he was only a child. His days in the "great fight" began early on, as does with a lot of our youth.

They cry, weep, but do not "really" cry -- nor do they really feel pain like we do.

Abuse of sex, sadomasochism, and "watching" are their prime efforts against us.

Don't worry.

You are not alone in your fight against them ..

Sleep with a good bible, your favorite passages to be re-read, and keep it beside your head, near your pillow on your bed, while you lie awake, or sleep at night, to stay protected, and while protecting others -- because you are protected, and keep a King James bible in your room, so that you may not be vainly slain by one of them. For, they shall surely be cursed by Constantine.

In Jesus Christ, and the lord Levi, you are not alone in your fight against them.

In God, also, Amen.