Sometimes, when I am in the "over-powering" state with someone, and I have a choice to either 1.) Psychically assault them, or 2.) Torture them, I choose torture.

The way I torture people is done in two different ways.

1. Out Loud. (With My Actual Voice)

2. Quietly. (With My Omnipathy)

I will speak to you, or you will hear me, while at the same time dual-layering a telepathic track with my omnipathy, and teach you a lesson about judgment. Meet a greater audience, as I ask you about the worst thing you've ever done, and how none of it compares to me.

I'll let you know how many people I've watched die, and I'll make you look at your weapon the whole time, or think about it.

I'll also remote control what I can, from your hands, to the electronic instruments in your surroundings using my mer-ka-ba field, and taunt you with sounds.

All I know is, I've had one cop shoot himself in the head.

You should try "not" to lay a bad impression on me, otherwise I may lay a distorted brow chakra "powerful" signal through my own brain, and make you throw up.


(As in the three D's of torture, which are in this order: demoralization, defamation, and deconditioning, until you build them back up into what you want them to be.)