Brendan S P e r s o n a l Energy Report


When I drink strong tea, other chemicals metabolize with my blood-strength, or my vital energy to give me an electric boost, it feels. I get more out of everything lately. Just holding a piece of metal at the right moment, and my brainwaves jump a groove, and I'm higher. Sometimes the magnets on my hands can be used one way, other times another.

What I call "alchemizing" with me, is when something chemical transforms to suit my genes.

I alter the weather the same way, I can alchemically transform chemicals, using water, using my understanding of chi and balance, intertwined with powerful jeet (electric) energy.

My bio-acoustic energy is basic, and I don't get too much.

Still, loud volumes sometimes truly jack me up.

A loud distorted signal in the brow hertz gets me high, while it has a different effect on other people.

I can take one cup of tea, and make it feel like three.

It feels as though I am becoming so much more understanding of polarity, I always counter-balance things.

My feng shui must also almost always be perfect.

I balance-exercise a lot, and do yoga.

Tai chi is no longer interesting, and I've moved on to tai chi chuan.

I use a lot of energy that is around me all the time. My computer, my heating pads, my energy that is in my TV, and the psychic interference that always has an effect when it is positive.

Precognitive abilities are becoming more natural, usually one second before or ahead of time.

My senses are this temperable thing. Psychotronics help.

I like to use a lot of tricks, but essentially I am just learning more about my own magnetic energy.

Doing tai chi chuan, or extreme exercise in front of a mirror or dark screen increases my energy.

I get a lot of good bio-feedback from my music, so when I get emotions from my own music, I can feel the change.

I like to hold crystals, and be in touch with nature a lot.