The Dark Weather In The World Today That Is Caused By Countries Like America And How Christ Is Abused Every Time A New Corporation Pretends To Have The Answer Instead Of A True Saint.

by Brendan S

The "clone conspiracy" in America.

The "hacker problem" ..

Industry sell-outs.

Bad family members, personal witches / personal witchcraft. The abuse in the hospital system. Sickness in all industries of media, as well as health, because of the involvement in media in both fields .. we don't need pictures of needles, nor the sensation of them touching our flesh, and yet "Heroin" is as popular as ever, in films such as the self-exposing movies we see in America, trainspotting for a new life, only "some of us" can even get this drug, and yet so many humans strive for a greater, and better reality, only because of lies.

The unions in Hollywood are like cult-settings, for some of us, and I can see this clearly.

I have in my mental awareness of the career I've felt explored through my own two hands in such a world, a problem of the minds, or the mind itself.

The issue with America is clearly a problem of mendacity.

We can tell that something is 'wrong' with the organized system itself.

I can see that "encodement" as well as the "powerful mis-use of language" in America is the number-one way that people are controlled and abused in America.

When I tell my friends who smoke weed with me, that I "know" how I once felt about America, and they know my hatred has only gotten worse, and yet I "still smoke weed" it makes them think I am a degenerate of some kind, when in truth 'they' are the ones who are brainwashed by the system. A friend of my own, who is now very far from himself, even once professed to be good at everything music, who is now a glazed-eye "robotic" type of person, who smokes cigarettes, and behaves totally differently, and he still moves through this world like he is the same person. He judges me like I am the 'one who is crazy' (because I am not social like he is).

Destroying our sense of society, through organized groups of liars .. I know the "Hells angels" would hardly like to work with the mafia, and yet this is even portrayed, with a drug like "Meth" of all drugs, when they are and have always felt a more kindred feeling for a better high, as well as other powerful groups.

Of these powerful groups, infiltration may arrive from the drug, or the person himself, but we can all clearly tell where the corruption starts.

A madly craven sense of anarchy might keep us wanting to so much as 'pro-encode' our thoughts, just to hide from the telepathic witness.

We might even attempt to be more powerful through the means of technology, yet still falter against such an industry.

The cult power of the industry is based on not numbers nor math, but merely statistics.

The statistical power of the industry is logicless, to me, based on real needs. And I mean this is true, to a lot of people, who know how connectable, and easily discernable the need for "logical" and "understanding-driving" statistics to be looked @ and viewed more in the American media, and the American system.

The statistics in America that lie are mainly to do with both drugs, as well as the effect of drugs, on either side.

Whether the drug statistics lie, I myself always saw this to reach a point ..

While listening to 16volt, one night. I had to confess I don't know my mother anymore.

She used to be a understanding person. She used to know what love is, and what truth is, without the need for her eyes themselves to be used so excessively.

The stare, on her own face, was not so filled with fear, any more than understanding -- though she knew more than me.

I had respect for God, and my own family.

I was willing to go to church.

* * * * *

Technology-abuse in America is not used much in churches.

A crying baby here or there, and the whisperred-away possibility for either leaving the church when it's happening, or being availed the chance to think about your own sadness, while the post-foetus misery wails, you always knew (a lot of Americans) it is clear and obvious evidence of a mind-controlled society.

To allow a crying baby in church, I also observed this in a movie theater once, in which the crying of the baby muted out the soundtrack of the movie itself, and the mindless woman in charge of the baby acted as though her own post-infant spawn was more important than anyone in the theater.*

Life is not respected the way it should be in America.

The mother of the problem is how "the young" who are not really young are treated in America.

The problem, even further beyond this, is the abuse of karma, timelines, trauma history, and the side-effects of drugs by nurses and mothers themselves.

In America, we have "clothes."

We have a lot for "things."

We have "nothing" sometimes, and yet always something "more."

We can get only what we want to get, and we always know it.

It is possible to know things, but for a reason to be doubled, strengthenned with more power, or made more powerful, at times it is usually just the power of the fortress of witness itself that kills the lie.

I have no implanted thoughts of invented geniousness to use against these people.

I don't bear to any unnatural reality, using my own mind as any excuse ..

It is even said by some doctors, my mind is "pretty powerful."

I felt the back of my head this morning, after trimming my hair in the mirror, and I instantly was respected by a lot of my ex-girlfriends. From a distance. I felt their love.

My own mother has no such love, for me, or for anyone.

She is a "knower" of better things, yet she has no job in the media. She is not a musician. She is not an actor. She is not even an artist. Yet, she may actually act as though the "hospital system": and lies about my health are still something she can use to control me, when I might even be 'adopted' and not even have any actual relationship to her at All.

The clone conspiracy in America is real to people. Some people, like me, and various others know this conspiracy has gone on for a long time.

In this country, Alien technology, or "foreign" technology is also way more than abused.

The problem with issues involving this are "instant death syndrome" (from technology) a real idea to some people in these cult setting, as well as drug-poisoning, hitmen murdering people, and various "undercover" works by people who think they can control the minds or bodies of others, using a remote power that is not Godly.

The Integration Of Darkness Itself (Into The Hologram of Reality)



100% Science

When I learned of how tricky, in the system, it may be just to get along with people, I figured it was a pro-eventualis thought to enhibit myself with the note of realization that, if I really knew a good trick of my own, I referenced (mentally) the black blues rapper known as "Tricky."

He was a quiet assassin. The "Silent Assassin" is what he called himself, first. Over time, he was uncovered in the nineties to be a actual killer, so people stopped listening to his music.

Over time, he came back with a new name.

He's seen in movies, I heard from he himself, but today Tricky just goes by the name "The Loud Assassin" according to the music producers he works for.

The truth is about Tricky, that no one ever really ever found out what his true "real name" is.

It was revealed, at the beginning of his career, from him to another in a 1-on-1 interview, that with all of his songs recorded (when the vocals were performed) while shirtless, singing anti-hate, and anti-fighting lyrics, at the same time as he was scanning, hacking, and gathering data on other artists, he also had erased his real name entirely before getting involved in the record industry.

Tricky was heard on the three most popular revenge soundtracks in the nineties, or at least was "imagined to be" on them.

He had the song, "Godzilla," as well as "Come To Me." A few other tracks were, "I Will" and maybe the new hit from the last Batman soundtrack, or maybe Spawn. I remember that the idea for "Escape From L.A." was based on him (or maybe me), but the real truth is that no one really knows if he's even as bad as they say.

About him, I only know the truth on the fool who he supposedly "works for."

Tesla, the original architect of engineering discrepancies in history, was also a reincarnated idiot who had lackluster music in the futurity of our evolution, though was not entirely hated by me.

I thought of Tesla as a "cool producer" for a while, until I learned he could hack people from a distance very powerfully (meaning: hacking), and not only this, he was very good at it, sometimes in a dark sort of way.

I later found out he wasn't all that angry at me, either, so I started to investigate both of them on a neutral level.

* * * * *

I had a few instant-memories associated with this:

The idea of my right hand, in a form-shape of the pattern "Three" always written in the air, I wrote as I spelled out other letters mudrimatically on the key-board in front of me.

I typed in, "Tricky was a good soul, gone bad because of the industry." He was exploitable, so was thus exploited. In the present day and age, he's just a natural, good-looking black dude.

I knew, that from a distance, I had the ability to exploit him in particular ..

I set off, first, by quietly leaving the internet for one week.

At the same time as I was investigating all of this, I amped up my psychic power (PSI ability) / mental ability, and also tried to astral project even though unwillingly, to find out as much as I could.

The songs I listened to from Ken were getting more and more positive, yet darkly intertwined with another's bad energy. I felt he might not just be a producer, also, but maybe some type of "thug."

An industry-thug like him wouldn't make me mad, usually, but he kept going at my I.P. address, so much, that I felt he might really hate me, for some reason.

Eventually, I started to see a difference in his behavior, only in my psychic mind.

His wife was a girl I used to know known as "Trip55" in a chatroom known as #Excite Chat.

We all found ways to use this chatroom early on in the internet's evolution. And, she was a popular girl in the chatrooms. I talked to her when I was young, but really not old enough to really understand social behavior. I once said a lot of stupid stuff in the chatroom, like "Call me Compton!" and made a lot of people angry, with my bad humor. I later on, expected this to make sense, though ..

Eventually, I started to look deeper into my own idea for the "matrix" and wound up revelating that Tricky wasn't so bad at all, but Ken might be the real problem.

* * * * * * *

Martin Thomas, was likely his real name, for all I know. Tricky stared at my psychically from his black-screen computer, laughing at times, in a jovial response to my desire to free him from the binds of this draculean hercules of the industry, who looked so evil when he sang. I noticed that Tricky also seemed genuinely endowed with a true "friendability" that would also be easily exploited by a narcissist like Ken. It looked like, the more I looked into this, that Ken might be possessed or actually influenced by a new form of mind-control, like an actual spell or influence from alien mind-control itself, and he was also paying Tricky or "The Loud Assassin" as people of the industry tech world called him -- for his quiet nuking ability, and silent way with a gun, to be known as the actual responder, assassin, or "silent samurai" who works for Ken, as Ken's personal assassin in the industry world.

I was learning how dark, and much more dark Ken's music was becoming around the time of this realization, so the idea truly dawned on me, that it all might be for real.

The time was 8:45 A.M. when I logged out of the internet, and truly meant to stay "logged out for a while."

A proxy such as me, I might be able to deal with this problem a lot more betterly, if I were in the aide to, and from an actual police force, or government involvement of some kind. The industry of music is good to protect, and I also have a lot of power in the tech world.

I looked around my room, for a moment, and grabbed the first thing I could see, which was a white guitar tuner. I turned it on the truth frequency real fast and kept on going, only changing the frequency to what I wanted very slowly, and revelated that I needed to clean up my language, as far as "bad verbose words" when I realized I had a need to use certain things against the hackers to fight back, in order to remain good during the entire process of beating them.

I learned about thought encodement, of just the word "you" and I realized, I had only a need for a few simple phrases ..

Obfuscating my thoughts a little but further, I got into a new song by Lykke Li, and started playing "A Little Bit" and logged back in, quickly, to download 1,000 songs and videos to keep me busy while I was learning offline.

There is a 'support' in America for wickeds like this.

A problem such as the "integration" of hitmen into society, is not much different than the same idea as "the integration of clones or alien species into society." Since, we know a lot of aliens are not bred or created as humans are, and a cloning problem might first stem with their labs, and facilities, "off world" in a strange way, the perception of this might not even involve natural-born "earth imagery" of any kind, and is impossible for a lot of us to imagine.

For one, a artist is not a doctor. Yet, in interviews, after interview on Youtube, we are witness to a lot of bad practitioners of science as though they are super-stars, portraying their involvement in a new drug science, or healing remedy, or healing mechanism such as the "New Bio-Proxyl pill" or the "West End Diet" or things like this, when they are all merely codenames for things like prostitution, cloning technology, steroids, sex drugs, and bad laws, as well as the validation to all things negative in the world of medicine. Countries like India favor this, and some of the abuse in the country has gone so far as to effect other parts of the world. From Australia, to New Zealand, the entire island of "Long Island" and almost anywhere in the southeastern parts of Maine, USA. The problem of clones is far-reaching, and also the problem of "lies" is far-reaching, so no one will ever really know what it may be that truly solves, or de-riddles this problem from being a general mystery to human minds.

My mother went to the "eye doctor" after I was unveiled to a few bad actors in hollywood, to possess a remarkable ability to electrocute a person from a distance, using my bare hands.

She decided to get 'eye implants' and is a bit meaner now.

The problem if clones, also, is the updating of their bodies, to a meaner, and worser state.

The problem, also, is how your own mother, or father, or daughter, or friends, or anyone you might know, may become more and more dangerous, in spite of how you yourself want to stop the problem -- a sixth child in any family is like a third or fifth wheel, but who in their own country would want a "weaponized mother." ?

"Mother!" cries Sigourney Weaver in the movie, "Alien." "Help me figure this out." Mysteriously, the A.I. in the movie turns against her. Programmed from the likely phallacy of a bad design in the system, the programming of the female A.I. is being mis-used already on Earth, and this derivative of bad cloning technology is likely from (do not laugh) "brain damaged aliens."

Further than this problem, the issue of actually "stupid": or "brain damaged aliens" is conceptively laughable to a lot of people.

As all of this goes on, hitmen like "Joey" or "Louie" kill silently for the mafia, while interwoven into films, "Louie" is the real hitman, and the Yakuza is willing to kill for only 'the right man' while I myself might know that also, a very strange perception of "mixed culture" is not existent in this world on such a level of killer popularity.

The "killer weed" we smoke itself, could be created from a far worse source than usually imagined.

Interlacing of bad chemicals into drugs is offensive, and the "laced weed" in America is one obvious issue that may lead to this problem.

Drugs like cigarettes influence this synthetic behavior.

The American system is either alien influenced, or drug-influenced, or both, or either way, is clearly influenced in such a way to have created such an obvious problem, with such an unstoppable, yet perfect solution, being that of a "good killer" in society, like Tricky, or a hero like "This and this" or someone else, who is a revered hero, while the "clones" fight their silent war, it is obvious that a lot of people are hardly aware of how much of a problem this can be, when someone such as myself have no implant, or foreign technology. I have a "brain" that is powerful, and a holy grail of power at my whims of power, a wit-system I use a lot, and a good sense of poetry, but I myself am totally human compared to these freaks.

* * * * *

Self-retainment all through the years, while so many convince themselves to "give more" or to "give themselves" to another, while I myself write music based on the subject matter of purity *and still enjoy writing lyrics, I would tell you that I can see from very natural eyes, and a very natural style of perception, that all of this is wrong, whether involving killers, clones, "or" drugs. The entire system must be halted, and reviewed, before any of these problems go on any further.

The war-time on the weekends, for baby boomer idiots like my dad like to use a E.M.P. watch to fight, while my mother holds a gerbil above a dirty sink, to stop me both on the technological side of things, as well as on the old magic style of effecting, while I write this very article, it is the same exact karma repeating as it was last time. I last listened to the "real" version of Building a Mystery, and my family was just as sick, and just as depraved, and just as worthless to me, and the music industry then, when all they support now is the job itself.

A media-market "frenzy" is what people call the need to buy up a lot of new things that are movies, TV-shows, and exploitative matter in America that supports this violence. Whereas abuse of an E.M.P. watch is mean to a computer, just as a hacker is to another machine, a meaningless mis-use of the "labrat" technique is equally disgusting to better men, whether good or bad.

The evidence for true sickness, it would seem, and the true evidence for real and actual sickness in America is seemingly now our parents.

I look at this as a problem of the soul.

I like the observations people make about the ideals we have, the evolutionary scope we can have on each-others spirituality, evolution, or perspectives themselves. I've always learned more from music, whether it was rock music, or just loud electronica, and sometimes my best parent is the music itself. Since I was young I've noticed the very alienesque nature to my baby boomer parents, and how or why they behave this way, to 'defend themselves' against a socially weak child, teenager, twenty-year-old, or quiet independent like I am now is totally based on media competition, I feel, since we all have our player-card internet profiles now, and I am well-aware of how the technology-awareness, and media-power I have now, being both a drug addict, and a hacker, and researcher, is not supported by them, so they use these techniques to stop me, from light switch abuse, the click of a pen, nurse or doctor sabotage (being set up with the wrong doctor), abusive hospitalizations, lies about my character, sexual "remarks" that are abusive, to my friends or family, and a general mis-use of my image, for the sake of their own control, or maintenance of power in the world.

The dark weather in the world is caused by people like this, who are not aware the honest human soul was once more magical, powerfully religious, and able to do much more than fight, or self-defend, with the natural-born magic of a lot of our own God-given two hands.

I have a sister, one who is very natural. The other, who is not at all. The more natural one speaks less on her theories or opinions, while the strangely abusive comments and laughter of the other are totally more on the comedic side of things, while Betty Paige (real spelling) laughs in hell, the deranged sister of Edgar Allan Poe plants another "sickness rose" of the garden of hate, Mary Shelley lies about her femaleness in a court-room full of people as the Declaration of Independence is being signed, while as early on as the pre-eighteenhundreds, Fletcher Christian, and even Percy Blysshe Shelley were much better at defeating an argument using their mind alone, in most situations, in spite of the abuse and frailty of evil people.

Faking of dis-eases in America is prevalent, also.

I've met one or another who lied to the faces of their very own customers, non-aware of how their arms and body are moving so strangely perfectly, when a palsy victim is truly at odds with angles themselves, I met a man who was re-cloned so many times, his newly-organized limbs forced him to actually admit he is not actually a victim of cerebral palsy, and who I know I myself exposed, because I shot him with a death-ray using his own voice frequency, after he made fun of me too many times at a local supermarket.

The "Tesla Deathray" is a human technology.

So is the Holy Grail.

Leonardo DaVinci used to walk into a room, with a pen in hand, and then walk out, having written something down.

Many witnesses would look on, only he exchanged the piece of paper with another. And, early on these special tricks to maneuver through the psychic mind were used only by the "real" people in society.

I've seen photographs of blitzed-looking eyes, of the blaze-faced terrorists and racists from the eighteenhundreds and nineteenhundreds who look the same as synthetic stares in our modernday and age, and it seems easily obvious to a lot of us that the "technology" of aliens might have started earlier on than most people really think.

Politicians are influencable, while at times only "Ulysses" would bear a stare of honesty, and yet still be ridiculed by everyone because of his middle name, being forced to wear kevlar in a photograph to protect himself for many years, while strangely very few people even think about such a thing as "reincarnation" only because it was such a powerful subject-focus of Edgar allan Poe, and gothic writers before this day and age. Further, the mysterious fragmentory problems of the human soul are expressed, as well as powerfully exposed through the film industry, when you see a total look-alike from a totally different culture, who acts, and appears the same.

I myself, knowing to be "integratable" would love to effect history from, or to any time and place, via such an ability as "time travel" and yet the need for "court cases" and "moral judgments" are seemingly more popular in the country than actual miracles, or religious, or actually Godly acts, of a true deus ex machinic nature, we are exposed more to our own human frailty, and human loss of love, and power, more than the rightness of our own beauty, through only a committedness to hatred, as opposed to magic. "Why" would a person such as Ulysses S. Grant, or any "charged witch" -- or even "Mary Shelley" be so accusively looked at with hate, when their own material exposes these problems early on, and we only think of "reincarnation" with relationship to one, or two people..?

Pirating and hoarding of Christ, and His religion, when this was once also only an "original religion" of his own. Living near the Dead Sea, his own family and group of people known as the Essenes lived in a quiet way, yet were not really a cult, any more than an original family setting of people.

The cult mis-use of the christ complex, diagnoses involving this hero and saint in history, and how many times the name of such a person, whether this idol (or program) to head the control over another, or the speaking, and mis-using in the name of Christ (in the name of the Father) is so sick, and maddenning, that no one knows "why" when it is said that Christ was a hero and saint, we would deny or reject this theory only because of the theory of reincarnation itself being invalid to us, when in truth for all we know, the theory of reincarnation is borne into Christ, and we are all human, just as Christ is, and is also reincarnated with all of us.

When America chooses to mis-use Christ, they are also mis-using a sound, and a tone, a wave, or a vibration, with the "brow" chakra, as well as the voice, and thymus, since the "I" sound of Christ's name itself invokes the power of the spell of the actual mind to be speaking freely, and to control this frequency (and this name itself ..) is actually like controlling "truth" itself.

Through abuse of Christ, and avatars like Christ, we can use the avatar of other names and people to be exploited also, when none of this, these acts, or the technology, or foreign things, such as alien ideas, integration of bad TV-shows, and mainstream actors who are not religious or spiritual, are abuseable, is only on the level of name alone. The soundwaves of the name of "Christ" are also intercoded into other names, and abuse of names on any level is usually abusive of the safety, and quantum entanglement of our very atoms, as a result of the abuse of the double theory, that is "no two things" are exactly the same. Proving this otherwise defies Christ, and also nature, and may also fragment the human species unto an unwilling state of separation / fragmentation, as a result causing an over-abuse of sexuality in Lesbians, the counter-culture, weird unneeded drugs, names themselves, and almost anything that is ridiculous and yet somehow may be applauded as logical, because if you are "Able" to abuse Christ, you may be able to abuse anything, according to America.

* * * * *

The abuse of words, names, and language in our semantics is obvious in the synthetics, the marketplace, product names, and movie titles.*

I've been to Mexico.

I've visited Washington D.C. and compared the sickness of the homeless people lining the streets, and countless "vendors" and "pedellers" in the subway stations, of almost any culture there is, all spread, and penniless, compared to the crowded streets of Tokyo, and other parts of the world like Canada, and Hawaii (some day, because I plan on going there), when I know even "The Buddha" is said to be another mirror image of Christ, like Pythagoras from Rome, and even Hermes from Egypt, when ignorantly "Americans think that they can own Jesus all by themselves."

The fragmentation in American souls is obvious to a lot of us.

Ever since writing a lot of my books, and getting them printed online, and only focusing on the science to print on any real marketable page to be given out, my father voices his opinion less.

Now also, I see opposition from my own neighbors.

A few times, I've had to scan the local I.P. addresses on my computer, and learned a lot of my neighbors are actually stalkers, and hackers of a different kind, who seem alien-influenced, and a lot of them are criminals who break the law.

Doing a background check is easy for me now, and I am also able to scan / trace a lot of their I.P.'s to their source.

It's really easy for me to see the true problem in America is delusion, though.

I knew a lot of pretty girls in high school, and even they competed.

With me, I knew the problem wasn't even really popularity, though.

We all were fighting over the same thing.

The same thing. "The best face." "The best new bike." "The coolest best friend." "The nicest new video game." "The best new movie, to have planned to watch, and ready to watch." Etc.

We are fighting for genes, for waves, for "features" to be added, or taken advantage of by our human bodies. We are fighting over DNA, and genes, and waves themselves.

* * * * *

Freemasons in America are more or less still "mystery-based" while the Skull & Crossbones club remains honest. The "good" side of the Illuminati masks themselves better than even the Dark Illuminati does, and all the time, a strange 'plainly-titled' group exists, also, with a cliquey sounding name, inspired by all the other groups, that is mostly child-driven, or synthesis-driven, and the "N.W.O." is to a lot of us mostly just a sex-driven alien agency.

We aren't amused by the hatred in America being caused by alien politics, or bad mis-use of power, but a lot of us are empowered enough to fight back, even if we are fought against, ourselves, for being "empowered people."

Targeting this problem may require a powerful solution, but it is not true at all that I myself "oppose" hitmen necessarily. A bad hacker is far different than a good one, and I know my own two hands better than most people, which are totally clean, as far as I can tell, but if all of this is (now) going on in America, I see less of a need to base laws on the 2nd Amendmet, when so many of these :unnatural: things, or people, in the country, are so allowable, when our very metal, and guns, and weapons, are stronger, and realer than a lot of them, and their stupid, half-written paragraphs of political opinion, and jaded overphilosophical solutions, while teary-eyed, they stare at me, while I hold my "Mp3 Machine" and a loud buzzing emanates from beyond, also based merely on the "Pagan effect" which is achievable with or without technology, and our own guns are also more precious and beautiful than a lot of their politics also. And, they are better built than a lot of their systems and programs, also.

I've stared into those teary-eyed smiles, and I know my own power compared to these people, and even while we target the targeting, and sicker people in America, who think we are 'wrong' to have power, even of a general kind, such as a mere "black notebook" a lot of us who hold no gun or weapon of any kind, any more than a book, a thought, or a program, are ever-yet opposed (still) on the telepathic level, by bad psychics, and witchcraft of all kinds from these stupid, and abusive fools in my country.

"He's just writing like a storm," one of my teachers once remarked, when he was mentally aware of the HTML code I was writing for him once, in my computer class. I got an A+ in all of my classes involving computers, no matter what the class. My computer teacher lost his own son, once, and Brandon sounded like just as nice of a person as I am. I'd replace a lot of bad ideas, or good ones, just to keep a good idea going, but even if I myself am even opposed as a "empowered individual who does drugs, and gets high" it doesn't mean I wouldn't stop my bender for a week, and do a little work for the right employer. I might be empowered, in other words, yet I am still "willing to work." ..

I remember when pot dealers hated me in 2012, only I had no idea why.

Rhys Goff sold me a laced bag of weed, or "I" smoked too much, but I was already drinking around this depressing time in my life.

When I got into a car accident around the same time, I was labelled as "bipolar" and various other things, merely for going through withdrawal while trapped within the hospital walls after the attempt on my life, "and" also given medication, and I am still mentally strong enough, and willing enough to say I'd believe in any God, or Christ more than any drug, or power in a country like this.

I hate the way people mis-use "drugs and power" in America. I've met this one, in a bar once, with his cowardly, and fatter body, like a little couch potato boy, staring at me like he's scared of me, because I had my acoustic guitar, and I was performing a show at the open mic one night when I collided with Rhys later on. He got scared, people say, and skipped town.

I haven't seen him since.


I used to play songs like 90s covers, and almost anything I could think of live.

I've done "okay" as a musician in America, yet for years I've had my music, money, and power stolen from me.

I get a disability check that went straight to my mom and dad, until I was thirty, and strong enough to stand up to them, when their criminal behavior had reached a point, I made a loud exclamation to how I knew my own offenses didn't exist, anymore than their own criminal behavior, to the likes of "boxes of my things" in the room, when I was hospitalized each time, while they might have expected me to not come back home, I kept on writing things like this, and personal fiction, books, and other things to keep my mind strong.

My parents "are not my parents" is what I tell myself, and I swear it is true I am likely adopted, more than anywhere close to being truly "owned" by anyone, other than a lying system, and the "programs of America" yet that still exist under the eyes of God and Moses, to be seen as the lying, and law-abusing criminals they are, for also acting like I am "malicious" or "mean" when I am not violent physically to anyone, and I still refuse to act as such today.

My parents lie about me, about my sexuality. They lie about my friends, my dreams of the future, and they have also many times lied about my religious beliefs, calling me crazy, or grandiose, always "discovering" things when I ALREADY Know what I believe in.

I am also offended by their crimes of poverty, and acting as though they are poor, and never adding to the world, when all they really need is a good dose of truth, on their own part.

The art of what we find in this is much better than what is commonly destroyed by the negative paradigms of such a country as the sickness that exposes itself to America, from America, to America, and then back to America, that is entirely a problem of America's own sickness, that is "their problem" and "not mine."

I've gotten paid lots of money for my CD's. People like my music quality, and I am not trying to defend myself right now, anymore than an artist would want to defend their own music, and songs, because when you steal the rights, the musical energy is also stolen when you take away the money or reputation from such power; in the muse, or in the music itself, I consider these vitalities of the soul, and if the soul is abused by Americans in such a way, they are more likely trying to abuse in truth my DNA, or my waves in actuality, because that is the proxy, and the mirror for the portal of my own mind to travel through, on the basis and science of waves.

If abusive Americans keep on forcing me to defend myself, also, I will even have to produce "more music than is necessary" and act as though I "want to perform live" when in truth, if I were forced out of my house to play shows, and lost personal power to my body, and my emotions, I would call this a false impression, because it is not my idea, and my own voice speaks differently, in a louder, lower tone that is my own.

I know the bad impressions in America are also hardly powerful compared to the better impressions in better music anyway, and competing on the level of soul in America is as laughable as an argument between a clone, and "Jesus himself."

Over time, the argument gets to the point of comedy, and I am forced to write, and write alone, through what I know is the one thing I am aware the thieves of America can not steal, that is my own consciousness itself.

The vehicle of my consciousness seems to not want to stop moving, also, when I see more and more bedridden mothers, tragic TV-obsessed screenhead children, and bored parents searching for more, when they should already know they have everything in the world, just by having themselves, and the internet.

I think a solution to this problem, is necessary to be formed through a "revolutionary" approach to reality, and in such a state of revolution, we should be more interested in exposing such people, who are the demonstrators of such bad behavior, and these demonic styles, also, inter-expressed in their speech, media, and fiction might also be exposed: as the heartless work of clones, or vampiric agencies, the mysterium of bad people like witches, or mothers like my own "Jan" who is clearly insane, and has not helped me for years.

Dracula would serve as a better mother than this weird style of parenting, since I'm already 35, and I should be the one to help other people ..

I don't even need to, but I can tell my sexuality is also starting to become a focus of exploitation by women of all ages in America, when I do exercise more than they do, and I even have sex less. They judge my appearance on my body, and my "posture and my muscles" when I actually mostly just look good because I am a writer, and I work a lot on my own, independently serving who I want to, and I haven't stopped working, or moving my body, whether stressed, or working, I keep moving, and as a result of this, my body stays strong ..

I am sorry for having to insult my own mother in this idea, but the actuality of a problem like any of the lies in America are also essentially fought against the creatives, who are like a maternal, and feminine creative source of their own. Feminine creative power is not really abuseabe, even if people think it is. From what I know, "all creativity" is feminine on a life-giving nature, when it truly adds to the arena of media, art, and the effect it has on society also adds to other people's lives. I hate the way people judge art in America, without realizing they are judging female energy, also, based on the true nature of the yin and yang, even lesbians are ignorant of this argument, when life does not exist without such a frequency relationship as the "yin and yang" itself.

(This book was entirely re-written, since the original version of this book was already sabotaged, and destroyed, while I was trying to write the original). Re-write version: 11.29.2020 by BLS. [Original version written in 2013.]