Important Information

Gathered by Brendan S


First of all, I am going to list in sequence what I know to be both the name / title / and function of each of the dimensions, where the dimension of the thirteenth contains all of the dimensions.

For powerful religious maintenance while studying this information, I suggest holding to the pages of Levi in the Bible, which are essentially the following pages in the bible:

Page 144

Page 142

Page 149

Page 161

Page 163

Page 448

Page 164

Page 425

Page 429

Page 430

And the thirteen dimensions, with a like-language in the other pattern are as follows (gathered through divination, and a lot of healing that was taking place, I divined these are the actual super-string dimensions while I was in a retreat style of vacation from my home, alone enough to think on and discover the true dimensions, and the codes of them).

First dimension simply denotes, "one" or the singularity.

The second dimension is of duality / polarity / twoness

The third dimension - RTF / RGB (Colors and Codes)

The fourth dimension - HTML / CODE (Actual code)

The fifth dimension - Actual Colors (And their codes)

The sixth dimension - Visual World / Seen things

The seventh dimension - The Computer Dimension (Complex Dimension)

The eighth dimension - Emotions / The Feeling Plane

The ninth dimension - Positrons and the Electronic Dimension

The tenth dimension - The chronotron / Chronologically-based dimension

The 11th dimension - Intelligent Dimension

The 12th dimension - The Superdivinity Dimension

The 13th dimension is the universal dimension, and contains all of the dimensions.

Though words are like codes, the matrix / matrical mathematical relationships of reality are relativistic to the nature of both words, numbers, and actual symmetry in the words and numbers relativistic to each dimension, which is writeable, and describable. The matrix, and reality works in perfect numbers, and is also linearly expanding with each one, hence the idea of something like:

One. 1

Two. "To"

Three. "Tri"

Four. "Code"

Five. "Fifth" / "Timed"

Six. "Nature" / "Repeat"

Seven: "Divined" / "Soulful"

Eight. "Religion"

Nine. "Alphabets"

Ten "Timetravel"

Eleven Every_Thing

Twelve. "Universalism"

Thirrteen: "Tetragammaton."

These words, as well as codes are relativistic to the actual nature of each dimension.

What Levi knew, as well as any extreme practitioner in science and magic is also the same throughout history.

As with, also, the very tetragammaton itself.

Magic and science relate, if you study new physics.

Quantum holography, and bio-physics can also be related to this science.

Faith science is also useful, in the study of XYZ science, based on dimensional science in general.

Z = Result

Y = Time

X = Place

The result is the feeling, and present knowledge in this resorts back to the feeling of peace and comfort.

I studied this information, and have shared it with a few people who also study matrix science, who were (mysteriously) being tortured at the same hospital as me, while the SARS-II virus was striking in pandemic "numbers" against humankind, when a lot of the patients in my hospital ward believed in the matrix, spirituality, and holography quietly to themselves also while I was with them.

I was the one who wrote this down, and the information is being shared so that it will be saved.