Extremes To The More-Bored Of The Crux At Hand


"Bulls In The Extreme At Hand"

Bullies, those in the way, a general road-stopper, and wheel-spinning jargon-master, the phreak of the Word. We need no more or less, yet in a preponderance of space that is actually taken up, so that so many are availed to life on Earth, so demon in astrality, so demon in the flesh, a zombie, clone, cyber-freak, spy, or otherwise, might infect the world.

One of these, if in any case rended from the truth of the metal, is a fine element needful of "more."

We see greed in the human heart love aplenty the painstaking efforts of another. To work for, to do sin for, to die in pain for, to suffer time over, and to give up to the Needs and general Likings of this aforeweathered person, someone "already trained" and ready for fight or repair -- they are willing to take you up on the offer of words in the third-person, yet so many times I'd have loved a more direct confrontation than your mere words alone.

Though "direct current" is useful in electronic sounds and devices, the true "electrical nature of the human body" is of bio-photonic, EMF ray, and actual energy impulses in the heart and rest of the body, where the brain is often dulled, we see so clearly through the heart whether the heart is a monster or the heart is a blessed machine.

After, when in such a case of "words" my "thoughts" take control, and I mesmerize myself, to a state of stillness, and wait for my subconscious mind to kick in.

The judo-response actional lens fits quickly into the matrix, and a new screen is drawn into the scene, and as I enter the scene I don't mind the image of how I look when I speak or act in these moments.

The lenses converge, and I become witness to myself being right.

Though a "concept" -- the general lecteur is not going to speak "why" anymore than how or adjective, since in delight of their own honor they want money or esteem through the estrangement of another through bitter jealosy, and pain over the work of the other.

TO out-do the work of the other, or in this case one so low as to wreak upon the eaves of a roof-top that is already well-formed, we might find a destructor in such case only worsening the image of another to better their own.

My work is a thousand, and two-thousandfold.

I know no more work than in a day's stylus-work using a mere piece of paper and black ink.

I don't need anything.

I need a black stylus, a little cross, circle, and blending pattern with my sigils, drawings, and lyrics.

I don't mind to take on the world visually.

I can see I look fine, so I know my image improves through religious rightness alone. Their own image is a trash-fund in worthless paper, when my finance is in my creative ability, and I k n o w no bull trying to pick apart letters, anymore than his own antonyms in another when no "magnet" can agree with all "repulsors" in their own, to the antichrist of a Saint-opposed soul who is demonic, I describe as only the witness of their own shadow.

A shadow describing itself in the pain of the other, or in the pain of another.

We describe, from our shadow, to witness how in the other a darkness exists therein.

We find more darkness, and enter into this without witness to our true selves. The demigod half-manifest, ready for more at all times, wills himself to continue striving for an assuredness in every step in a world where only the unknown possibilities exist, when He exists in the future already, sixty to the thirty, and fifteen to the five, of anything that wants this count of responsibility to lessen their own math compared to a at-first gray-haired witness to himself, an older psychic looking back, when wars are won, looks in photographs change, and the eyes on the TV sometimes only look one way.

The transfer of information from a "bully" or "phreak" (mindphreak) does not need to excuse their use of exploitation, through and via the inception, drawing to spy, corruption, and phishing for more. When only a law in need to change. contra-exploitation, another "big word" or semantic argument, we find that there is nothing more than the ego, and an extrapulation of this with words themselves, victims of our thoughts, the thing of concept itself.

When consciousness is argued with, directly a witness is called. In the real world, a ghost, angel, spirit, or the very powerful soul of a witch-preacher might also hold this to the individuation of shaman that are like powerful super-psychics, a witch who is enabled to deal with such a situae of pointless demeanor alone through aloneness itself.

We serve, with nothing, the idea of nothing itself. From a day, to the beginning, to the end, morning to night, sun to moon, we don't care how far we "aren't going" -- we find solace in shadow, and in stillness of our own, exploring ourselves in the moment when we find nothing but good, we strive for more, out of an emptiness that is a vacuoule of love, and ready to be taken up, again.

The direct approach to this reality, in words, or in thought, is in the will-power of the frontal lobe, when in check, or not, we approach through either silence or our own devices, the words we wish to use.

The learning-ability of the bull, or pig in what hog style of bliss felt over matter and time will wilt to his own syllables, and tones fall asunder to nothing when you speak like a poet in front of them.