The Identified Patient : Exegesis

by Brendan S

I wrote a book (under the influence) entitled, "The Identified Patient" in the winter of 2015. It was about a time traveler who wakes up in a hospital to the confused questions of doctors who find him in one of their beds.

Later on into the story, he meets a native american man who becomes his friend.

They forge a secret plan to escape from the hospital, or stage some type of "change" to the world, so that they can both be free.

At the end of the story, they are both somehow in Alaska, after escaping from the hospital, where a strange control room is found underground, the time traveler just "intuitively knows" is located there.

By the end of the movie, they are teleported back in time to the year 1600 to help solve an "alien problem" during the settling of America.

The time traveler wakes up with a strange metallic device that is like a futuristic weapon that is found in his hand.

At the end of the story, the aliens are defeated, and one of them is left behind.


When I was just recently in the hospital, for "rage" (a drinking bender and heartbreak, really), I was put into the "Northern Lights" hospital where I wore rainbow sunglasses all the time and drank mountain dew and tea. I also did tai chi throughout my stay there.

When I was transferred to the other hospital, it was well-known to the people of Acadia / NL that I was a bit of a powerful psychic, because a lot of them were secretive witches, and cult members of either the Skulls or other sub-groups, Freemasons, etc. I was communicating a lot with other patients about things like telekinesis, and other things.

I wrote a fast rhyme before I was transferred on the subject of seeing "Red Green and Blue" colors in the sky.

When I got to the next hospital, I saw RGB colors in the sky every morning, almost for an entire month later into my stay there.

It is also included in the book, "The Identified" that I showed my telekinesis to various patients, including the native american who also was proven to be telekinetic.

He witnessed this a few times, and we were actually roommates (because, as it turned out, I actually went to the hospital and met a native american man while there) and at the same time, I was practicing remote astral projection, we spoke of many things, and both of us were trying to figure out the secret society situation.

After showing him a lot of my tricks, we agreed to meet each other some day again.

The funny thing is how at the day before I left the hospital, he instinctively put on the movie "Cowboys and Aliens" which features a similar reference to a mysterious man who has a mysterious device / weapon, who is in an older / previous time in history.

I left the hospital, and the native man was left behind, who remains there still.

I know this is far-fetched, but it is a true story.

I wrote another book of a similar subject, that is entitled "The Engineer" about a loser hacker who is sent to the hospital, and has a totally different plotline.

The double-stories going on, you will have to be the one to decide.

Still, I find it intriguing in this exegesis how the book turned out to be true, when I wrote it when I was completely drunk, and not even that psychic yet.


(Exegesis of The Identified Patient)

+ (This morning, I made a playlist called the RGB Skies Spell-I-Cast Mix) for fun, and the skies were very dark this morning.

I found myself walking out into a field, with a bottle of soda in my hand. Walking toward the ocean. And looking up at the sky.

The song, "Oh My God Please" was on the radio after I got out of the hospital, and it describes the scene of me in the field perfectly.

I think these are what Carl Jung would call "synchronicities."