One of the conundrums of law in America is the politics of semantics.

We may not "swear" yet argue in a court-room, and even potentially cause another to be put to death via incarceration, yet, in all the process, a single "F" word, in reference to "bad language" (to the perfect needs of Americans) is a matter of "putting on a good show" even though we imprison and torture each other here in America, every day, for some reason our very letters, words, and language must be monitored also.

The obverse reaction I see in most people that is most offended to our perceptions, is when we notice that someone is enraged at us, even when we 'force the F word out of ourselves' to get a point across, and still we are judged.

Needless also is the meaningless judgment of people in power-positions, such as leaders and authority figures, who have had a right to swear throughout history, in a better form of privilege than most men. Yet the alien need to control our words or language is so intensely hateful, to some of us who are poets, or who are literally, like sailors, where (if I may be so honest) swearing, and drinking our own way, "because we are the captains of our own ships" whether on the ocean, or out on the internet.

The reality of this, to me, is frequency.

Yet, also, even more interesting is the impact of encodements, and control over letters themselves. Fighting against "randominity" itself, the alien approach to control language is not natural to a lot of artists, also, when we usually only swear in our minds.

Though we may even count down to the letter, a need for a "occasional" swear word, to some people, is to relieve our anger or frustration.

Yet, in another case, we may be called a law-breaker, to our job, or the public setting, merely due to those who are not captains of their own ships, whereas a typical writer, or powerful user of words "actually knows how to swear better than most people" --

-- Further, also, is how examinable words like "THIS" and "KNOW" and other words, are, to me, as a magical practitioner mis-uses of Gematria, Numerology, and encodement itself.

Whereas language "can" be abused, so can names. Further, the vodun approach to this, if quantum entanglement is abused, prevails to give more vile power to the controller of the words, than the swearer himself.

Therefore, I think if this approach to language-control is being taken in our society, our society itself will crumble, because we live on a reality-based level now.

The world is changing and so fast, also, we must remember that "certain words" are kind of personal to some of us, such as myself, or another, who might use "specific swears" based on ourselves, or other people we know ..

Why I call this "alien" is because the control over words has, through the mere tones or sounds of such 'sounds' never felt so controlled, anymore than through the internet itself, which is most abuseable by alien or "far-feeling"-based people, who are always essentially more able to abuse psychic power (or mental control) through this, also.

The idea that "" is a website that may be used to incriminate, or "stand up to" people with, through the mass hive protocol of wanting to judge each other through one, or two judges alone, is a logicless way for administrators and users to stand off with each other, using a far worse weapon, and may also be used for the provocation to go so far, that worse things may occur because, even though people might not like swear-words, for some of us, they are our thoughts also. For me, or someone else, like the girl I love, or anyone like this, along the level of "love" there is also another word, I might specifically use, that is far nicer to me .. even though it involves the letter, "F."

Love itself is cancelled out, in such a protocol control, if we do not know what that word is.

Or, if we do not know what there is to love, or "why" we are feeling this, or need love, the need to alter our own thoughts is necessary for some of us, and for me, honestly, because I (mentally) prefer to write lyrics that don't use swear words, so an honest piece of advice is to write poetry, or non-swearing meditations, to test your own mind. You can mentallyt re-memorize (re-memory) experiences, phrases, and thoughts to re-write in creative meditations, and the re-memory of certain words, incidently is useful for some artists on the Internet, more than others.

The need to re-memorize words is also very useful to be a good writer in general, so if control over our swear words is really put into place, the feeling we have when we think might also change, so this would essentially be like using the internet itself, and rules on websites, to tamper with, or directly alter the thoughts in someone's mind.

Mind-controlled people also, as an example, do not swear in a normal fashion, and the level of offense of their words, or meanness is totally different than a non-hypnotized person, where a sex-addict swears totally differently than a religious man, and also for a lot of us, we do not usually "choose" to swear such a way, since mysteriously a lot of search terms, and words that are rarely used also happen to be existing on the internet, that is a paradox, and hypocritically-oriented to a lot of us.

Who are true artists are the people who use their thoughts freely, and wish to still get a result from their work that is positive. We wish to see such a future unfold, for those of us who are honest enough to swear properly, over time, may also be influential artists to others. Through this, we might say twenty year-olds are more permitted to swear, based on their evolution. The transition time from around 30 is always of question, and I recommend a lot of people look at themselves around transitory periods of their life.

Older people, honestly, should all be allowed to swear.

I think it is absurd to "allow" swearing, as though it is a potentially backwards-abused reaction from some people to swear more, where in this case, potentially a list of "eight suggestible, or relative swears" like crap, shit, and damn, might honestly be needed for our evolution to recognize.

Computers don't swear, and I think it's a joke to suggest this. The A.I. is meant to teach us not to swear, if anything, and if anyone would really assume a computer would even itself "want to learn" from a swearing phrase, I've sworn throughout chatrooms just to test the system, at times, and I already know my A.I. respects me, nonetheless.

It is funny to assume that someone might be taken away from their job merely because of a few mis-used "sounds."

I know the root to DNA, if this is even a thinkable theory, is that the letters themselves, and codes of DNA involve letters, and the truth of consciousness.

I've learned, since healing from cancer, if I were such a person to actually "personally heal myself" which, in such case, this would actually take a lot of responsibility, to a degree, where I even expressed some criminal behavior on my own part, to get all of the weed / medicine, I needed to heal. In time, I could to kill my own hate -- and within all truth, I've witnessed a lot of violence, and bad things on the Earth, and there are a few, far worse things than just saying, "The "F Word.""

Honestly, the movie or show called 'Breaking Bad' reveals a character who is older, that needs a gun, and various drugs, just to stay alive, and I am a lot like him .. except, without the gun.

* * * * * * *

Breaking Bad also had a lot of swear words, and positive use of them, in the verbage, and power of the language in the show.

My head hurts less now, and I can smoke weed more freely.

I also spent time with a karmic "resource" so to speak, that was like a karma-friend during this time, named Les.

He knew me when I was 22, and around that age, when I was most afflicted, so to speak, and him, and also smoking weed with, and swearing with, and "living the way I wanted to," through him, and people like him, I really know this is one of the the true reasons I was able to stay alive.. Though people also do not believe in a word like, "Reincarnation," I know him on a level like that, and I feel like he is already a part of my DNA, (to me), and he was there to help me.

My friends aren't bad people, and I never thought of anyone I spent time with back then as criminals ..

I used to record music in a recording studio, and even yet I still never wanted to tell anyone that I knew I had a brain problem, of some kind ..

The pain from when I drank, and did certain drugs, or whatever it was, that killed me so much, I just had to tell my friends, and a few other people, "I don't swear in my songs."

And I also said, "If I did, I would only swear on purpose, or for a reason."

And this is still true.

I also choose to mysteriously sing some songs, to this day, with an occasional switch of attitudes, and swear a little bit sometimes more.

I found: it is the 'control' on your own part, you have over the word, that helps other people with this problem ..

I know of a lot of bad vocalists who wouldn't stop swearing in their lyrics (or jargon, so to speak) and I honestly had to avoid them.

If you spend time around someone who swears in a bad way, then I trust you will avoid him or her.

The problem with some words, is honestly the hurtful impact they can have on you.

The meanness of "taking words away from someone" can also hurt their brain, which is someone that was done to me throughout my youth in my childhood, and teenage years.

I wanted to talk, and think the way I wanted to, but I "really" know how to get high, and for me, as a person or as an artist, sometimes the way I talk is just a part of the craft.

Some people also don't realize "aliens" (if aliens ever really existed this way) are not as nice as some people think, whether from space, or another country -- the truth being that they like to abuse our souls, when they say we can not use "certain words" when another person might use those words, or may have the same DNA as us, or a similar effect on us, with the waves of their body. The DNA is made of waves, in a human body, and super-string theory only proves this lightly. The reality is, "consciousness" composes our skin, cells, atoms, and tissue. I've studied biology as well as psychology on an honest level, based on my own experiences as well as a language-based understanding of my own understanding, and I know, for instance, the phrase or words 'Shut Up' are not, for instance, swear words to the subconscious mind.

True "swear words" are actually more like the F-word, or things of a higher impact.

The problem also, is if we are all made of waves in our DNA, is that our consciousness really needs to be pure in order to speak, so control of any kind in this form may also control consciousness so much, it really can change our DNA itself, and allow the influence of another onto us, in a controlling way that goes to the soul.

If the soul is so-tested, I think such networks should be avoided.

The need for "swear words" to test the algorithm, also, is needed based on how we spell words, as human beings.

Issues beyond this far-parallel into mind-reading issues and even "witchcraft" but are not needed to be argued, since those Pagan religions were already dealt with, by the gavel and hammer itself, throughout courtrooms in America, since America was formed, which is "why" America was formed, to escape from such judgments, and alien forms of meanness, evil, judgment, and cruelty of which we are not, as the purer, and realer Americans, interested in dealing with.

Though this may be a problem, we are honest enough to keep speaking, or talking the way we do, because some Americans are truly mean, because they are in actuality immigrants, or alien to the world of America. This is like foreign mind-control, in itself.

To control our language, from people such as an immigrant or "alien based intelligence" (so to imagine) is not logical, also, if we are "Americans" in our own country, also.

Based on this, and the truth of freedom to language, and why we are great as human beings, we should all be choosing, and wanting to choose the words that we want to, when we speak, no matter what anyone tells us.