by Brendan S

I became intrigued by the theory of frequencies at first in two different ways.


In my interest in the actual image of a wave (waveform) and later on the math of my own voice, which is 228 hertz, I found I resonate on a good "G" note as well as an over-all "B" that tunes very effectively with the A-note.

I learned the entire tuning of my voice frequency of 228 hertz doubling at 456 proved to be an actual guitar tuning that is about 16 octaves above the standard / industry tuning of 440 hertz.

This availed easy "auto-tuning" abilities, as well as a special 8-octave specialty in my mixes that allowed a lot of ease in being able to resonate with the A note, said to be the healing note used the most in vibrational studies.

Rates above gamma, the creative hertz, are called "Lambda, Hypergamma, and Omega" (Omega being in the range of 100 hertz to 1000 hertz).

In some cases, these frequencies activate the spiritual mind.

Since 8 octaves is an interesting number, being that it is so close to the schumann resonance (vibrational frequency of the Earth, around 7.8 hz) I took to interest, also, a lot in 432 hertz, the "nature-based" tuning, and actual studied this frequency for eight years, before learning about other frequencies ..

Higher, or lower than the frequency of the Earth, which seems to be an oscillating frequency of the planet, that may change from higher to lower, this availed me a natural and powerful way to play a lot of instruments. I also played live shows in 432 hertz, for almost all 20 of my live shows the first time I performed live.

I played live at a sports bar called "Little Anthony's" also known as "Little A's" to people in Bar Harbor.

The schumann resonance, to powerful psychics, is said to be detectable by certain people, such as when Tesla was alive, who used a lot of powerful oscillators, and powerful instruments in his own studies.

He also had an extensive ability to hear at great distances.

Throughout the 24-hour circadia of the day's rhythm, we all oscillate in our brainwave frequencies. 20 hertz is the "working frequency" a lot of American's are trapped in, in especial resonant with 440 hertz, the industry tuning, because of how the math lines up so well. To me, this is exploitative of the working class, so I tend to "force a 30 hertz" brainwave response in myself, by remaining in a lyrical, creative state of mind all day long -- I think of myself as "ready to grab the stylus and write a lyric at any given moment" and I've always stayed this way, since I was 17.

Just as this frequency changes, I go higher, and I've reached lambda, and hypergamma several times, that I think my ability to achieve "omega frequencies" is a special skill I have developed.

Much like the concept for "mind-body healing" I use this in accord with drugs (namely natural drugs) or things like sex, tai chi, and writing itself, since writing is a form of bio-feedback. (Or mental / neuroacoustic bio-feedback).

Though I am only theorizing this: I think it is true, that with the changeful schumann resonance, we may all personally respond, and also be duly effecting to the Earth's resonance, with our own world activities. The news, the weather, the general feelings of the planet (Gaia) are effected by our thoughts, also, since the Earth is considered a living being to many spiritual people.

The alpha-wave, or state of wave in the meditate state found in 8 hertz itself, or somewhere around 10 hertz is also very good for meditating, and I also am in a meditative state for most of the day. I actually work in a creative way constantly, so there is no telling when my brain reverts / or oscillates back to 20 hertz, when I am washing the dishes, or writing, or making a song. I am sure I strike all frequency ranges, but just don't focus on the number so much, and all a subconscious effect for my intuitions-sake.

A drum-beat wave, on a totally different level of perception, is a matter of the cycle per second, an actual rhythm that is said to be "essentially" somewhere around 120 BPM (beats per minute, on a tempo - song-based level), where the individual wave cycles are in cycles per second. I find that my heartbeat is usually somewhere around 90 bpm, and I learned later that calm females are usually somewhere around 80 bpm.

I like drawing, and doing a creative meditation, sometimes with an experimental number, which is how I arrived at the special frequency for thymal voice-healing, somewhere in the 264.63 range / 263.64 oscillation pattern, that actually can be used to cure throat-pain, or heal neck issues.

I use a tone generator to do this, and feel the bass on purpose (originally) which took place in a larger studio, where I meditated with a 30-hertz wave also, finding this boosted my creativity, and also my sexual urges.

The frequency is actually "263.64" hertz to get a good result. I used to have issues with my body around this time, and doing tai chi, and general exercise, while taking CBD, and smoking a lot of weed, my problem was gone in six months. I had no problem with my own voice, also, which seemed to sound "higher" and got to a higher-frequency range, sounding more like I used to when I was young. My voice literally changed to a higher frequency when I healed myself.

Because of the oscillating nature in waves, I also used to combine this wave with music I listened to, playing the tone at a low-level while enjoying rock music, or anything at all I was listening to, letting the tone generator drone in the background of the song -- sometimes adding an extra bass layer to the song.

The hope was to instill the healing effect mentally, as best as my SM (subconscious mind) could integrate this effect.

I also listened to a lot of beautiful, quiet, gentle songs (like indie music) at the same time, and drove myself to tears a lot.

I have a theory I am working on that is uniquely-based on / related to the theory of both atoms, magic, and holograms, to go on a totally different subject.

Where these numbers are containing within a cross, moving counter-clockwise, I learned that a hologram and an atom have a lot in common.

I learned a frequency pattern in this, with the relationship to the cross or plus-sign magic spell drawn in the practicing of magic / witchcraft, and found a similar relationship to the 3-4 based magic, atomic, and holographic relationship of essentially a math based on 4 numbers.

This frequency pattern may be used to bio-holographically, or neuro-holographically tune a room's frequency, change your own mind's feelings, or alter an object, thing (thought or idea) when also combined with spiritual and psychic effects. 448 hertz, the brow chakra, was good for driving truth out of the atmosphere, and I'd place this number on a cross, spinning in a part of the room, telekinetically moving on the tip of a pen on a folded piece of paper, also with 30 hertz, and my own voice frequency, as well as the guitar tuning I use, where 30 hertz got me the "most high" out of them all. 448 hertz is especially effective to drive confessions out of liars, and forces even the worst people to be honest, and turn good.

Also encoding magic in this, from God-names, real magic spells, symbols, sigils, and other work attached to the action, I doubled the holographic effect by writing magic spells in addition to the TK-spell (or, otherwise thought of as a frequency spell). The amplifying effect of the TK / telekinetic effect made me mentally boosted, also, since I could watch an object magnetize to me sliding across a book, or maybe roll a pen with my hands from a foot away up and down the book, eventually able to remote control the object without my hands.

The effect of this work inspired me to write "Frequencies" since I feel this is of the prime-most important, and greatest research I have ever performed.

Since I've studied for so long, I found the healing modality helpful. When I got beyond healing, I was able to apply these thoughts to a practical application, that also improved my creative work.

The idea becoming more popular to me with creative ideals, I started to do the same thing, in a repeating routine.

I would create the frequency spell when needed, and generate the effect. Leave the psi-wheel spinning in my room, while going about the day, and at the same time listen to music in my headphones, and write lyrics while it was going on.

I am very telekinetic sometimes, and I was able to move "selected tree branches" or trees outside of the window with my mind, at certain times. Usually right after I released a CD on spotify, I could select a certain tree (on the top of the tree, where the wind is more effecting) and suggestively with the help of activity in the air on a certain day, this was also something I managed to do from about 1,000, or maybe 2,000 feet away, or maybe even 4,000 to 5,000 feet away, when I moved a selected area of trees while in the hospital, staring across from the street, and over into the highway. I did this right after learning I had healed my throat, and neck pain. I was crying, and listening to country music, and totally let go of all judgment in my mind.

The tree was very likely farther away than I imagine, though.

If you take 30 hertz, and create a frequency spell in a cross design like this, folding the paper, you might try the same thing, and get the wheel moving with these numbers placed as such:


30 hz | 30 hz


30 hz | 30 hz


To the best of my illustrating ability using text alone, I've shown how this cross spell or frequency spell is developed.

Folding the paper in the middle of the cross, right in-between the numbers, and then on a rectangular, piece of paper that is (to your specifity in elongation), placed on the pen-tip, leave spinning, and do your creative work about the day, and it is likely your work's effect will "effect you also" in a greater way, through an omnipathic influence from the spellcasting effect.

This frequency effect is so far very useful to me, since I am endowed with a psychic ability I usually keep latent, and do not practice very actively. (I shut off my pineal gland, and control my brow throughout the day). Though I may pick up on telepathic inflections from peoples' minds, it is usually unintentional, and I usually ignore them, or take note, and then leave them aside for the moment, because thoughts and thinking are a natural process of life to me.

The cross pattern goes top left, down, then back to the top right, and down again. The bottom right area may be called the “interference” part of the pattern, in accordance with holograms. Such as “30 hz / 30 hz / 30 hz / Inter.” Hopefully you understand this.

If a frequency spell is based on real magic, in theory music, or vibrational power of any kind is all that is needed to generate real effects.

A lot of Pagan / old school artists likely wouldn't adjust to this, because the theory is so outlandish to their tragically satanic ways. Also, because a lot of Wiccans and Pagans are so bad at math, they might not see the point at all.

This theory is likely more helpful to religious, or truly Christian, or generally mystically-oriented people.

And since the cross is a religious image, to me that is based in creation, it is unlikely a destructor like those of the old school religions, of only so many centuries past, would nearly give a damn about such a futuristic theory in practice.

My own voice frequency, when you add up from the Pythagorean numbers of 3, 6, 9, go all the way to 228 hertz, doubling in the same math to the guitar tuning I made 1,000 songs in, out of a desire for experience, and posted on my soundcloud / internet page, for the entertainment of others, and out of a desire to connect with people.

My name is "Brendan S" (as an artist name) but a lot of girls, especially the one's who respect me, have started calling me "Brendan A" as a reference to how well-tuned my songs are to the A-note.

I now have about 1,186 songs on soundcloud.com.

Using the voice-healing frequency of 263.64 hertz was very useful during this time, since I could sing at the same time as heal my voice, involved in the A-note (a brow-based frequency) yet the chakra-tone for the A-note is much like the heart chakra, also.

I did yoga, exercise, and tai chi for days, and when availed the time, I ate a lot of meat, and drank powerful beverages, while doing tai chi constantly throughout the day also. I listened to a lot of good rock music when I felt like "relaxing."

Using the 456 hertz tuning, while also meditating with 30 hertz in my tone generator, I found my body becoming more muscular, and I achieved a six-pack, and in some moments observed I had an eight-pack ab, while flexing in the mirror. My creativity and sexuality was so enhanced, I started to re-connect with my karma (my ex-girlfriends) and healed a lot of my relationships using the help of the internet, and also found a way to connect with a lot of powerful females in the entertainment industry around the same time ...

I remember very powerful effects from the frequency 711.777 hertz, as an experiment. I also decided to try only a "limited number of frequencies" because due to my faith, I mentally intuited I "must know" which ones are the best, so my desire to experiment was minimal at this time, and I was very selective about what sounds I chose to listen to.

The number 7.111 accords with the infinite, and when repeated can only be divided once, no matter how many times the number is multiplied, and is said to be an "infinite number."

77 hertz was a powerful frequency I also learned was good for my mood generator I developed, and I also used the angel number 222 hertz in the mood generator, when I burned candles, and practiced magic late at night. This was especially powerful, and good also for astral projection and psychic work. The number also allowed me to connect with others more easily. 77 hertz, I learned, was the most powerful number I had stumbled upon. It went well with a omega frequency setting on my tone generator, good for magnetic effects, and I got "very high" while using this frequency.

Although somewhat self-exploiting, I've chosen to divulge of every powerful frequency I know.

Whether you are a believer in magic, or music, I am willing to confess, this is the most interesting research I've ever performed.

If you are psychic, a magic practitioner, or a psychic like me, you will likely get an effect out of these frequencies.

I find it interesting how eight octaves is usually only a shift needed to easily, with also the two-octave shifts based on the number ten, to be all that is usually needed to re-tune a soundwave to "A"

How -- this is also essentially the frequency of the Earth, we should know our planet is likely endowed with a natural healing power we should be probably tapping into, if such is truly relativistic to the schumann resonance.

Also at a creative alpha state, for the subconscious mind, we respond well to this note.

The 80 bpm rhythm, I've found, that accords so well with the female heartbeat, is used well with music, in especial when you want to effect your girlfriend, or a woman (female audience) you want to effect with your music. The math on numbers 80, 90, 100, 120 bpm, and these numbers in particular, seem to be the most resonant with the human heartbeat.

I originally found out about the 80 bpm when my sister did a heart-beat test using a phone app while I was in the room with her. She always was a very well-tempered, and kind person, so I thought it must apply to a lot of other nice girls of a similar temperament.

They say, mysteriously -- that though our heart is meant to be in the 120 bpm rhythm, to me this is way too fast. Though I meditate, and I feel good, my heart beat is rarely at this rate, and I am a very healthy person.

I also practice mindfulness exercises, and I've learned I am almost always usually "actually excited" when the range of 120 bpm is struck.

So according to my research, I would base the actual human heartbeat at a slower rhythm than what doctors, or common or recent research has suggested, and I disagree that 120 is the "most actual" rhythm for the human heartbeat.

There is a lot to say about how the standard tuning of which is most used in America, is usually only known to exist after World War II.

I owned a piano built in 1900, before both world wars, and this was perfectly tuned to 432 hz. I played it a lot, and it sent powerful vibrations through my house that seemed to produce a silence in the atmosphere, that my parents and family responded to well.

I've played the piano mostly in sharps and flats (the black keys) and this is how I played that piano.

448 hertz, tuned to an eight-octave tuning is also especially beautiful, in a similar way.

There is a lot to say about the "secret of the truth" (so to speak) when thinking on the truth itself. How "the truth effects" and it was once said, "Lucifer" (The Morning Star) was referred to as a good angel, until essentially removed from the Qabala, and horded by magic practitioners, and then later ruled out entirely as "the devil" when most magic practitioners simply known of this angel to be the most powerful, who fought from the heart, and used the truth as his weapon.

A potential weaponability of this tone, at the frequency decimal point of .634 hertz (in a distorted wave) that is "directed" can also nullify bad witchcraft, in a way that is both out-loud, or projected silently in a psychotronic way, using a smoky quartz crystal.

This would be referred to as an energy-based way to fight.

Outwitting also, other psychics, the same frequency played into a smoky quartz (with a microphone or headphone cable, and the rings placed against the crystal, and taped) will at a low-level volume prevent telepathic interference, and "turn off outside impressions."

(Disables telepathy, when used right).

This is also possible with an FM radio turned all the way down, and worn with you wherever you go. When practiced, you will need only your mind alone to achieve this effect.

In the X-Men films, the character we know of, who resembles Lucifer in many ways, uses a metal helmet to block telepathy.

I'm actually very magnetic, and have a powerful way of doing both of these things, though for me, only a crystal is required, or music in general to protect my mind nowadays.

Psychic interference is usually only influenciable to weaker, or more weak-willed minds. One must practice a lot to become good at these things, but according to my personal research, the research is extremely real, and very well possibly some of the most important research for future applications in frequency research that is discoverable at this present time in history.

(Psychotronic is the word used for the sub-sonic, or super-sonic, above, or below hearable frequency ranges, that is a mental frequency effect focused on silence, and unhearable sounds, that still effect.)

The complete frequency for either magic spells would be either 448 hertz, 448.64 hertz (reduced math) or the most powerful one, which is 448.634 hertz.

How I discovered this frequency is a secret story I keep to myself, because it may impress you (the reader) too much, that you do not believe me.

I will say, though, I used a computer to discover it, essentially.

.64 is the same math, but is the same idea essentially and may be equally powerful as the other number, so I recommend for practicality to use the .64-based number, since it worked the best with me.

With other applications, this frequency can also boost telepathy, but in such a crazy world this is not recommended, especially not out in public, or in America.

If you use the frequency spell, or work psychotronically with 448 hertz, you can combine this with the heart, and make a powerful influence on yourself and others, to make the "truth of the heart" a more accessible idea, especially in the toughest situations.

Draw your spells like a classical spell like as seen in the Key of Solomon (with a circle and cross), and involve the number, and whatever other elements and images you desire (and names, if you like), and you will see how numbers and frequencies can also be used in spells, when done the right way, to produce a more powerful effect than old-school spellcasting.

TK practitioners who use a psi-wheel, who do this to boost their chi are very smart, and the idea of using telekinesis as a secret ability to make your own mind more powerful is not a bad thing. Some old witch books judge this as hereticism, but I disagree, with the movement into the New Age, and how exciting more and more psychic work is becoming to people -- with already several video evidences, and books written on the subject of telekinesis, I recommend the practice to anyone who is willing to try.

Carrying a crystal, is also recommended, just as it always was, that may also be wrapped in a special material, you can imagine which one is best for magnetic effects, and for the most advanced practitioners, will be enough to influence your own body with an increasative influence to your own body and chi, making your muscles stronger, and exercise greater. A tea-bag casing works well.

Used for power or manipulation, this research can definitely go both ways, for better, or for worse, and for my own personal sake of confession, I've chosen to share, because I am already moving far beyond a lot of the research in this book, and I am not afraid to share these things.

With the "magical version of TK" that I apply, but not always, I find that the influence to your own body is especially powerful, and when you combine telekinesis with tai chi and exercise, your body can become much stronger in just one night of practice.

Jeet, like chi, is the electrical power in your body, that is influenced by this. Combined with computers, or other electronic devices, you may also get very high through the combinations you choose.

To jack up your creativity, use 30 hertz and listen to music, is what I recommend the most.

If not, write lyrics, or do poetry, and you will get the same effect when listening to music, because writing lyrics and writing poetry generates a 30-hertz brainwave response.

60 hertz, to my knowledge, is the lambda frequency I've spoken of.

At first, with the Theta setting on my tone generator, I learned that the 30 hertz frequency was so powerful, I wanted to stay up all night, and "search for love" all night long (as foolish as that sounds) because it seriously caused considerable influence to my sexuality in almost only 30 second intervals, or 1 minute listening time.

30 hertz -- The Gamma Brainwave Frequency

(It would also be described as an extremely powerful creative / spiritual feeling).

It is in reality, that if we study frequency, the learning process veers eventually to the notes themselves, like the B note, which is the crown chakra, and covers all frequencies, and is especially good for a bass response, or the bass sounds in music; we might seek these greater effects when relating to the entire chakric scale, due to our evolution with frequency, with the entire scale of CDEFGAB (Root to Crown), as not necessarily of "one set number" but a intervariably personally-selected chakra tone for each need, in each given moment, or area of one's life.

Since our bodies are different for the most part, I know the "feel" of the B note is the most mentally boosting, and yet also the most spiritual-feeling, just as it would be expected to be. The A note is most interesting with the brow chakra, since it truly makes the heart want to be honest, since the sound of the A note, of "Ay" is similar to the heart-sound, of "Ahh" in a slight variation that can be relativistic.

Though, the B note is the frequency we should probably work with, to get started with this work, or to do the best work. It is also said to be the most important note to figure out the entire frequency range, or to master all the notes in a shorter period of time.

From a religious point of view, the actual hertz-note of the B-note could be a number like 912 hertz, or maybe 939 hertz, which was said to be the age that "Seth" in the Bible lived up to his incarnational point of spiritual enlightenment / completion in his karma.

A good A note is likely more truly related to the actual range of 800 hertz area of the frequency range.

Numbers mentioned in the Bible to me appear to be frequency-related, and are suggestively oriented with much more than even math or frequency can apply, but may also be divined to a greater understanding when compared, and related to other numbers.

The number 777 is said to be the number of heaven, or the feeling I get from 77 hertz certainly feels so, and I don't disagree that this may likely be related to the heart.

7.111111111 truly is an endless rate, so it is interesting to say so.

The interesting correlation I drew when I learned about the number 639 is that Christ himself might have died at this age, or his incarnation process and karma had ended at this time, which is maybe another number for the heart. (And is also a pythagorean number).

The real heart chakra rate may actually accord with Jesus, who "died in the frequency of the heart." Which is why, he became immortal to history.

Explaining why the crucifixion was more than just an "act" of witch-burning, or an attempt to stop a powerful man, the reality is, we are all created from a similar form as the crucifix, in accordance with my theory of the atom, in the proton, neutron, electron, and ether (space) that generate the actual cross. A matrix hologram, where a hologram is a three-laser-meeting star-shape, that is complete with the fourth laser (interference) is also created with a cross, and if you look at space, and various elements in nature, you will see crosses and spirals everywhere.

512 hertz comes to mind when I think on the Solar Plexus, which is a number also derived from research into Biblical history.

222 hertz is very close to the root, and second root chakra, and I would not want to know, necessarily, anymore than assume (through my intuition) that 30 hertz is good for the sacred chakra.

77 hertz is also likely related to a similar locale of the chakric system.

The assuming of a "number to explain" everything is not always needed, since especially with G (the voice / thymus) we all have our own indifferent voice frequencies, so there is no telling what the "definite" voice frequency, or tone for this chakra may be on a universal scale of perception. I've seen voices go as low as 95 hertz, and as high as 452 hertz.

(I am basing these recent other numbers on logic and intuition).

The reason why I think there are many different patterns, and systems which match up, and may be used in the chakras, and divination systems, may be required to understand through intuition is simply because the subconscious mind is to a lot of spiritual people who are successful to be a "direct link to God."

To know these #'s, each time, we may mentally program ourselves eventually, and become very proficient in music and production, also, with or without a "religious background."

I myself never read the Bible very much until the age of 35.

And of course these frequencies are all discoverable in other studies, in different ways.

Experimenting with certain frequencies and numbers in the use of certain instruments may also prove more useful for certain instruments, like the electric organ, well-tuned guitar, A-note style vocals, and very "mid-based" drums.

Especially synthetic sounds being so programmable, a lot of fun can be had to try out these frequencies in production work in our modern-day music industry.

The many guitar tunings themselves prove an invariability to our own infinitely-evolving awareness of frequencies themselves, since some tunings, like 458 (for whatever reason) are very useful for finding other tunings through, such as the mysterious high frequency of 471 hertz itself, that is relativistic to the number mentioned earlier, and which is used in a lot of popular music from the nineties, and on the radio, with some of the most well-selling artists and bands like the Eels.

Other useful tunings, without mentioning the standard tuning would be 452 hertz, the aforementioned pythagorean number of 456 (since other people likely have a same-sounding voice as mine), and matchable with this, a very christlike sound in 460 hertz exists. 461 hertz was recommended, but I have not tried this frequency yet. The guitar tunings are also very variable with blues tunings, and what are known as "open tunings" -- or just variable string tunings in general that would be based on the notes.

(Open A tuning for instance can be played with one hand, and proves anyone a musician, in many cases).

The newer tunings are much more useful than classical tunings, since humans continue to evolve, and we must "raise the vibration" to keep evolving into the new millennium, since the planet is evolving, and we are also evolving.

Rhymes, and layering of sounds, while using tones and certain frequencies in our voices, in accordance with the sounds themselves, like the chakra notes actual tones, that are very similar sounding to a certain name we know of in secret society orientations, "Uh, Ooh, Oh, Ahh, Ay, I, EE" (from Root to Crown) and sounds very much like "Thee Illuminati" is a useful way to think of the entire human chakra scale in a single mental outfitting.

Useful also are monosyllable tones, when writing rhymes, or to write lyrics themselves entirely based on the chakra tones alone.

(An exercise in true beauty).

The sounds we use may be used for anything, in actuality, so frequencies are not restricted to music alone.

Writing, from novels, to anything at all may be useful in the study of frequencies.

The word, "Neuroacoustic" or "Psychoacoustic" refers to the frequencies in our minds.

A subconscious look at this, would relate directly to vibrational healing, bio-feedback, and how "singing" is a healing act, when you are in a good mood.

Dark blues songs also may heal you, if you are sad, and you want to resonate with your own feelings, instead of ignore them.

The Em (E Minor) note / chord scale is the best for this, and is essentially a power chord.

I recommend using Em for starting-off guitar players.

The sounds we may use to "tune" and thus "self-tune" are also based on potentially psychotronic effects from machines, as opposed to the government's mis-use of mental programming and what is thought of as mind control, or mental manipulation through frequencies. Further, there is nothing more powerful sometimes than the buddhistic, and martial art of "silence" itself, when stilling the mind, in preparation.

It might be meaningful to be thoughtful in looking at this positively without bitterness, because mental programming is still a very good thing when used right. (Affirmation, securing other people, conversing in a resonant way, and in resonance studies).

When you think about the chakras, is it interesting to think of the "heart sound" of "Aah" or "Ahh" as uniquely relativistic to the word "HEART" itself..?

The Bible itself is interestingly poetic, in certain versions, that may prove our very language was eventually evolved from the history of our own karma itself.

The word "talent" was once a form of currency, we now just call "the self-worth" or general worthiness of an artist in general, and that they are "talented" when they are good at something.

(The entire chakra scale can also be proven through words like THE ARTT) with the double-T, forming an upside down cross and an upside cross at the top and bottom, (The Art / The Heart) for brow and crown, that forms a cross in our minds. (In the brow, and in the crown, a cross is formed based on this suggestion). To be most spiritual, we are meant to "live in the heart" according to a lot of spiritual practitioners.

In the future, as opposed to production of world media, news agencies to publish newspapers, it was once avowed in earlier pre-metaphysical movement, and essentially "actually transcendental" studies that our planet itself is meant to be made into a meaningful work of art, and if you look closely, you will see it really is.

It is imaginable the body itself is programmable through emotional waves. Where, "root" sounds a lot like its counterpart sound of the "Uh-sound" anyway, for both first and second root chakras.

The sounds, and the symbol for each letter may also accord, when writing itself evolves. In theory, in accordance with the theory of "evolved thinking" this may be so with certain poets, and certain practiced writers.

(In accordance with the waves themselves) . . .

As the letter "E" goes with the Solar Plexus, meant for direction and purpose, the Crown is the "B" note, that is housing of all of our actuality, and spiritual progression, as though an actual S flows through the body, inter-linking chakras in a pattern that jumps a chakra per tone.

The way that notes line up is in an oscillation, E, G, B, all the way up the scale, with Plexus, Voice, and Crown, if you look at it this way.

There are a lot of possible ways to look at this.

These are like relative effects.

So, making sense out of the way they do relate, I see that in a view from a distance, at the general hologram of reality, the "EARTH" itself is formed of letters that are directly helpful in thinking about the planet itself. How this is applicable to a meaningful style of relationship to frequencies may be for you to discover on your own, but the idea is easily-seeable when history is studied properly.

In reality, all words, thoughts, concepts, and ideas could be looked at this way as relatable.

I've written a booklet on my rhyme theory, a mini "rhyme divination handbook" and also a "Chakra Primer" as side-notes to this book, and I know my theories are evolving me enough to see the causal, and meaningful reason for why these are really truly "honestly" the real reasons for frequency to be viewed as the "final science" in art, science, or religion.

There truly is no higher escalation in study, than frequency itself.

When I think of the rhyme-code, of something, I mean "tone and syllable."

Such as "I" and the "Oh" sound.

For the very phrase, "rhyme code" if you did not notice, we are surrounded by music, and rhymes every day of our lives. In the ambience of the atmosphere, in the loud sounds of the streets, of cars, the automotive frequencies, of our foot-steps, and the ocean and air, the world is made up of sound and waves, and frequencies make up our lives and the world.

When I wrote songs based on letters alone, early in my lyrical work as a teenager, I used to write the alphabet at the top of the page in lowercase.


I did not expect to memorize it over and over, yet I was hoping to quickly divine a "one tone" rhyme as fast as I could, and I made my first CD, "CTRL + M" this way, such as songs I wrote in high school.

(This previous note would be akin to a mental algorithm based on the alphabet itself).

Over time, using more complex rhymes, advancing my thinking became more pronounced when I wrote poetry in a free-association way, and experimented with almost all music genres I could find.

(From country, to opera, to rock, to metal, to alternative, to folk, to blues, to electronic, etc).

My thinking changed, and I became more "neuroacoustic" -- sometimes for days singing in my head, and writing music after memorizing a line mentally, and then finding my microphone later on, to write and record a song in a single improvised sitting.

Eventually, when I free-associated my music, and improvised the entire song (including the guitar sounds) I started to feel a sense of grace, embracing the world around me.

Rhymes that "heal" versus merely entertain, to me, are an actuality.

Though, sometimes we may only have one type to offer.

Still, the worth in making music is always there.

I think the chakras were more or less a more popular study in history, even in seventies counter-culture. Where certain phrases, and popular sayings seemed to encode the sounds in a magnetic effect, from pro-based sounds, to contra-based phrases, either in support of, or negligent of certain ideas, the books written back then also seemed to have a lot of poetry in them that was instinctively-written.

Poetry in past histories in general was once viewed as the most beautiful, and highest form of art.

When sounds and frequencies were used back then, it is obvious "beauty" was the general focus. Sounds and rhymes were written to "lift" or "levate" the mind.

As though, for some, we were writing our thoughts in such a way to hold on to, and not let go of the power, and effect of our own genius.

I knew something about numbers and rhythm, I feel, almost my entire life. Even when I was young, I used to speak in very prolonged, complete and very advanced sentences as early as the age of 12 and 13, to the annoyance of a lot of adults, and people who wanted to hold authority over me, who I surprised with my "articulate" (which actually just means audability of a phrase, and how pronounced each letter of a word is, a very mis-used word in America), when in actuality I was simply well-spoken when I was young . . .

I know numbers and rhythm are important in this study, yet the sounds themselves are very important to the actual effect of the vibe. The effect, and reason for these things.

"Angelic" kinds of rhymes exist, from what I've seen, and felt in a lot of books and music.

Like codes are self-encoded in our own Bible and history, there are rhymes, and re-ordered sounds in our own names, and the many incarnations.

The same sounds, and names seem to be written by nature, or re-written by the Earth, the hologram of reality itself, proving that we are (according to nature) meant to know ourselves.

When examination is put into the etymology of such things, and the formation of words and sounds over history, I see this is evident maybe even with the incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth himself. Seth of Azhraham has a similar sounding name, who was said to be the "son" of Adam.

"In the image of" sounds like his father AbRa-Ham. (Abraham).

If you look closely, our entire history is well-encoded in the Bible, and the human race, no more than the Earth itself is truly meant to see this, more necessarily than just a Bible scholar, nature itself.

In the way a frequency can increase of ones own power, it is seeable how if you study the Bible, that certain names are obvious to the relationship of incarnation, and reincarnation itself.

"Adam" in the bible might just mean "Atom" -- in Egyptian, what is called "The Atum."

Even the stream of incarnations leading up to Jesus might be obvious to some, if you look at the words and names in the Bible as a progression.

Notice the similarity in these names.

(Based on my own divination) : the names are . . .














The similarity in tone, and sounds, in each name, progressing from Adam, to Seth, to Jesus, are obvious to some scholars, maybe, but not everyone.

Later incarnations of Christ are likely the same way.

The same idea applies to other peoples' incarnations, in different variable orders of sounds and tones, where nature is re-ordering the sounds for us.

I think the need to actually examine this may be helpful in divination, and is proving to be a meaningful way to study the Bible and reincarnation, and also how language itself is potentially formable in a similar way, based on the processes of nature.

Just as trying to explain how explicitly a name or sound might relate, we might ask how the divination was first achieved. In spite of this question, I think that the Bible is only "one book of history" and the infinitude of the human soul spans far after, and far before the renegade slave.


The first true incarnation of Christ who was a spiritual renegade was likely Seth of Azhraham, and if you look at this in accordance with similarity to "Nazareth" (names based on the towns where they were from) you might see how the name Jesus was created.


Making the name Jesus out of the first two parts of the name.

The way these names reverse, is also meaningful to magnetic / magical science, showing that the reason why he might have had so much natural power, is because it was inbuilt into him, via nature itself.

Spite and bitterness has been held, with jealousy also, from several men in history, that we even know of a complex -- from the Christian religion, to countless other cultures, when reincarnation is more discounted than the pantheism of "one" person alone, when in spite of what anyone may say, there are "essentially" many Christs, only based on reincarnation, but only one "true Christ" exists.

Like a coil, and with oscillations in his own name, and process, the various incarnations of these men however served similar purposes, relating that they were all writers, or poets, who knew of poetry, and how to "speak" and "think" in a powerful way.

"His voice was powerful, and he seemed to be surrounded by electricity at all times." it is said in history, about Jesus.

The beginning, as well as the end of the story, is that Christ himself may be a magnetic character in history, who represents the coil of human life, and the spiral of human life itself. That, he is "one" with himself, and is also the essential incarnation, who was also Adam.

Enki, the incarnation thought of as the Sumerian God, is relatable, though not proveable, may be a study related to his education of people, who was a lied-about God later in history (or king, not God ..), when in actuality, he was related to waves, and water, and their similarity is obvious.

I see in the names, a self-supporting system to this idea, and that our existences themselves are like poetry, and we are in essence, based on this theory, "entirely composed of waves."

The gnosis of such a thought, is that the world itself is created from the spark of one great seed, and the father of Earth is only "one father" when we all are in this world, who have many fathers, and even Christ had a father.

The self-represented system of energy I see in this is based on waves, essentially, and not just frequency, but electricity, and energy itself, since incarnation to incarnation, we are all made up of DNA, and the coil of information. Studies in Russia have shown that our consciousness effects DNA, and that our very DNA is suggested to be made of "words and frequencies."

Enlightenment is the release of complex, concentrated phylogenic information that "unwinds" from us, and reveals our true selves to ourselves.

The "Caduceus" (a symbol for creation) is viewable in this, that is a spiral, and essentially is derived from the image of the wave, that coils around an object, like an electric wave.

Since in religion, there is an attempt to say we all "vye" to be like Christ, it is likely only that Christ is a good man who represented a template for others to live by, and not necessarily imitate, or try to reproduce.

He is his own "man" and represented himself, though may have had a degree of perfectuality to himself that was noticeable to nature itself, and "he noticed this over time."

"I am the first, the last, and always." is a quote from Jesus that might reveal an arrogant soul, but if these words are actually true, they are likely more representative of an enlightened soul.

Final conclusions . . .

Based on how I feel about this, and the "theory" of frequencies, from sounds, to the etymology and gnosis of our world, bible, and thoughts themselves, it is a suggestion, and only a suggestion, that we learn from this on a causal as well as meaningful level of interest.

Frequencies make up all our words.

Frequencies make up all our thoughts.

We are all originated from the waves of nature.

-- Everything is created, and healed by nature.

Carried from one idea to the next, the linear and progressive movements of nature are neverceasingly in a state of self-education, and self-enlightenment, and self-improvement. We keep learning, from our own consciousness, and consciousness is infinite.

We are made up of frequencies themselves, and if consciousness is infinite, in whatever infinite intelligence may truly exist, then God is simply our own personal understanding we may have of something, that is the wave, or the world itself. A thought, and an idea that proves our power to us. That, "God lies within" is our essence, and we inherently know.

From one idea to the next, through sounds and waves alone.

- Frequencies - by Brendan S

Finished on 4/27/2021 (Original Manuscript : 30 pages)