The Internetica / The Cybernetica / "Last Key of Solomon" a.k.a.

Alchemically aligned life with a matrix, or the present-matrix paradigm, in the time-space existeum where in heart, we truly seek a good end from our souls, the matter of connection must be balanced.

In these -

Are multiple realms

The various realms are

The Internetia

The Real World


The Mind

And The Air

We also know space, but this being not fully discovered is still the final grounds for exploration. Also, we must remember that a "cosmic grimoire" itself does not really exist yet, reliquisiting the need for a grimoire like the Internetia, itself, which is the first grimoire I will start with.

I know this is new, but since I know alchemy on the internet a little bit better than most, I've learned that the true need for honesty in the very matter of magic itself, is needed now online, and the truth was that music had the most power to kill spirits, or alter demons, or remove a bad spirit, or deal with a problem online. Technological alchemy is useful also in this. When the use of, or for a technopathy is needed, also the psychic mind can be used.

A alchemy involved in the activity of the alterer of internet procés, in the actual state of a world that is "just the internet" is someone who is truly a trolling style of conquest, since they are based on internet alone in style, thus recalling how a "bridge troll" used to vary in states, only to be in the same place at all times, very unwise to the individual in control of two realms.

The two realms you may control, that are nature, and the matrix, are far beyond the power of most trolls.

They don't know that power is in the hands of a power like yours, and mine, to use our own music, and vocal power to change the effects of things on the internet.

In this, we can alter the matrix through virtual reality using the internet, or use the internet to alter reality itself, and when we use this to our advantage, we can or will harness energy, and truly know the full extent of our own power, or free will power in the world. Our psychic minds will be unleashed to the greatest ability, and we will be freed by the imagination instead of opposed by it.

The internet needs power, not control of power. The true point of the internet was to free people in the beginning.

Our real need was not "technology" -- the technology itself, yet we knew the idea was basically to use this, and gain or achieve, or learn more through it. The negative technology and bad use of words, and power in the hands or minds of some witches do not fully grasp the true power of a mystic, or great saint in history

When S first spoke, it was in the times of Plato and Socrates. Christ Jesus. We knew the truth was in time, and not just space.

We learned, of the faith, in the future, that a christlike soul would always be on the Earth because of Lee.

He found a way to live "in the world" and "outside of the world" at the same time.

In this, where was found a new ploy to give in (give his soul) as well as take away )live in his own way( )we all found) (*he was proving a point) by incarnating with the same name, eversafe, and using his own power to preserve, and safen others.

The first thing we needed was loudness, volume, and power in the effectation of sounds online.

This power was proven evident in a basic need to preserve the engineering itself.

There, S found himself able to prove himself both through things like books, magazines, and creative media like movies, photos, and writing to prove his existence is the space, that of the wave, of which is also in all things.

The wave is also in his body, or his body itself.

The wave of S, or the representation for the essential symbol of "waves" themselves, when we know what we are proving is our own super-string destiny entangled with the greater hologram of the galaxies of the universe itself, we are reaching more, for the cosmos, when we think in this cymos of such a cosmic design. Our shape forms a new pattern when we try to make it better "using the internet" -- not trying to "fix things" or "prove ourselves" using the internet.

We must use the internet to heal, also, in moments when the love-power is least-suspected to be of helpfulness to us, in our reach to a higher plane anywhere in the world, or universĂ­.

"Noise" has power that is good, and not negative.

Noise itself is a tuneable paradigm. The very high frequencies, whether the dirt from a recording, or just static itself, or a distortion of a guitar, is the power that is sometimes enough to right the high frequencies in the mind when played at a loud volume, and unexploitingly.

Tune high frequencies that are loud, and powerful, to get a higher effect out of your own crown chakra.

The power in a artist online, or the force of a musician is the same force of a musical power that is of the same class of any mystic archetype, or saint in the natural power of our own. The true power in our own souls, which is the design of the cosmos, also, born in / of waves, we should know that is our own power also, no matter what.

S sacrificed himself, giving all of his power and light to the internet, no matter who fights or opposes him, freely offering energy awareness, and observation of how to use energy online.

The internet's energy is colors, text, and pictures, through a 3D evolution, and 3D evolving paradigm. The evolution of our world is eventually extended through VR reality, and astral plane, as well as essentially a totally higher reality itself some day.

Our evolution will keep going.

In the spite, as well as personal avowances to destroy and create anew, the world preventable from the power it should have, by the virtue of any world-stopper, or de-evolver, the pro-stopping styles of souls like the variant mind-control victims of the "NWO" or alien agencies that are infiltrative of the Earth. We find that a lot of these exploiters are using sex to their advantage. Also a technical power is abuseable by some witches for a period of time. Expressingly, they may fail the laws of nature, due to the true nature of crime, whereas the internet exists in the real world, as well as the matrix, "and" virtual reality, so these are obviously a self-supporting system, since S (the wave) has proven, that these are all combined through the matrical understanding of a holographic reality we should know through the general balancing of mind, body, spirit, and emotion, a balancing of faculties in the "four rooms" or "four walls" of creation, that are akin to the same idea suggested in the Bible.

These faculties, in the balancing, might be different for each astrology sign.

Or the emotions also may be more needed for different materials, types of metal, computers, software, and energy-types for use online.

One of my favorite things to do, to secure or balance my energy is to play a song or sing my own music as soon as I go to my computer.

I visit the website, and load "Amazon Music" and find a new CD that is by a artist I like who has a new CD.

Or, I load a new song that is one I repeat or like to hear, the truth is that a lot of power exists in the power of "actors" or movie stars. People of musical power, in the advarency to people like witches, the very "Key of Solomon" (a magic grimoire) has "original power" over the internet, since S himself was able to tri-transfer the pages, many times, through a holographic interchange with the two writers of the book, who are a man and woman. The older man is the one holding the pen, according to S's visions, and the reality of this text is potentially a familial link to him somehow. The woman helping him write the book is managing the cogency of the words of the tracks of the sentences of the book.

Various, to this idea we know that a lot of grimoires are written, and that the Cybernetica is such a grimoire we always knew, in reference, to the follow-up or prior notion, that of a mere need to the internet itself, Thomas Aquinas inspired poetry was first tried on Facebook to test the reaction of users on the website, and insofar as the power inseen by his mind so much that "He" knows the Infinite itself is questionable, or "may be questioned by a user on the internet" -- S reports that his ability to learn through time trave, "as well as VR" is the ability he uses to keep himself "super-aware" of the real and true going-ons of the "evils of the Internetia" (a grimoire of question) though, this is only a word in question of reference to the name of the connection we all have to one another itself.
In the Internetia, we all changed, and became or truly evolved more.

I "want" you to feel, is a rare statement, not usually made on the internet.

At times, the numbness of your mind is not meant or needed to be questioned by a stranger, yet when we log in, instead we search for love, and expect a nice connection when we log in.

The internet at times in dark times of our history in the world itself, with the magazines, and various letters exchanged in the infinite network of human connection is a dark world to connect through at times, when we know that our own souls are not meant to feel "so bad" when a girl, or person online is taking advantage of us.

We use this energy, in the spite of them, so that our own words can evolve further beyond they will.


Know that certain actions will "too many expansions" give too much to the reality of your own sense of openness, a sense too powerful, so that you know that the need for certain connections to people, even if though only a seemingly videographic, or psychic reference, you might be exposed to too much of their power in spite of this, and the port-opening of / or through users of the internet, just through the connection to them, whether good or bad, may be too much to allow your own soul to function or flow as beauteous as it should. The soul is meant to flow, and when you have a user on the internet who is behaving in such a discrete, yet secretive way of distraction from love to others, and we need to focus on our own love, we need to deal with them personally, also, yet sometimes the only way to deal with them is forcing them to deal with themselves. Thus, you must know that the very consciousness you endow upon yourself is meant to be pure first. You must take a hot bath, and purify your body with the black flame to burn away their connection to you. When the candle or the colour darkness itself changes the meaning of your heart, and your connection to them is absolved by the fire, let the heart of your body feel the heat of the water, and let the love of God protect you as you take in or process the ideas and thoughts you need at this time uninfluenced by the witch, or the evils of this person. Confess you are also just as evil, and let go of your worst forms of hatred. Allow your confession to soak into the water, and watch as the energy evaporates, should any water actually turn to the white silk of molecules, and air flowing, with the steam that you see above your body.

A chakra understanding is helpful when you use the internet, when you know the rainbow effect of the "rainbow body" that is entirely you. The entire body, and the entire human form is meant to be and truly allowed to be multicolored, and multi-free.

For certain chakras, or every chakra, or whatever need, you may play a song in specific, just to effect a certain chakra in your body.

The color of dark red, or powerful red is that of an honest red.

The "honest red" is a good crimson, of a truly natural red color that is unadjustable, or may not be seen too many different ways, since red itself is a questionable color. You should ground yourself with this color, even if you are afraid of it. Also, the reality of how the chakras function with relationship to the rainbow body of the evolved mer-ka-ba form of the human soul of a totally spiritualized person is to some a matter of taking advantage of, on the internet, if you are a practitioner of powerful ways to be, the actuality of your effect will permeate. When others feel your energy -- the power of your energy, and what you can do with your energy is important and should not be wasted.

The true spiritual design you possess is important and not a joke.

People are meant to be "society" not just people.

We don't need a socialist politician, himself more powerful than all, to say "be equally humble" when he is above us all, in spite of his great law. The equalness of "many powerful in society" whether high or low, just simply "all of us being powerful" is the true reality we seek. And the internet, with time and space allowing for this evolution, is a realm that has no time for some tyrants of the kind to whom think that the aspect of reality itself is a need to be controlled through hate, or bad spirituality online.

If you are religious, you should use your time and energy to prove this, and not waste your time.

Religious power is not always extant in music, if you think it is. The mind will be tricked, and all moments are not meant for this sound.

Your own voice, meditations, or the muse enjoyed with the power of other people is important.

You need to know, then, that communication is important. Your mind is more immediately needed to be given to others, than to be used for your own sole-entertainment, so you still know your value, and givingness in the world. When you "give" to a free place like the internet, you are giving to "add" to this, since the bare-web style of from nothing that of which the existentia of the internet started from, is a essential state of nothingness that was from a void, essentially only textual, and only so much at first.

With time, and the decades, the internet expanded slowly, then the music scene itself seemed to take over. Whatever the rease, or cause, the allowance for terrifically nightmarish, satanic sounds, and dark styles of energy through the "free-net" (bad internet styles) and evil independents, who are like cults, and sub-groups of hatred, serve as world-destroyers, these internetia users who are not interests of God, whom represent Earth-denial, or ignorance, release a lot of hate into the world, and the universe, and the cosmos using the internet. Hitler also did this, and with the cloud and atmos effected, the Earth suffers while observers from space see as humans destroy themselves using their bad art-work.

True old souls reincarnated from other lifetimes, existing in the matrix now, who do not want to talk about how the ":internet:" could've been better, we remember, that our own souls, in the soul's process, and soul-evolution is still going on, with or without negativity that took place on the internet.

People who are living, and died, through the internet, with a incarnation present, past, or effected in a way or not, are lived on through the media, not just the internet.

The media is the true source of power, and matter of conservance.

"Everything Reminds Me Of Her" -- like a traveled track, from the reincarnated soul of a supersaint, E. Smith, the general working class songwriter, is a stance, and place of position anyone could take to let God know how our soul feels, if you listened to this song on such a day of doubt. The doubt felt on the internet may pass, when you know your own media has succeeded the paradigm. For instance, a song that is kept "on CD" as opposed to file, when CD's themselves existed before the internet, are a representae of the reality for how a soul itself can be preserved through music itself, that is a wave in a salvation that says "the soul is pure" because the medium saving this in-between realms is of physical nature, that of a reality unthreatenable, since the reality is powerful and tangible.

This matter, in the CD that you save other things on, is a power you will need to keep secret.


The power is a lot, that you can handle, still, though, since "anyone can be a powerful musician" in the truth, yet somehow, "not everyone can be more than just a musician" -- the true craft in how a person may flight beyond the walls of the CD, or the muse let out on the internet, is through the performance, and the playing of the music live, and in a real, actual way that is truly happening, and occurring. The action of the music itself is the most powerful you can be.

The masterful effect of a song that is power itself, like your own death-defiance, in a sound that threatens fear itself is the most powerful sound.

The threat of destruction is not power.

No need for references to "the pillage, or the kill" is necessary, since that is lifelessness you don't need to imagine.

The imagination is pure. It is really pure anyway, so you might as well know the true "violence" you see, no matter whether real or pictured in a movie is real to your imagination and may be just as darkly-illumined through the perceptions of me, you, him, or anyone, as "just as dark" -- whether real or seen in a movie or picture, the violence onscreen, or inmind, is truly dark whether real or fake.

Real or fake violence is unnecessary to the mind. Since the mind is ever-evolving, world-destructivity is reset in the pattern of his hopeless design who self-wishes the destructia of his own world. The very ending of a story is not logical when the ending is this itself. We must know that God is the end, since we are created from God, the seed. First, the true union is with two, that polarity science in which electric forces give life to power, reading energy, or manifest through speaking, we are in mind, and in world, the same voice speaking life into motion that does not need to see these violent images, or threaten others with them -- since we know our true power is in love, we should use music to our own fortune and advantage. Since the fortunate are powerful of honesty when they so-proudly in imagining the ideality of a process in "imagination itself" we remember Michelangelo's defiance of the internet in a early history, when proxy for S, the painter "wrote and enscribed" a anti-god reference, though mean, and truly cruel, a more beautiful work on the :ceiling: of a church, as opposed to a museum or a place of works of art. As opposed to being a work of art that would be in the realm of a place that such a style could or would be preserved by the false fifth element of the internet itself, naturality was remainst kept still in the power of this most beautiful work of art, painted by S in his incarnation as Michelangelo.

Michelangelo was a powerful, yet deathly-obsessed person. He tragically endowed himself to the works of his own sculptures, and knew much more than other people.

Thinking that he could stop time and space, for a moment, he wrote much "secret poetry."

Even if you don't believe in reincarnation, God, or beautiful works of art, the masterfulness of this "final work of art" created by Michelangelo was a step beyond most things.

A mere "section" of this work of art still stands the test of time, and is far greater than any work of art on the internet.

"Word Art" stands second-best to this amazing style of power itself, in the masterpieces of such works of art, that are also exhibits of existential alchemic power in art.

Michelangelo might've had a bad life. He made this work of art, even though he was not necessarily the most religious or Christian of a man.

He was a average, essentially "fortunate" person, who yet, from what I know, might've had a degree of poorness to his soul, and felt self-hatred through his life.

He wrote death-obsessed poetry, also, and for many years, and prolonged stretches of his life he wrote poetry describing his own suicidal despair, also, which I have done also, until learning beyond this tragic style of expression, finding more poetic words -

I know his poetry is just like mine, because several of the lines and references in his poetry are exactly the same as my own.

On Lies : : : ex 1 : : : purification from lies : : : with a dark parable

The experience of an O.D. to valium, that was not nearly powerful enough to hurt me, though I felt sad enough to attempt this, when I was young, a darker intention than to just feel high, a totally enditive effect was desired, and living on itself being offensive, I permeated the effects of a power I have to transfer images, or alter information in the matrix, since I was not "so" killed, I was only altered, I woke up from the parallel world of his hope for death, affecting a picture, or a painting that was photographed a long time ago, or maybe altered -- to appear to have an image of myself, at the very same age of seventeen, when I may had astral travelled into the movie theater of which the photo was taken. I am seen in the photo, where I wear no glasses of the 3D glasses worn by people in the theater, and I appear to be in the back of the theater, looking exactly the way I did when I was alive at this time, and I also appeared depressed as I was when I took the pills.

It is a 1927 picture from LIFE Magazine.

Amazed, I revelated this was probably a pro-miasmic effect of the matrix, or the real world and the matrix converging in a synchronistic effect, that co-inspired by the film, or the media intercoded in the experience, since I may had also seen the movie in a previous lifetime, I was inter-conscious, and maybe somehow truly able to holographically project myself into the room, without actually being there, though an illusion, the strikingly insidious effect might still actually've been real.. . . where, I appear in the picture so vividly, and I know my own face so well. The area of the picture where I am, also, is right where my eyes usually rest when I look at a picture. The idea of the magnetic paradox in how everyone is wearing 3D glasses, and I am the only one who is not, also seems referrent to my own passion for art, and paradoxical references in art, so this felt powerfully effective, and influences me with a strange feeling to this day.

Suicidal dream, or his own despair proving true, a lot of Michelangelo's poetry and poems were lost, and are not saved. The reference to how in the works of this painter, who was alive far before my time, the artist was in a time of religious actualization. When he was alive, the Christian church actually paid him to paint for them, once. Out of a totally, sort of slightly similar reference to this unique effect on the visual world of the matrix -- a photo-electronic effect, so to speak, in the influence to things that are in the alchemy within this range of influence seem to be things causable by artists like me, who are actually in a hope toward miraculization of the system, and adding more light to everything.

The true portraits of his work are in his paintings, that mysteriously are more preserved on the internet than his poetry ever was, sand appear far more beautiful because of how this art-work is preserved, so there is justice for him. Since pictures resonate better online, and the ideas of his exposed through the images he created were more powerful than most things an artist could do during the time of the renaissance, so somehow in spite of his suicidality, a hope lived beyond him, also suggestive of the ability with "Time" that artist, of the constructive force, that of the waveshape of nature itself, has lived on.

His hands are encoded in the work of art with each brush-stroke, a moving S, and S-stroke along the curves, and panels, and fluctual moments of grooves, patterns of abrupt "need to alter" and "changes for this spot" and "be-alterments to the color of" other parts, the entire church was painted for the photograph of a religious power, itself, further, to live far beyond his self-hatred ever could.

Proving the true power of the beauty of his design, also, this is proven true with better poetry in an entirely different incarnation.

"We do through our voices see."
"Resonance toward all that we must be."
"Where in all of our eyes thus glow."
"The fountain of power we know."
"Resolved by the resonance."
"Liberating all of our pain."
"And allowing us to speak."
"Through the best voice, and speech we may know."

The circulation, I have learned in Thomas Aquinas' original poem, written for the church, to heal voices, and allow others to sing as he does, the prayer is meant to help us free our minds. I note that the reference to "returning to the roots" is in the need for why I say there is true need for a good balance in the red, since the actual resonance in a good chakra balance returns to the roots again, that is of which the entire rainbow body is completed, such that we are not attempting space, the actual high is really achieved through circulation, to our roots, and that is simply from the violet energy of the crown, gradient back to red itself.
Cybernetic science is encoded in the matrix as well as human cells.
Though so many, or only so many know, true alchemy is based on love, since creation was born and exists only from love, to combine into itself thus, but we must know that in a photograph, or a mind, the mental power of the experience is the same science to evolve.
Based on this, we may know that our own faces, as well as bodies, or the room, or world, are equally oscillations that may be used to alter each realm, intervariably.

Whether power here, or power there, we all have the vying-for such a fortress, to own our own domain, and enexact our own love unto the world of our own faces, as well as the soul itself, using the world as our proxy. Internet, and world in-between, we use the website to link or bridge these two paradigms using the effect of our bridges themselves, that are the essential multiple realities we explore.

One way to do this, would be to create your own website system, or your own personal online networked system, or a singular website of power.

The truth to the witness, is that when you are popularized in a powerful way that supports your own christianity, or artistic nature, your humanity itself is the best artistic force to show off, not that of the technology, or your evolution or even soul. The true example to leave before the world is your human kindness, and your love from the humanity you possess, your human "person" itself. Since we are humans, we evolve as humans, so we must recall that grand sense in what we know as powerful is yet only a information of the human mind. Since the human is powerful, yet we are not yet God, we must attempt to explain as well as explore "to the world" the express, and achievement of our evolution as humans, not as artists, or Gods, we are the examples that God has already given us, in the example of our own civilization via the sociology of our media and interactions of the heart, the real art-work of our souls is / will be the connections we make. Our own human art-work is the drama, and the relations of our own souls is inviolate to the judgments of some needless "picture-drawer" or "writer" when true power is in the hands of the mystic. If a human is mystical, beyond all concepts or facets of the general principles of a "artist" who is merely philosophical, or borne of opinions incepted post-Hitler, with a out-of-tune reference to a future sought only by the human mind-controlled by "a foreign alien mind" that desires us to be confused, only "trying to be Gods" for His entertainment, we must thus recall our human nature is special to remember, or face directly, and more proudly with the Godliness of our humanness, that we strive from our own original power of God, that-existing in us, when we know our "Godliness" is the rightness we possess.

Our morality should be based on God, or love itself. Then we judge only from needs of the sex, or the connection, we'd base on our effects, the result from love-interactions, or relationships with the connections with people who are used-of the words, "like insults" or "how cruelty works" when such ideas are not actually ideas, they are frictions, and invented attempts at humor from demons, or bad angels merely desquised as good powers, when these liars, and heretics are usually just posing as real people or real artists, when their cult-reference, is in a band name, or artist name, or some false demonication of any kind, like the demon Haim, based on caine, a sense to the lie of the added "E" when this is only a four-letter name. The pain or hate of cain is unending unless the karma is changed, so paradoxly to this idea, we also need to rise above our human nature, due to the negativity of our prior attempts to be like God, and how far-flung from God we can be, if we try to be too strong, or trying to be too powerful, we fall to the disgraces of a demonhood of the bad style of what is seen in some people who lie directly through their art, and use their media to feed distruths, and negativisms to the world of which more is needed in the energy of a positronic wave. The positron is a better energy, than a lot of the darker bytes brought to the net, or universe, when new information is added, the real energy we are adding is still our own, and being new, also derived from the universe, the addition of energy is always a transfer of energy, so we can not give this already-existing energy in the universe too many false names, or the energy itself may in the effects of our own use of this power, refer back to the original creator, or demon from whom was already borne to the effects of what occurs, in how we are eventually effectively, through abuse, smote by our own energy, and mis-use of this false media.
Propaganda is the same.
I find that online, people of witchcraft orientation are actually mostly good.
The reality of "psychic power" or evolved souls online is really very positive.
The reality of / for why I would (myself) willingly share a lot of my ideas, and technology is "because" my ideas are nonharmful, and yet effective. I think the idea of "some harm" (however sad) is a tragic need to lay down the law, if and when necessary, on certain individuals who misbehave in one of the realms mentioned.
In VR, a individual can be fought with psychic power.
The virtual reality experienced, whether live, on video, in a "movie theater" (virtual to a degree) or in your own VR-headset, is a place where a lot of people are capable of fighting. The reality of "how powerful" a fighter, or how evolved is strictly based on faith, in actuality. The more faith to a better soul, we need to fight less, and yet with the more sacrifice, like the weight of the polarity, CAUSES us to react with the opposite-power, that of which we have lived without, whether the chi of sex, or the electrical influence of our own souls. We use this power, whether chi, or electric, to induce the effects on our enemy.
Thy "enemy" is a co-inspirer, only in a bad way. To each and every wave, they say there is an opposite.
The truth to opposites, is sadder than most things.
When someone is "powerful" there comes a need, to a degree of important sense, or the "sense of importance" we attach to our own personal responsibility to our own power.
Because, to mis-use this power, surely the power would be reversed on us ourselves, and we would suffer the karma of our own personal damning, and accursed those who try, we'd see the end of them, with twenty hands pulling a single trigger, in either, or any case (anyway).
The need to fight is based on resilience, sometimes.
Should an enemy spring back to life, from the demon-state of bad inspiration their evil soul sees fit to wreak havoc on the world, they may mis-use anything from sexuality, personal power, their own soul-power in their media, or writing (the works of their thoughts) and other content of a lyrical form. The poetry we write, when we mis-use a book such as "The Key of Solomon" when that very king might already be amongst you, who has already written such words -- and with the help of his elder wife, we know that such a book is (very likely) "united" through text, and words of Love, that is not, and has never been ":meant to be abused:" because Solomon is amongst you.
"For abusing my magic, I also will see fit the personal damning of a lot of you." Amen.
In the name of the once, and final king, I declare "Peace" on the world of Earth.
I think the "Earth Matrix" should have "no bad magic." This "bad magic" is evil, and unnecessary to ev'ry degree of logic, simply that this logic does not exist, I see no reason that "it" should be practiced anymore than imagined, merely written, or just "thought about" in basic fantasies.
When certain writers -- to such "weather affectation" influence the environ, also, with an atmospheric influence, since we can't see beyond our own eyes when they are too obsessed with the eyes of another, I think they my own eyes are clearly able to see a man who is of older age, who has gray hair, that is sitting beside his woman, while the two of them write the original Key of Solomon.
Although, "invisibility" spells may be used, even due to the exposure of the author himself, even at times the great sacrifice of our own personal power must be lifted, or disavowed from the logic of its own, and we must be seen by everyone -- before everyone as the saint, or hero we now are.
If this magic reaches such a place, or "locale of esteem" you should call yourself a hero and not descend.
The reality of a soul who is a hero, is one to whom knows when they need "money, currency, or finance" one of the best numbers for wealth is the number 999, the direct opposite of 666, although the number of the former is actually the most powerful number of nature itself. The number of nature, itself, will protect your finances, and allow you to lie, in the case of needing to protect yourself in the name of the worser saints.
And we find, if there is such a soul who wants to abuse their own name, "as a hero" -- let them be vilified.
On the internet, reputation is defamation itself to some people, with what image some inspire the negativity of some other's judgments, we are just "men" who live in our homes, with families, and simple things, already retired, and of no interest to be a celebrity or media star. If we are a hero, and pulled into such a world, because we feel as though we "should" think of ourselves as needful of writing this text, when we become such a hero, in the use of magic, we should write a grimoire of our own. The new form of telepathic abuse in the world, in specific is the worst kind of psychic abuse in the world.
To merely "talk" -- yet prattle endlessly, when we all know to communicate is a divine ability for some of us, due to the hurtful nature of words nowadays, I find that a lot of these "over-talkative" souls of the demon of Bacchus (a drug-related God), we should laugh at Bacchus, and not allow him to laugh at us.

The truth of another worse demon is practically existing anymore ..
Though perhaps a bad angel, such as Gabriel, or the lost Raphael, or whoever else has gone insane in the great hierarchy of power, over so many years of evolution, and devolution for some, I think that the best thing is to rely on who has always helped you in such times, and when you already know how to call out to them, or receive them in the proper use of the right invocation, then keep doing this.
The magic of "power itself" is like music to me.
I think we should use music and healing both in writing "and" in song. To "read something" is like music to some people. I know that when I read, I think a lot too much, or not enough, yet when I sing and also read, I seem to measure the actual {psychoacoustic} effect to my own thoughts, and realize that I am not just my mind, I am my consciousness, based on how loud the mind becomes.
Augmented sound can occur with post-experiences, when they are powerful, but this is actually normal for most people.
For a musician, "jacking up your senses" (with loud sounds, high frequencies, or drumming, walking, or anything of a powerful, loud, self-effecting rhythm) is a high-inducing form of bio-feedback, and the actually best way to heal yourself with your own music is the power you have which is bio-feedback itself.
The need to write :new words: in a time of need, itself, is really effective.
To write powerful words that are phrase-based, rooted in thoughts such as the very thought itself of the idea of "the weight of an idea" -- and to be able to actually mentally measure the weight of the thought, you will become a masterful shaman.
These to whom are the more masterful shaman in the worlds we know, what various realms I've described, are able to -

- commune (not just communicate) with the dead
- bring matter, ideas, concepts, and individuals back to life
- perform chemical alchemy
- know things instantly
and other such divine effects.

The experience of shamanism is actually very positive for some people.

We are not so "freaked" by the avarice, not brought down with each oscillation of the wave.
Our ability to "ride the fader" of the volume-level, self-mastering, and using this self-sense, or self-understanding as a "presence exercise" that is based on the experiencing of mindfulness, such as in meditation, that of a practice in noticing itself.

Levity, and cheering up the mind, while in fight, or in a state of confession or battle with a foe -- in a state of guilt or shame, while you may want to confess, you are always capable of finding the right "ideal source" to commiserate negative thoughts about, since the nature of levity itself may actually cure you, whereas this is not necessitated to laughter or some effect -- the reality is just that some people are always "right there" and you need only knock on their door to speak to them.

The positive experience of the right incense, drink, smoke, or use of the body, is generally necessary to keep feng shui good room-chi good while you are in the experience of battle. The fight is inside of you, and not only outside of you.

The frequency of 448.63 is the best frequency to deal with telepathy issues. Variability with the relationship to the true math of a pythagorean science, we may also vary this number for the sake of alteration, and complex effects, also.
You may use this, in a "loud" wave, to block the telepathy altogether, or modulate or vary the wave, to increase, or "work with your telepathy."
The different waves have different unique effects.
Also you can turn off the tone generator, when you are not interested in feeling neglectful.
The experience of this might wake you up a little, but the truth is that energy travels very simply, and just as you might imagine.
Though the idea seems simple in a complex way, the reality of a transference of power, in energy, is merely the idea that is likenable to the similarity you might learn from a study in cymatics, or the altering or movement of a wave in science itself.
There is a wave in cymatics, you will see move and shifting in shape, to create patterns out of the wave, the matter, and the energy, that is the essential holographic effect in motion.
The hologram is generated using three waves, or three lasers, converged with the help of a little bit of interference, and this interference can be anything. When using three, or four things, the hologram is either "open" or "complete" and based on the nature of how you wish to use this understanding, the idea of employing a psychotronic psi-ence to improve your psychic ability would be as simple as the use of a cable, the microphone jack, taped hopefully with electrical tape -- and wrapped directly against a crystal of the preferred kind, and with this image -- the cable, to the crystal, and taped, to your phone, device, or machine of whatever kind, various experiments may be performed.
The best experiment of all of this, is likely the "mood generator" that is based on 30 hertz, the "gamma state" wave, where in this frequency, true creative learning occurs.
The original psychotronic "weapons" are only personal to me, though I am sure someone knows a thing or two about how I use them.
The reality is, these "being used" are only based on the gun-builder's, or the power of the user alone.
I myself know how to use them very well, and I am "definitely sure" there are few people who could use such things, on the entire planet.
The idea of fighting in such a way, to me, is already kind of absurd to begin with.
I think that psychic blocking technology, and mood generators should be the best way to deal with all of these problems in the future.
An angel number like 222 (the angel frequency of invocation) will help you confuse witches, derange bad psychics, or when you are alone, bless you all day, or all night.
The actual number of 77 is proving to be extremely helpful, and hearable in spite of the nature of the number through certain simple speakers, and carries a good bass tone.

Truly, the frequency of 30 hertz is an enlightening feeling to the mind "and" body.
The mind-body effect of this frequency is also potentially "creatively boosting" or for some, even may be sexually boosting.
This is the best way to use magic.

Adapting to your modern technology, "while evolving" is the true goal of evolution. Especially in an industrial world, and a world of such great technology -- there will always be a few "powerful healers" or "extremely powerful warriors" who know such things, and while I am alive, I have decided to just confess these things, and avoid dealing with the negativity altogether, because I simply hate fighting.

I carry "two" things, usually.
A lot of my science is based on magnetic mastery.
I know, now, that magnetic science is something you can complete.
The eventual completion of magnetic science, is proveable through the sadness -- or the hate, of whichever oscillation, to either extremes of these feelings, based upon the nature of how far you are willing to confess after you fight, or after however many people you have protected, and for as long as you have protected them.

The warriorship some musicians, even feel, is remarkably "held quietly" inside of them, in spite of how a lot of these souls have fought with music itself, against their own demons, or the demons of others, using nothing more than a song -- a idea of what I might call the proper use of miracle.
I like the book, "A Course In Miracles," about the revival of the consciousness, and phenomatic ability of a supersaint, In the world, with such a time as when Christ was alive, the soul was not just a soul or body, we were also, like satellites known as proxies.
A proxy is someone who carries information, through themselves.
Via such ideas, like the very thought of tai chi or kung-fu, we can use the physical world to our advantage as well as the lucid realms.
I think that being an artist, to draw, and sketch of a designative power, or realm of the imagination that may be drawn, is increasing in beauty in the world, a thought or idea that should be more and more based on the "general effect of the sigil."
A sigil may be useful in many more circumstances than many people expect, or the use of a sigil is sometimes (through the future) evolved to a point of certain effect, or essentially a general effect, due to the creativity and craftiness of the sketch performed by the artist. I think that due to this, the mere use of drawing sigils is all that some artists need nowadays to protect themselves, if done right, without the help of much else.
A cross, or variable S-shape designs, and anything based on the platonic solids, original references to cymatics, and all s-shape style designs, and the rhythm of the pen based on oscillation, the actual "drawing of a waveform" is useful, to help you know that, when you "draw a wave" the effect is increased of your own thoughts, and you bless your own power, when you choose to rhyme as loud and think as loud as you want to, with the help of your own waves.
The crying out of a long-dead evil, such as the long-lost brother, or "deadsaint" aperture of a former writer, or former liar, that of whom is much like Judas, should a bad saint or evil style of apparition attempt to ever-dissuade you, wronging you with distraction techniques, you always have a right to listen to your own loud music, be "demanding of yourself to be creative" -- deny negativity through a forceful love technique of your own, or simply use your own creativity to your advantage all day long, in spite of such evils as the resident Leadbeaters in society, like your evil uncle, sometimes they never go away, but usually they dis-integrate with time and space, and are dismantled by their own bad evolution through de-evolution anyway. Thinking that they can future-forward, to a moment in time and space to "communicate with the future": -- when the writer is pro-involved in a desire to be of the healing of reality itself, such an interloper is like Santa Claus showing up to the party, just as he might in a corporate commercial for a paper company in order to fight the elements themselves, but it is actually true that the bad saint known as C. W. Leadbeater was a liar, and actor, who pretended to be good at magic, when for instance --

The films "A Miracle On 42nd Street" (title wrong, not sure, don't care .?) -- or maybe his original "herb-hating" film, made with the help of Reefer Madness's propaganda team, the same writer of various religious and spiritual texts, known as C. W. Leadbeater, who is a far-off relation to the bloodline of Jesus, on the "bad side" -- has attempted to dissuade the message of his own "tribe" so to speak, for years, via the mere virtue of lies alone, thinking they can dissuade christ, or anyone of christlike power, in a future day, when in actuality, already such a soul -- like the great Albertus Magnus would defy, we know no such power of any more than Christ's own power, capital to this very day, right now, and such a person means nothing to the quest of the modern-day grimoire in the 21st century. Furthermore, he is already a foolish old man, who knows nothing of magic, because I have seen of him his reincarnation, his drinking, his fat stomach, and his stupidity, in my own uncle anyway.
People who are the "false mystics" in society should be exposed or exploited, just for the attempt, during a spiritual evolution, to even "remotely" attempt to stop such a future evolution as what the world is going through, now.

Since we know the world is already going through a spiritual evolution, the casting-out of such bad spirits, may be performed through another active service, such as the zapping-effect of a gun in the scenes, such as the very movie, like that of an "afternoon" in the middle of space and time itself, based on the number seven, is also the seven-starred effect of a "obvious change" to the ending of such a film, "since the time traveler is with you" -- and you will meet him.


Still used today, the word "heretic" uses credence itself, to describe one to whom, in their own right, though only whenst superstitious we might be, another word, far less useful, might be their mere hypocrisy to use the other word, yet when you are the more experienced writer, you might know the true word a lot of these outdated Pagans are truly searching for. [4].

The symbolic effect of letters, to the direct need of "power in letters" is exposed in cryptic speech.
This is called "Meta-Talk" or the encodement of other phrases "in one phrase" -- known as Gematria.
The Gematria of certain phrases is needless, and may be negative if you pay attention closely.
At other times, the darkness of the phrase itself is exposed "by its own gematria."
In other cases, a powerful spiritual effect is ensent through the effect of the multiple encodements, and for some of the best magicians, His gematria may be of "several blessings" --
and when the gematria is truly of such passion, these are said to be the great songwriters.
One such great songwriter is the artist who was the Doors singer, who seems somehow later adapted to another star in the industry, while hardly explorable, some songs such as "Roxy" "Park Avenue" or the song "All The Rage" are the only hologram needed to get through the initial music-making process for a lot of religious people who happen to make music, or who try to.
Simply since a religious or naturally spiritual person may be opposed by the darkness of another soul who "thinks of himself great" -- there might be a competition between names. Judas / Jesus -- like "another name we may know" -- is likenable to the same name as the devil. Though an opposite, the mere magnetic nature of Christ is being questioned in this ignorant act. The idea that someone is evil merely because they are made up of polarity is an outdated idea, and even when a cool word or phrase, sounding like "anti" is reality to someone, this almost seems as though a perverse reference to science mis-used. When in actuality, a lot of people who are truly the 'anti' style of people are the one's boring of such an insult.
The idea of calling someone an "opposite" is not a new idea, and with the pejorative effect in this, for either a Christian to call a darker Christian a "satanist" -- or an actual practitioner of dark magic, who is actually a satanist, like C. W. Leadbeater, then I would say he is simply lying when an individual like that tries to label me, or someone else of such magnetic design as evil, when our healing ability itself is mal-affected by the negative judgment of our very polarity itself.
People like this, like Cain, the 12th apostle, Matthew, we should know are liars.
They live by the esteem of the virtue of their own hatred -- operating off of the hatred of others alone.
They are cowards.
To be "put to death by words" is how they imagine a fight.
At this point in our time, and evolution, we need to write off people like this, from the math, and the general equation of a truly "good" evolution, such involutions into the back-wards oscillation of such a descension into the bad magic, and name-calling (in effect) from this mere mis-use of thought, and words, is so negative, we ought to deal with the word itself, using rhyme, prayer, and other more positive forms of consciousness just because of how negative it is.
The Earth is on a balanced magnetic pole, with its own axis, high and low, through a reality that we all know as an egg-shaped sphere in space, hovering through the cosmos, that follows the S-spiral patterns of the sun through space.
While I know, we are truly "S-designed" people, not one or two people in history have actually ever truly made claim to this "S" being themselves, and themselves alone. Therefore, in the effectuality of knowing that "some people" are more interesting than "what some people might think" -- we are all likely just as good as the real wave in our history, that wave that some refer to as Christ, that wave that some refer to as the saint, or the master in history, who does not need to have such a celebrity image, because he lives based on the virtue of His own Magic alone.

Fighting this way is not fun, also. Even if it appears to be interesting or cool -- there is an incredible degree of humility and honor, and self-awareness needed to even think about ideas like this.

I might write a quote sometimes, and that is when you should pay attention.

"What of the invective against Him who had no soul..?"
- A Lost Quote (from another author) [The Dark Poet]

Rightfully imagined, other souls may speak the same way, virtuously used to using such words like this.
Stating that, "Shakespeare might've said the same thing."

As Above, So Below.

These words were once stated out loud by Leonardo DaVinci.

The French Poet, and inventor, had many re-written versions of his name.

Though, simply typed with An "I" in the name, I have encoded this.

The reality of such a christlike nature, born into the inventive power of such a man, is "obvious"

. . . to some of us . . .

That Christ was a "carpenter" is true.

As above, so below. We are both "created" on the inside. We are also, "created on the outside of ourselves."
We are born from both that of which exists on the outside -- and that of which also exists on the inside of everything.
The essentiality of this phrase is referrent to all things.
This is probably true, and actually will some day be actualized into a common truth, that all of us will know.
The mother is the sun.
The father is the moon.
The true God, is the Earth, itself, formed through the galaxy, of all of these things, a self-creating form.
The world created itself, in this case, born from the seed of the higher.
With two rays, and the ray-planes, these meet. They form a hologram, and draw to create the world we live within, also, from other greater sources, our "augmented matrix" is not a prison to be "also protected by Saturn" -- no, in actuality This Earth Matrix is keeping us alive.
We are going even further, now.
With an even greater magic, than has ever existed before.
The triad reaches higher, with a vacuum in the text.
That a pyramid is formed in the letters is obvious to at least some of us.
Solomon wrote this,
"I am stating nothing, And yet, I feel so much." His words meant nothing, yet they effected him so.
The power of your own thoughts -- in the state of such self-awareness, to the alchemy of your own creation . . .
This is the alchemy of your true design.
In God, we are created, from the consciousness of the world.
The world breathes life into us all.
In-between life, we are the ghost of the ethereal.
We are the ghost of the Ether.
We become only information, yet consciousness may still remain.
The matrix will keep us alive, further, we may also find that "some of us" are inhumane, beyond life, or death, so we meet them in later karma, despitefully of their own, or our own hatred -- and insofinding that our own evolution is simply "greater than theirs" -- the attempt of brainwashing on such people as Bruce Lee, Semjase, and various other figures in history has fallen flat completely, in spite of the nazi's, all brainwashing, and torture techniques, effect, and true "Effect" has remained with these souls, to this day, and they are warriors, still.
"Retainment" -- inkeeping, with the idea we hold, we'll use "two made up words" in a single sentence, the double-verb effect of a unitedness to our thoughts themselves, "writing them down" our enemies through exploitation, and at times, the very threat of the very words of exposure, and to put them in their place, we would tell them before doing so.

I'm sure that a lot of powerful wizards have existed in history.
It is said that King Arthur was maybe related to Alexander.
Hector Priam, or whoever was involved in this life, we are mysteriously related.
Sometimes, the use or need for divination is based on the list of names, themselves, being shuffled to prove our awareness over time.

I myself have found that "direct sharing of our exploits of war" are more helpful, in a world, when media is easily-exploitable, we take advantage of our own story, our own psychic power, and of our own :mental high: when we choose to keep these details empowered mostly through ourselves.

I have, myself, seen the effects of such things.

The fight between two such people can extend beyond lifetimes.
Countering an enemy in another lifetime is at times humiliating, for whichever party. I find that this is truly an interesting ordeal, when the power is in My hands. Your own, to the understanding, would be that to whom is the artist who bears the stylus, of the true power, of such a modus operandi to be in a "ready-state" for judication, ready to either confess or fight, due to the power of the weapon that I possess, the weapon of the Truth.

Stay in the present tense.
Time is needless to look back into, or forward-into, if you have a need, or an existential desire rooted anywhere in time, when time itself is threatening you. Draw a circle, in whatever way you choose, also, if that is how you want to live.

Numbers of question --

When they occur in your math, or you are hearing negativisms in your midst or atmosphere, at times must be reacted to. Due to the nature of evolution in some souls, this Earth has found, in the rightness of the power to degree in hate for the sake in "not knowing" -- we might say that some people are only "so right" when they imagine the great truth of a thing, when their soul in history is actually the evil one, and the true saint be their enemy, and they are not aware. Accursed be such ignorant men.

To the fire in me,

I know also of a way to fight that is beyond nature.
The fire, and flame of the plasma of the soul itself may be used, for the sake of a demigod to fight.
A demigod who is on the Earth, with the help of angels, using a stylus, and the blackest form of rightness might be borne of the proper time and place to be able to use this style of power, and the evolution of such a thing is truly rooted in the air, and the waves, and the atmosphere, and the fire itself.
I know, there is no actual frequency involved in this.

Notes, or frequencies of information should be known as follows :

The "E" note is directing of purpose.
Use "C" for security, and feeling safe.
The D note is sexual / sacred. Do not use it sometimes.
The F minor is the heart sound, so few truly feel ..
The "A" note will always heal you, having the faith to continue.
The B note represents the crown, and you will always sound good, when you are comfortable here.

I know that Thomas Aquinas wrote far more psalms and poems than his reference to the voice, and desire to heal the soul with music.
People do not know is also referred to as the gatekeeper, and essentially the "transferer" or messenger, who is also related to Thoth the Atlantean, and Pythagoras. These were also known as Hermes The Thrice-Born.
I am Hermes the Messenger mentioned in this reference, though it is not proveable.
The words slide by, when I write.
I feel them flow naturally.
I see the pen move, but only good things occur.
I don't make mistakes
I don't want to ..

The real use of power, and magic, should be toward music, love, and healing, and only the other thing when we truly need to.

I don't want to fight --

My own actual option outside of this idea is to pursue a goal outside of hatred itself, where I may actually confess as much as I need to, t o n e v e r have to fight ever again.
The use of rhyme and poetry, while confessing, prove to be the best helps while in a state of confession.
If you write the "best rhyme" you are able to, or you were able to write the "most interesting or educational poem" you are able to create: This Will Greatly Boost Your Spiritual Power.


To whatever name, or list of demons, Gods, or negative references, or boldest, most powerful angels.

The truth of what you have done.

Let them know.

If they hear lies, confess more.
If you are totally pure, you will be able to return to your work after fighting.
If you are not fully confessed: Then You Must Keep Fighting.

* * * * * * *

A good song, in the case of such Intirims, is by the nice gentleman known as Laswell: "Comes / Goes"
The cinematic effect, mid-intirim, in such a mode:

Is, to keep your movie, more like life, or is the goal of your media, and hollywood picture, to have the emotions of real life..?
Tell me, o' great director .. is this a film about us, or is this us, about the film..?

Therefore, to defy the Creator, you must, "Make Of Your Life It Is A Pageant"
And remain as active, and participating as well as you can.
In both your own reality, and the reality of others, all the same time while you are fighting,
YOU must pursue the goal of love, all at the same time, meaning to act, and express the emotional content, that is of your own power and control.
YOU make the scenes, and you point the camera, and you move the hands at what moments to move what props, and as such, you also leave or close the curtain, at any given time, any way you want it to.
The evolution of your life is the movie you are making.
Your evolution is a multi-incarnation experience, that for some, like a shaman, is a "multi-experience" based reality. One of multiple tasks, we are always living in "all of these realms" as I have mentioned.
Though one such realm may be used less, we must not take advantage of the astral realm.
A spiritual realm, one of the facets of the imagination is the imagination itself.
Borne out of the blackness, inter-akasha, the information of our powerful lifetimes' history exists within the pages of these letters and codes to the greater matrix of reality, and when love, sex, art, beauty, and evolution in the world is "so good" .. we needn't abuse this realm.
The beauty also imaginable, when the atmosphere always has the same elements, and is the same volume, weight, and gravity of the energy we always have, this is unchanged. Also, the actuality to our souls, in the "realest definition" is needed, so to develop as well as produce such a film, our life itself must be worthy of filming, so if the use of a "camera or recording device" is put to use, you will be above the power of most witchcraft, since the help of a good recording device, or super-power is needed within you, or without your own craft, to use this ability to make of information as powerful as you need it to be, when you are particularly dressed in black, or using a frequentiable power of your own, you might listen to a particular song (like a theme song) or play a certain list of songs. The need for a certain book, a stack of books, or "the most powerful books you have" should be helpful.
In nearby locations, also, localize your most powerful objects, and place them around your area of work.
When you are writing, also, you should have a metal object of some kind, or maybe at least one, or two spiritual objects to keep your heart pure and moving honestly, such as a blue or green stone.

A blue stone will keep your voice pure or powerful.
The green stone you find is typically actually capable of healing your heart itself, if you find the right one. Empractice of the experiencing of hypnosis, good dreaming techniques, a romantic equation in all of this that will balance your chi, while your energy is empowered, also, by the thought of your own science, the idea of "a thought of a thought" -- if this is empowering, you would need only a creative reflection, creative object, or creative symbol of your own kind, that is your own creation, to heal yourself with your own bio-feedback, because you already understand.

The rite
Of the world
To move left
When we veer
Is yours
And your own
Only yours
To choose
So when
You go left
The entire world
Will go left, too.

Believe me.

The "breadcrumb trail of beauty" is in the end all they will see, from any place.

I find that, when I write, the more empowered I am, when my "breaks from writing" are in their own way, moments to listen to music, and feel empowered also, till returning to my words.

I have found that a good deal of h o t water is needed, nowadays, to make sure a word, or a idea lasts longer, sometimes, you can truly enter into a powerful Alpha state, and for powerful practitioners of meditation, a state of power in the G note of a powerful gamma wave, sometimes where your voice will shine and you can hear your own voice in your own soul, the sense in your mind is increased, when you use the right herbs in your bath. The right way would be to vary, from cleaning your body, to any need for purifaction, though some things are needed for these new words, there is the need to relax above all.
In case of negativity in the futurity, you should in this time of our evolution always use such herbs.

The evolution of your own alchemy, and your own mind, will be finding itself based on your temper, and your interests in the actual dose of what you take. Math in this, with reference to a pythagorean style, and also observation to teslic designs in electrical equipment will regard that your own style, strata of mind, and body, and mental powers are all balanced with the chi in both your body, and the environ.
I am intending, with the ending of this -- to protect you.
I don't mind writing these things.
Inspitefully toward how I feel, to the negative souls who have fought against me, I know my "science of magic" is logical.
I think that alchemy is the same thing.
We are using these ideas, no matter what the word to describe.
We need to modernize this math, the numbers, the colors of perfection, and the words, and the thoughts that heal, and help us the most, on the journey out of the void of such hate.
We need to find a way, that when we are in this escape, we do not turn into the beast ourselves.
Constant communication / constant connection, directness, and absolute honesty are the key -- in any rate or reference, to help you maintain your sanity while fighting.
While you may think otherwise, since the war or fight is in the fit of magic itself, this would be, since of a psychic nature, the fight is of a coliseumic nature seen before us all, when this is a fight based on the evolution of the world. The stage is the world, and our audience is ev'ry other psychic that is aware of what we are doing. In these cases of situations where we are "needed by others" we are also of a direct import to talk to them telepathically, or use our psychic power to the best of our ability at all times in the times of greatest need based on the needs of the world as well.

The lyrical process is the same for songwriters ..
Party, to bar, or concert, and the stage, to hotel, or movements in-between, the fight is actually the opposite, with the world, where the actual war is between the individual's soul, and the music he is playing. These archetypes are like the angels who set the scene, and work in-between, though taking turns, and sometimes you are "only the angel." They are angels, nonetheless, and many souls in the modern day and age are actual angels, such as the archangels. Michael, Uriel, and Lucifer, may be called upon in the case of need. The reference to "fighting with the truth" was a reference to Lucifer.
Lucifer was once referred to as the "Light-Bearer" and he has the most power over the astral realm than any other angel. Use him for darkness, or brightness, to simply destroy the evil that is in your life.

* * *

The propaganda of some artists, where they are either a singer, or a "dancer" -- we see a interverse of misery drawn or reaped through a racism stem from the sexuality of their nature alone causing them to seek a hateful feeling from another, due to inspiration from the provocation itself. The individual would blame or project unto another, when we are sharing the same problems, and the idea itself is a missing link in-between our cultures, only a idea or thought such as the insult or effect itself is reaping to effect. This might be that Haitian magic needs more healing and good forms of propaganda, while negative American magic fights too much, and has not enough of a true sense of community. When cultures are willing to balance each-other out, without needing either negative traits of either culture, we will live more in harmony with the idea that both cultures possess meaningful religious, that some day have no need to be used in a bad way against nature, the matter, ourselves, or the Earth.

The darkest magic, when is used the idea of "astral abuse" -- when the image itself, such as a face, the body, or an image of another is mis-used to the mystifying of an audience, or making fun of this image through propaganda or defamation, this goes against the laws of nature.

Such mis-use of nature, since all works of art, as created from the same base materials, carbon, atoms, and molecules as all matter in nature -- to abuse this, when such cultures abusive of the natural world are usually only cutting off their own heads anyway, right in front of each-other, we might see that a more logical approach to the healing of such a bad religion would be dismantling a country like Hate, or the negative country or Kore, because these damned parts of the world are already poor in a social sense, and kept in a state of depravity, they will never have the gold, and silver, of the bronze, and the true shine, and glow of the real mystery of the honest beauty of a truly "good human soul." That does not exist, and simply won't exist in a place like Vietnam or Africa, sometimes, no matter how religious you try to be. Therefore, you should avoid these people, and these places, until they are mature enough to deal with you. If in the case of the entire world, region, or network being inter-effected by a negative soul in the reality of another style of hate, interloped into a place or concept, where the nature of the network itself is questioned due to only "{one source}" or "one negative culture" -- we all have, as a right of the world itself, to generally ignore them, and place no awareness, or regard to the effect of their psychotic mis-use of magic.
I have nothing else to say on the matter of such idiotic forms of magic, that are involving in the barbie-doll reality, to begin with, of a base, pseudo-Shakespearean dream of bad pictures since I mentally can not think of a single "artist" in Africa who is actually a good painter.

In fact, I know already that pirates, and a high payload of "stolen movies" exist in the same country that claims to abuse the evil forms of t h e vodun practicing of the hateful forms of magic known as "voodoo" when they themselves, who must hate the world so much to do this, will still possess "mostly DVD's from America that are stolen" -- a country that is nowhere close to being like Haiti, and yet that seems to be a very spiritual place, I am sure Haiti would like to be more relative to, in a better way, such that it seems foolish that they of all people would still keep up this practice of such bad magic.


I know that some people are able to encode the numbers with this, if you see what I mean, when I say that 'a good black candle' is all you really need for any of that crap, anyway.

Walk far away from your candles, after you put them out, and never take any crap from anyone, or simply always stand up for yourself, and never keep the words unstated, if you have a good response that is simple, and nonhateful, and would be effective. Intelligence alone is all that is needed here, in the case of those to whom are not as cultured as a proper chemical understanding might rend, with the time traveled words of her future husband, the writing of her "created friend" -- the creature, and his Bride, when Mary Shelley co-wrote her own book, of the ":monster:" with his help, and yet this truth "may only exist in the imagination of her, and her alone." Percy, in this effect, was greatly effective. Black mirrors, or black screens are still good for scrying / interseeing.

The effect of what is called "energy-based meditation" is helpful.

When you do creative meditations, you might be specifically empowering your psychic mind with the creative act you are performing.

When you prove to your own mind "how creative you are" you have the greatest boost on the gamma waves of your brain.

If you try to increase your creativity, and on a daily basis, use an ongoing project to help you do this, and the project gears toward love, or re-veers, toward a loving ending, or goes in a loving direction, you should probably reflect on this as a good time to increase your psychic power, because it is likely evidence that you will live a long life.

The evidence of "goodness" and "love" in evolution, in the exhaustion of hate, the revelation of beauty, and the exasperation of death, to the blissfulness of heaven, I know that a lot of poets have once stated similar words, and I have yet only read only so much as the middle of one such Percy Blysshe S. book, where this author is referring to the future, of such a greenlit state of means to fly, and being able to fly.

Symbols to do with the atmosphere, wings, angels, flight, and birds are helpful to have around you, when dealing with the internet, or atmospheres that are ever questioned by another realm.
Things that are in-between realms, or those things that of which are like myself, an inter-existing soul, one like the interdimensional, or the multi-interdimensionality of a star-driven soul, I might be that of such a class of angel, like that of the Metatron.
The Tetra, in reference, is an old angel, where the idea of "Tetra" should just be used for the number 12.

Angels, like "agents" retire, at times, and they do become outdated.

You can not rely on the same angels forever.

I know that a divisional look at math is nice, or very helpful for electric-sense based people, an interesting approach to reality, in a post-fight situation is actually to make fun of the victims of your use of psychic power, in the instance of a totally needless war.
When the energy was used up, or you are in a situation, when your own soul, fire, or "power" is questioned by the then-beaten power of another, a new and surprisingly powerful technique to keep them at bay, is to, such as the Native Americans might say, "dance on the bodies" or simply, "over the buried tombs of the dead." Laughing, singing, or in whatever state of reverie, enjoying yourself, and feeling no guilt when you do this.
Weapons are an idea that are only considered by the considerate as to actual use of "metal things" when electricity is for some the only thing that is used, when I know the degree of power, and use in the power of our own is usually based really on the choice, and the user, and not on the gun itself.

I think the amendments, proving that all of us know, since our own God-given power of "the voice" can or may cause just as much damage as the gun, a power and meaningfulness exists in the amendment #2 that states, with our own minds, that our own minds, with our own words, must be protecting us. Since the mind is the writer of the words, the formula in the very mathematical nature of this paper, and the written law's declared relationship to us -- since I myself know, via my own personal stylus and penn, that I have vyed to create such a magazine, and a world, where I knew such a world, of the Internetia would exist, some day, nonetheless. I saw this future, because the future, eventually, was starting to look back at me, and started to communicate with me when I was writing.

The future told me that I should know, when everything is all made of the same thing, our circular effect, to the very circle of this grimoire, is the spell encoded, in the means, and the end of everything, that is always perfect.

Not a single "standing mistake" was made, and perfect form allowed me the same justice. And I was released from my misery, finding no real law existed to blame me for using my own "Mind" to protect myself, since it is really just my own words of my own consciousness that inspired my hand to reach for the actual trigger to defend with, anyway, just as with the pen that wrote the testament, and the second amendment that gives us the right to protect ourselves, with our guns, our minds.

The negative efforts of some souls, when we know nothing about the true infiltrative effect, or hatred from afar, that foreign effect, or the alien effect of an indifferent soul might effect us with, we might find that a soul is needed to be used a symbol, one at a time, for whenever these villains from afar must be fought, and when we are interested, to give the "one thing that is needed" to whomever is the one with the hands open to hold such a thing, to kill such a enemy at the right time and place.

These invasions, are actually from the spaces beyond us.

Alien infiltrations, that are from all across outer space, are not all from one place.
The actuality of a "questioned time" in history, in the time of 2020 is actually when this psychic drama started.

When I myself read the words, "Unalienable rights" in the declaration I felt that this was a unique, and yet mysterious word to see.

Later in life, I am myself well-acquainted with the work, and writing, of both Jefferson, and the personal diaries of one soul or another in history, who is at that equal arms-length of respect, to Lucifer, a better version of God, or whatever angel would protect Him.

On Sexuality On The Internet -

The word, "Game," denotes power in the wilderness. That we might be able to find some, or be able to be endowed with the experience of what "action" befits us to become stronger, and greater through the all-connecting power of sex, and in this is also the system of one's own sexuality, that is part and parcel to the entire design of a truly positive mind-body function.

The truth is, sex is a bit of a conundrum on the internet, due to both underground, as well as modern-day celebrity issues, like a problem of Romeo and Juliet.

At times, we are afraid to speak to, or find the right person, at other moments, we have no fear of meeting just about anyone.

The truth to this reality, is that "sex" and "connections" on the internet are usually so safe, when they are on the internet, they are actually safer relationships than a real world relationship.

A sexual relationship online, also, this can provide a new path for freedom to ones sense of celibacy, or religion, so that through orgasmic meditation or tai chi we can still have sex.

The "mutual sexual experiences" in eyes connected, based on the true need for TK or telekinesis on the internet, is of a sexual relationship between people on the internet, who have a telekinetic connection to one another's bodies.

This form of orgasmic meditation is most powerful.

The ideal experience is with someone who truly causes You to feel something.

Though, longing and pining over someone you wish to know, or find, may be impossible on the internet, many times, a safe way to protect yourself in the real world, is by having a good internet relationship.


The proper "Chi" (life power) in the essence to your biologic-energy, in this, is definitely based on your media-power, your image, and your own personal science of your own self.

A degree of the "cybernetic" in the understanding of this science, in a powerful reaction from nature to the mirror, or the mirror to nature, we'd see the effects of how a mirror may also react to the camera lens, itself also.

When we see ourselves in the mirror, there are times when we can see much more to ourselves, through the magnetic effect of the glass on glass, of which was a special effect of technology combined with nature that even Einstein was able to observe, with minimal understanding of why this happened.

The truth is, for some souls, the need for "milk" or "mirrors" are more natural, based on the way we are more divine, and spiritual people. A man or woman who is truly beautiful will react better, thus, to sex online, or the media-power of such sciences as cybernetic healing, and things like this, because we are able to change, or transform ourselves repeatably based upon how totally powerful our soul itself is, and seems to be brought out more, through the beauty and power of the technology and software alone.

In this practice, I would say look your best.

Always smile every once in a while.

Mind the look, and expression on your face.

Don't look "cool" or "tough" on purpose. The idea of trying to show off your power or meanness online doesn't work for a lot of people's chi if they want to have a good time online with someone else ..

What you really need to do, is show off your body, your muscles, your butt, or your chest, and be honest about your desire to show off your body.

When you make yourself look good, attempt to make yourself look a little bit better each time.

In photographs, you must try to learn how to program at least the way a filter alters a photograph.

To a degree, the filters and editing power of some software is enough for some natural witches to pursue programming alone, because some software and computer technology can be used for elite forms of witchcraft, such as the development of a quantum computer (using the magnetic energy, and psychic energy) where, also, a lot of powerful technology may be built if you are more interested in perfect math, proper dosing, and the true techniques to the creative math, and actual science of the development of "things" more than just "ideas" or "virtual concepts."

The idea of an integral concept, or an "important idea" in the matrix, is how we are loved.

We need to know we are loved.

In the matrix, or on the internet, which the matrix is all of these things in the one general realm, where our power shines in the virtual -- online, in screens, and in electronic media. As opposed to the matrix, in the natural world we feel the effects of our sexuality, and the love that exists around us.
It should also be noted, while on the subject of sexuality, that most people who are too embroiled in the internet, and internet popularity may be delusionally obsessed with the matrix alone, when we still live in a natural world, so if you truly are honest with yourself, and your body, you should have sex, whether real, or unreal, to at least "re-engineer" the natural feelings of love into your self, because without truly natural feelings about love, you will not know natural feelings, or nature enough. If you only know, also, virtual forms of sex, you must attempt to truly connect with a real person, an honest connection must be made, and you must connect in such a way that you "know" you are in a loving connection, that you love them, and that you would be willing to love another.
If the internet were used for love more, we would find more ways to feel good with the energy of the matrix when fed the power we need, when our media is so good, and the love matches up, that we are both inspired by the "direct love" we feel online, we are also just as empowered ny the energy of our own personal power at the same time, in love with the person, and ourselves, we have made good use out of the internet to at least support someone other than ourselves, and the alchemy of this will be very positive.

Let the holy existence of all True
and Good things
Stay with you
As they always were

Let the natural world protect
And as nothing truly false
At all
Can threaten what is real.
In the name of Christ Jesus.

Notes on Modern-day Spellcasting:

For the Pagan effect to spell-casting, a old effect was used in the circle, drawn with effects and / or triggers, and suggestions, or affirmations surrounding the T-compass of the cross.

The cross is useful all on its own, also, though may wear out for some.

Many crosses are different.

Building your own personal "style" for spellcasting is more possible now, with technology.

The old-school "stacking" style of information is helpful to good psychics.
Don't leave certain books around, when bad psychics are present.

Remember, that if someone invades your space, or "watches" you against your will, you have the right to respond, or be creative in a response of your own, such as with film, writing, music, dance, sex, or a powerful expressionary power of any kind.
The expressionary power of also, a better form of spellcasting is stored in the idea of a "line of names" or the invocatory effect of a "invocation spell" that is a list of names, in essence, more like a wordlist, or programmable code of suggestions, readable by the akasha, or the machine of the matrix itself.

These invocations are the most powerful.

To write a truly powerful song, lyric, prayer, or invocation, sometimes you must study the invocations of others.

One recommended invocation is one relativistic to identity.

In the true and most powerful form of spellcasting, you must use music, because there is nothing more powerful for spellcasting that is as powerful, of all things, as music.