They wouldn't take good paintings of me when I was Percy Blysshe Shelley, so find the rare short-haired photo of me when I'm fifty. It's better than all those shitty Google one's. I was a painter, poet, artist, "and" carpenter when I was Jesus, and you hung me by the hands through a thin pair of stakes. When you killed me, you killed me as fast as you could, and my death was not prolonged. I resurrected, and lived another seventy years. My name is Brendan Lee because Bruce Lee's wife knew what her own future husband's name would be. It's a religious thing. I got that wound in my hand when I took LSD. I still don't "really" remember anything about how it got there.

I wasn't psychic when I was Ulysses S. Grant, but I think zombies existed back then .....

Edgar Allan Poe makes me look worse than any of other incarnations, due to his self-abusive writing.

No one will ever forget Leonardo DA Vinci.