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I"m always "living the dream" but people don't even know it, because they're too focused on the first impression.

I see that they don't realize I am wealthy.

I am actually high-class.

I always have sixteen dollars in my pocket, at least.

I haven't "not had money in my pocket" for at least five years.

I've just learned how to live this way ..

I don't worry much.

I get paid for my work..

I feel fantastic, if that word is still used anymore, and yet people think I am numb.

I don't understand that.

It's weird.

How someone will doubt your happiness.

I just laugh.

And keep rocking,

And getting high on myself

While I think they are a bore

And once, one of us turns out to be,

I always know who the real, honest, fun, and interesting ones are.

Bless the good ones.

They are so helpful, the ones that contribute.

Christmas is powerful, with all of you around each time.

Lonely, tragic, or just fine.

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