Three Questions Answered

by S

"Can a clone" be alive at the same time as a reincarnation.


Doubles, and people who are "other versions" of themselves are sometimes alive on the Earth at the same time. Because incarnation takes from 2 years, 1 month, to even 15 or 20 years to reincarnate, and a clone can be created quickly, what are termed "NGC's" by the government, a new genetic clone is a way to mock spirituality, while appreciating science, while the "soul" itself is only associated with the "real" or natural version of the individual.

Examples of this are obvious to some people, such as various actors and actresses who have been kept alive, their soul is attached to the true body, however, while the double, or 'clone' goes about thinking they are the true version, or (from what I've seen) typically invest in witchcraft or demonism of some kind, and backslide -- because a body with no soul is only a product of nature, and since nature is mostly technological nowadays, a lot of the NGC's think they are "like God" to be the way they are, when they are merely a product, and agent for the matrix.

Why do "Older and Younger" generations question marijuana..?

Because telepathy is not a recogized ability that has yet to be fully re-integrated, even though humans were telepathic before, from Greek times, to many histories before this, and marijuana has also been smoked for thousands of years, based on what is evident from classical cultures like India, Africa, and China or Japan, the assumption that "pot makes you crazy" appears to millennials and older people (baby boomers) as an unnecessary drug, when the treatment of psychosis and treatment of PTSD and other mental illnesses are the actual side-effect of this natural medicine, and those to whom "fear" pot are actually superstitious, and just afraid of their own power.

Question #3: Is the U.S. government actually as corrupt as it seems..?

Since the U.S. government hides a lot of science, a lot of medical truth, and also uses propaganda to mask their knowledge of cosmic and e.t.-based information, while also using a lot of misunderstanding people as human labrats while they attempt to advance science and make "great people" like superman out of weird drugs and strange therapies, also since the country has only had a "medical field" for about 100 years, in comparison to how the planet is about 13.75 billion years old, we probably still have a long way to go with this newly-formed country which is "far more corrupt" than it appears.

The NSA is a "good" and bad agency, where some agents are nice, just like some cops are nice, but not all government workers are confident enough to be honest about their jobs.

The side-show of mental hospitals and prisons in America should be evidence enough, when you meet "Big Marge" the head nurse, who needs to stare you right in the eyes while you swallow elephant pills, or inject you with a need for "lab tests" that usually would require only a prick on the thumb for a blood sample, we vampiric Americans usually need at least three vials of it.

The mis-use of genetic information, DNA in general, taking advantage of genes, traits, and "stealable" faculties in people is a lot of the issue in America when it comes to abuse, and since so much is already stolen, the most sad part of this trend being how America inspires other countries to use their "people" as labrats, is only further evidence of some strange foreign collusion with each other, or some other agency to support that is beyond America.