Needless Artistic Competition


For me, I need only a stylus, and a notebook.

I use music as a boost, but drugs as far as a need to "boost" my feelings could be anything.

In the field of music, I've met a lot of fowl characters, where I notice a turn-around in people at times based merely on the effect of their own songs.

I love music so much, I chose to write this article.


Even though "some people" think they need to compete with another artist, I strive for no competition in essence. I want to work with or help other artists, if anything, when yet, the barking like a dog, or far-feeling hatred of another soul sometimes catches my personal recess of influence.

The needless competition, I see, in the industry, whether tech, media, art, music, or whatever, is like a childlike escape that I feel must be caused by a miscongruency in our own needs.

If you are not satisfied at home, or at work, you are likely not really satisfied with yourself.

Taking out your emotions, or problems out on another artist, is to me the root to a problem in the mental chemistry.

We should be able to get enough out of our work to not need to compete.

Really, if your work is rewarding enough, "why" do you need to compete..?

The reality of also how this is tragically seeable in some industries of a "different nature" is mysterious, since things like hacking and porn are potentially helpful, there is a weird form of competition in these fields, also.

Finding this to be true, I've received bias in the form of technological assault, psychic influences, and resulted to name-calling efforts from totally unknown artists, to people who are strangers to me, and when I feel the effect, I generally tend to relate this to a personal issue.

If you have a problem with an artist, then try to respond artistically, not with your machine, technology, or do not use your media or work itself as a weapon against someone.

I really think in the movie industry this is fading, and will be coming to pass less and less.

Movies, in especial, are the worst place to compete.

The music industry is getting better, and I know from the tuning of new songs, how country music has made a powerful turnaround, and even hip-hop is making a more Christian hope for itself, in a new religious take on life I get from a lot of new hip-hop artists. Alternative tries to be tough, but rock music in especial has always had a strange degree of hatefulness laden in the music I can not put up with, usually. Although I like making rock music, the reality of "loud sounds" is offensive to some people far more than beyond the words.

I like nice music, even though it may be loud or heavy ..

Not all "rock music" needs to be in such a vehemence as to scare or threaten the listener, or other artists, in my view.

When I discovered a lot of new resonance studies, and tuning sciences of my own to come to be far better than expected, I also chose to meditate, and practice mindfulness, and creative meditation practices more.

Also, for some artists music is spiritual, so there really is a true needlessness in the noisy hate of some songs.

I may make a playlist, and look back and question what I had done. Maybe the need for "power" is over-extended in some artists, yet even still we must be trying too hard..

I wish to see an end to this fighting, or arguing amongst artists some day, and maybe better credit given to the work, or quality of work, opposed to the work itself. We can respect the quality, a lot more nowadays, also, with so many noise-free recordings arriving on the scene.

Mono-recorded vocals can stop the nasalness of some vocalists, and an easy change-up of variables is oftentimes all that is really needed to alter your feelings. Reprogram your style, or simply alter the process, and you might be surprised at how much less of a need to compete you have.

I made a lot of songs for a while I thought were cool, but generally I only have about ten to twenty truly "brutal" or "mean" rock songs, out of them all.

I never really wanted this for my music, though ..

How we are drawn in to the sounds, or effect of our work, to think our work must be used as a means to an end is mysterious, and makes reference to frequency controlling us, or maybe the strange psychotronic influence of the machine itself, where a bad studio tends to rend flatter music, and a well-organized environmnent makes for better work.

Saying that "cleanliness is next to Godliness" may relate also to good feng shui, good health, and a good order in your own mentality.

I hope less people try to pick on me, or start arguments, in the future, because lately it has seemingly stopped, though I know I never wanted "music" to be such an end. I wanted only escape, if anything, but music is life to me, and a lot of other people, and we are not meant to train ourselves to view the chemicals of life as warfare.

Truly meditating with a pure tone resonating frequency like 30 hertz or a good frequency like this, with the right bass response, can totally change your mind about how you are using sound, as well as embracing better technology.

These are kind of just sundry thoughts on the matter, but I just wanted to put it out there.

Thank you for listening, and take heart that I mean what I say.

I don't like needless competition, and it is much better when people, artists, or simply "anyone" in any field of work gets along.