Why Writing Is Dead And Some People Are Just Allright ..


If it's your "great work" -- too bad.

Movies have taken over, and the writing world will never be the same.

I also think that poetry is dying off slowly, too.

I can tell by recent modern works of poetry that poetry is a dead medium.

People sing more, and perform more, and want to get directly involved more.

Just as with the blade meant for the most suicidal skin, some are also meant to die this way --

Mysterious as that sounds.

Writing is dead, and so are the insides of many of you.

There will be less books in the future, and more virtual media.

Physical books are going to be out of date some day, and become hard to find, so stick to your "local library" (what you have).

Rely on people less, and find a way to get access to your right-brain.

The noise of some authors is already unnecessary enough, and I think since "it is all written" or "has already been written"

We need not write another word.

All that there remains is death, or life forward from this point, for the author of modern-day wisdom.

America is over-corrupting its psychology with a bad mix of spiritual understanding that is pretentious, and for a lot of these also I design to see an obvious need for suicide in a lot of people on the Earth today.

Not myself, but them.