Man, And The Opposition To Nature ..

Aquinas argued that invisible species of astral image exists only in certain forms, where in the form of Christ, we can imagine for the astral image, a perfecter, or better image than most -- that is example, or representae of nature itself. The idea of an ideal soul, or ideal person is exemplory of the notion of the unified soul that is such. In science, a magnet has two poles. There is the positive, and there is the negative pole. During a time of change, sometimes, outliers in the human genome represent this positive pole of the magnetic spectrum of the human energy field, and of the natural blues inspired by the ideal or perfect soul I am talking about, his magnetic relationship to the magnetic nature of reality, would interturn relate on a karmic level to magnetic karma. Synchronicities in his life would be acausal miracles, and happenstance on the basis of general and mass healing through influence alone, lengthen lifespans, and act shamanistically when as needed to. The perfect soul would be of this magnetic nature, and that magnetic nature would provide magnetic karma. People who see themselves as "cool" or "awesome" are rarely yet as inspired by the word anything close to the imagined definition, when coldness, or terrific on a negative basis, most humans are negative. The antichrist "or coming of the antichrist" is the millennial, counter-generational, and baby boomer class of new relationships and newborn people and ideas in a post-nineties society, that is in this case when opposed to the perfect man representative of an antichrist genome, where he is simply magnetic. To oppose magnetism itself is to oppose the entire science. The scientist is (to me) amongst you, and by opposing him you also oppose science. BLS