A science of reality.

"Reality Is A Projection Of Consciousness." - Brendan S.

"I have caused a lot of my life, feeling the way I want to feel . . ."

The following are photographs and examples of a course in miracles, or my exercise in the experiment in the manifest destiny experiment of a "manifestation experiment" itself rooted in reality exploration through alchemy, color of sounds, vibrations, energy of feelings, love-emotions, energy of music, and the essential kinetical motion and movement of time and space itself.

I have various theories about things, the world, and other realities that result in my effect on the world I know.

The last time I had a powerful effect, I would say, on my reality, on a powerful level, I was writing a text/article on the subject of this concept, and while thinking about manifestation, I stumbled upon the idea of influencing the weather.

I think about sunny days, mostly, so this was mostly in a positive way . . .

I bought a lighter on the way home from the dispensary the same day I wrote the article entiteld, "Weather Control" on my website, and the drive directly after I went from the grocery store (where I bought the lighter) I saw this in the sky, and took the photograph of the same color pattern in the sky.

(In the Fall of 2019).

The Sky | The lighter