by Brendan Lee Sprague


(First Writing on This Subject, To The Hopeful Extent Of A Novella Some Day)

The soul returns, we all return through the manifest, and re-formed body. We are resurrected when we reincarnate.

The soul itself is an energy, to some of us.

In itself, we are returned through the body.

I think the body, in many cases, is just as the soul -- the same.

We are the mind, and the body is the mind.

The mind is of consciousness, and our consciousness is what keeps us going, therefore it is really truly our own consciousness that reincarnates when we reincarnate.

The phallacy, or joke that we are blackness post-death, or an eradicated state, from our "living form" is a testament only from hell, when I know personally that I've encountered several men and women with the same face, or faces from previous lifetimes, who I have witnessed the exact same karma, whether known, or unknown, usually as the last karma they will know when it is abused in the New Age. Our soul "is" our body. Our face will stay the same in a state of purity, but it is a lie to say we do not "return" from death.

In expression, we all know reincarnation most purely, and the best through art, and creative media.

I've seen the effects of music on certain bodies, minds, and souls.

The emotions flow on.

I know that some people wish they knew me better, and yet I just laugh sometimes, because I'm sure they've already known me somewhere, at some time, in another time or place.

The soul flows like an S.

The S-shape oscillates, and this is akin to a sine wave.

It is stated by various shamans, and psychics all across the world, that our soul is always oscillating. From high to low, and low to high, an actual maintenance of the soul whether pure, or good, or evil, we are usually unable to keep our karma from oscillating. We are like this in an electric form. Therefore, over time, the soul builds up energy.

If we are building up energy over time, and our soul returns with more or different energy, of the same or a "renewed" kind, what is the desire, expression, or dharma of the human soul in the next life, based upon the energy we have built up ..?

Robert E. Lee, and other people in history, though negative to some people, may also still reincarnate just as Ulysses S. Grant.

Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Percy Blysshe Shelley, Virginia Clemm, and countless other "names" bear or possess the tone of the infinite.

They are markers, in our places in time and space.

We see these symbols, sometimes, just to "tell us" that God is real, and our world is a returning form of nature, that is a forgiving nature. Nature is forgiving to give you another life, if this is so, and what energy you build up, through a form of giving, is likely best expressed through an artistic form that keeps your soul strong.

I know that a soul is at times as though a color of its own. The karma of indifferent or unique souls are likely servitors to their own concepts. We might be a writer. We might be a musician. The idea of an actor is now taking place in our integration. We find that karma is a moving, and an active force. Even the ideas from a previous lifetime can carry on into the next lifetime.

For some who die in a bittersweet way, we keep a tear in one eye, or both eyes, and leave ourselves infinitely crying before others, simply because we know our karma so well. We might know the same effects. Life to life, or tragedy, or feeling, or misery. The karma may repeat or be changed.

I've found this to be true with energy also.

In a general way, energy is like the soul movements, themself, through outer space, a person is like a starship in their own right -- we are always moving through space, and time. We may place these words in either form or order. The evolution of the soul is based on time, or space, and yet is a continuum for the wisest of gamblers and mathematicians.

We can find a way through evolution, to the other side, of respecting genius, and countering evil, through the power of the human soul.

I consider poetry as an obvious evidence of the evolution of the soul.

Power of lyrics, and a good voice, or singing, are also evidence.

The power in music, art, and beauty is evident in other things, too.

A 90-page history, of all of this, is nonexistent, as far as I can tell ..

No one really knows why Nature returns a soul from the dead back to the living, but this is a idea that is mostly somewhat unknown or ignored in America.

The idea of expressing a power in the unknown is like a witch perceptive of their own awareness of death itself.

If magic is powerful, a "certain witch" (in effect) might also possess the same ability.

The abilities we perceive in us, and our ability over time that we perceive is likely a self-felt ideal. We can view this through the eyes of a judge, a judgmentless perception, or what in Hinduism or Buddhism is called by another word ..

We all know that this word is of a powerful form of magic to a lot of us, and over time the proof of reincarnation, or an active proving of this idea, that we are resurrected "from" our media itself, would fashion out of itself a new form of beauty to the human soul over time -- and for this reason, I think that beauty itself, and the world, deserve a lot more information, and awareness about reincarnation, and the power of their own souls, and the existence of the "human soul" itself.

I don't see an avatar as a negative energy.

The astral image is positive if it is built up enough over time.

Certain ideas can be created by bad people, yet that does not stop them from pursuing their own bad ideas. A good person on the other hand, might be duly capable of the same "power of effect."

The "co-incident" or "co-countered" or duly-countered energy, to me, is of a magnetic principle in nature.

That of a polarity response in "things" to the magnetic response of the "human soul" itself -- the reason why I say "human soul" is because whence we are transcendent, and stay upon the ledge of this form, and do not fall, yet only rise, we are not only human. We are made more divine, and over time the species also, through a transcendence of evolution.

The religious view of evolution is not totally filled in, because we have yet to still discover more about our own souls and identities.

It is very funny how some souls, or one soul, or another are usually more powerful than another, then they will become far more powerful in a short period of time, and totally defeat the other, when we are quickly made more aware of ourselves.

"Yeah, he did."

An echo of the words, in response to action ..

A dark killer, or a great hero, either one are adversed to the same needs by nature to compete, whether they like it or not.

My face, in such a modem of operation is not going to change. Were I "Ulysses" and I had an odyssey to move through, and my adversary were the Hydra itself, I would still keep on going, from each one, until totally decimating the awful form of the hell-rended beast.

Stopping or altering "racism" itself, is a modus operandi, in a newer or older form of the same phrase, that is the phrase a man such as Edgar A. Poe might speak.

Jesus Christ bore a similar style of dictum.

The reality of "words" themselves do not change, no matter what. In spite of our judgments, and our literature, a man's thoughts usually return to the same poetic form, over time, resulting in the same poetic effect also.

The poetic effect of someone's thoughts is to me beauty itself, or just beautiful, because I'm a musician now, and over time I feel great just knowing that someone will willingly sing for me, or offer their voice for me to feel, know, or judge.

I played, "one note" in a lower minor D (the seventh key) on a piano once.

In front of a simple audience, I knew this basic action would in itself go down in history, and I'm willing to state that, presiding over the moment, was me.

Personal choice, and power of responsibility seem to play a powerful part in our evolution, to stay strong, and as powerful as we can be.

Over time, I thought I "had" to be a musician, and then eventually I found a way to revelate, on my own, that I was an artist of multiple forms ..

The approach I had to this multiple-form-of-art approach to reality was nothing more than a newer, or older version of the same science each time.

Referred once, to the idea as "Renaissance" working, or a "renaissance artist" we strive for goodness, and to be the best at each thing.

We all learn this, in the end, also, that being the "best" at each thing, resides on the end, and the means itself.

I'm finding that my actions are now more needed, since I know more about myself.

I might even be one of the last true spiritual warriors, you might say, if you thought this thought, then it is likely true.

You might self-possess a powerful notion, and based on ignorance only fill in the rest of the sentence with an end of any kind.

The problem of ignorance, is that we are always in need of more information, sometimes of any kind, just to keep on going -- because of the information we need so badly, just to stay far from the anxiety of the potential effect itself. The expectation, and the problem of expectation are two different things, based on our personal feelings, and awareness of the truth, and what we know eventually, so that we are not "moved" by our ignorance, we are "actional" because of the final awareness, and the ignorance replaced by power, and information, we act responsedly in this, and make a good, clean, and honest effort to respond the right way..

Reincarnation, is then a response from nature.

If we are self-forgiving, we would also want to know why "Christ" died on the cross, only from a need, that was not personal, or imposed on him at all.

His sacrifice is different, when he is of the most powerful of men.

Giving to nature his body, though you might imagine the pain, our nature world is given his blood, his DNA, his image, and the divine absurdity, and yet divine beauty of his death, in an incarnation's end, that would somehow yet revivicate the flowers, and re-birth of spring, new seasons, and the very process of reincarnation itself.

Perpetuating the process to continue, not be faltered, or stopped, a devil may stand in the way with a judgment of his own, and yet the eyes are always open, and with eyes open, we are ever-yet still aware of the need to continue, no matter how the history is reported, nature is responding, ever-yet, with new souls, newly reincarnated people, new awareness, and a "New Age" that will not go away. The spaces in history are filled in with more information, and a new bible is written based on the testament of better, and improved awareness of the information over time.

We find that nature respects this also, with integration of information into the soul of the internet, the "soil" of the astral realm, the "S" of the figure in the mid of it all, and how a powerful hologram is made over time, to become stronger, when our holographic awareness of all things, and the connections of this matter to the next, will make more sense, when we deduce, with logic, and adduce, also, that our entire reality was always keeping on, and moving to the next thing. Where we are more learned, evolved, and aware in the future, and more evolved, we are more aware of why we died, or lived, in the way we did, and how our colors, our shades, and our power is formed, to be the people we now are in the present.

The likeliness of a powerful soul in nature who will respond to another powerful soul is also inexorably likely, in spite of any or whatever judgments a government, politician, officer, or judge of any kind might decree, in spite of this, Nature is the true God and judge in a situation of enemies, or competitors on both sides of the coin. One to whom is the final answer, is the one who might respond, to the evil, or the good, such as with Robert E. Lee, and Ulysses, Ulysses finally responding to the evil in the end, by exposing him, and keeping him right where he is.

The "MK Ultra" program is a built-up hatred, of one man, the individual mentioned that is the accrued "hated enemy" of the officer, or soul who judicates, himself, an actual devil in our midst, that would, also, through multiple bad incarnations, just as along with the idea of a good incarnation, build up just as much good compared to him, to fight the evil with.

There is a suggestion that Robert E. Lee (the civil war general who fought for slavery) was made more evil over time, as an example of reincarnation.

He was a living testament to evil, in his next life, supposed as "H. H. Holmes" (a narcissistic, manipulative accountant who was a serial killer, and organizer of suicides, and tortures, and was the first known mass serial killer in America), later turned into Manson, who was the creator of MK Ultra, and finally exposed by Christ.

The King James bible would be by my side, the entire time.

And I would burn candles, all of the time.

I salute, even, to the death of another soldier, having fought on the same battlefield.

I see that i also would pass by, with a final middle pointing finger, to the power I still have over him, as his body now rests.

The individual in the cell, or room, who is "kept this way" -- viewed to the judgment he needs, is just as mean, or cruel, as the influencers, and victims of his "program" to hijack our "virtual" or 'spiritual evolution' because just as with the idea of the bible, a section of this may be removed, or added, like the "Nag Hammadi" states, not everyone is aware of the follow-up incarnations to Jesus, such as Hermes, and other incarnations, yet these are also investigatable truths, relative to the matter.

I think that we know, when we evolve, our "image" is built up in the imagination. And we can see our selves, in our own mirrors. The face of our own soul is visible to us, in the right-brain.

In this, we can see how it is true, that a lot of power of judication is built up in christlike men.

The power of good over evil, gets stronger, when evil is stopped or prevented even further, by such a christlike man.

The feminine energy in the creative life-giving power of an artist, who is also functioning as just a man, is just a good soul to focus on his own soul, and reincarnations in history, as anyone else.

Our awareness of the evolution of the soul may exist in the astral image.

This is the "percepted view of ones self" or how we see ourself.

A picture is thus controllable, for bettersake, if we want to be self-protecting. You might even allow bad photos, in your "collection of archives" of your own self, and photos of you are still defied by the better ones, that overcount however many negative ones of you may exist, proving one or two bad incarnations totally defeatable by the virtues of the greatest ones, and I believe this to be true.

Science is not really capable or really needed to prove reincarnation.

Art, and mental regression, love in relationships, and not necessarily sex, are the usually best ways to know.

The soul is discoverable, through the soul.

I think that our own art, and media is always positive, at least, "I think it is" when we focus on our own energy, and also the energy of our energy that is the best way to express this, and prove it in the world.

We form a wonderwall of beauty against the hatred of others, when we make a powerful image, and over time create a powerful image of ourselves.

The words are changeable. But this may be described any way.

I think I know that in the New Age community, at least with some groups that reincarnation is a popular and intriguing idea.

For this reason, I've chosen to personally explore karma, and the karma of myself and others through a virtuous, and loving view of reincarnation. I've held, throughout my life, the same style of media, and meditation, and I find that my view of life is always changing, yet still stays the same . . . I know that my honesty is "good" when it is not "over-expressed" -- yet this is just me.

The traits and features of some people are different, and not everyone is as standoffish as the alcoholic, for instance, versus the evolution of the hallucinogenic mushroom-eater. Even though a comparison is drawable, we are all different. And, through the virtue of our own buddhism related to one another, there are multiple saints, and lives to prove we are yet in many ways the same, through the variable, proveable ways in that our very indifference, and how we are "ALL" different, make us "all the same" in the unique way, that of a transcendence, and beauty in the New Age, and also since the New Age really started in the eighties, and pre-eighties around 1973 or 1973, the evolution of this is also a recognizable thing when the evolution of the species became more centered around love, and beauty, and people who are worthy of idolization and respectivity.

When an image in nature is integrated, and this of the personality, or soul of a self-known good person, who personally is viewing of himself, and knows he is a good person, he is self-integrating for a reason that is obvious and / or maybe recognizable to other people.

The evolution of reincarnation is thus spurred by one person, sometimes.

(Movies in the eighties, with peoples personalities, and references, phraseology, and awareness of creativity in the world was changing by the year 1988).

I thought this was provoking to my mind, and creativity, until drawing a loop of my own, since I watched eighties movies when I was young, but didn't know why I loved them so much.

The phantastical nature, and deep-feeling nature of romance, and psi-fi, or sci-fi, and evolutional styles in movies, that existed back then, turning through the nineties, to maybe darker action films, still expressed a spirituality, and spiritual awareness in peoples' comic books, poetry, lyrics, and music, that though the media was not always in one place, the expressionary power of the media, and the soul itself was actively viewable, as evolving, from person to person, and each other's self awareness, as actively as each person might become aware of the true or actual heroes in history, spurring our imaginations to continue being aware, and evolved to the next thing, so that we are becoming more and more creative, through the influence of beauty in history.

The falling of influence on one person, to another, is like the influence of a saint like Christ himself, like a self-integrating time traveler, who integrates himself on purpose, just to inspire imaginations. Early on in the New Age's history, this might've started happening, with the influence of music, and awareness of beauty through merely waves in themselves, through the science we were discovering then, and actively proving through hologram science, and the studies of the quanta, making this a time in history lesser-needed-to-be focused on, since the people of the world were already discovering it on their own, where / while in other times and places in history, the awareness of certain truths may be more needed.

Why I would tell people, like Hawking once said, "I am" or "we are" "Time Travelers" is because we really are, and yet one of us might be more or less in the mid of things than anyone or someone else, due to the nature of his responsibility. A person may time travel through astral connection. A person may time travel through dreams. A person may time travel through the far-feeling of their eyes connecting with the face of another human being. I know that we are all in this way time travelers to a degree based on the purposes, and basic science of our own inner math, and the science of our souls uniqueness, that makes us in our own ways, the travelers, and explorers we are made up to be.

A prophetic power in a woman who loves another man, may thus see his future also, or telepathically know the truth of where he is headed, when he is so through with the past, that he lives devoutly in the present.

His stasis in the present, to just "stay" and be here, now with anyone in a way that desires to stay, in no way deterred from life, wanting to live to the next moment. We are admittent to the desire to stay alive, and we are interested in moving through to the next thing, not as though whatever the influence on us trying to blame or attack another for their effect on us through our evolution through time and space, we are really just the same person, re-writing the same book each time, no matter what, and a magnetic awareness like this, just like with someone such as "Edgar Allan Poe" and me, honestly, would be "like both of us, sitting at the same table, in two different periodicities in time and space, to re-write the same book, writing "Eureka" until the end, until we are finally finished, and since I am (myself) only somewhat through writing this book, all on my own, I am not totally done discovering new truths about the world, and reincarnation."

A poetic circularity or circulaic nature to this is possibly witnessable to others, also. The paradoxes in nature can be resolved, over time, and our souls may be healed, if we are strong and powerful enough to act instead of speak. Through the eyes is a basic response alone. We don't need much, sometimes, anymore than the images the eyes pick up on, directly, transferred through the eyes, to the brain, and causing the actions to the next, in knowing that we want to continue based upon the imagination alone.

This is the most inspiring way to live, and is the best way for an artist of any kind to continue.

I write this all with respect, also, for the people's names I am mentioning.

I remember when I was young, how lesser-than-respected to "destroy the image of another" was so down-viewed by people in my town .. living in a small town, like Eden itself, forces a community to deal with itself. Forces us to deal with ourselves. We are like everything, all at once, in the mid of a perfect storm, that is only explained either by the thing or person in the middle, or the storm itself.

A great influencer on us, or in history, is anyone who can or may be good or bad.

This is witnessable through history, and is witnessable by a lot of us, through time and space, just as the "reportings" of certain books keep to the words, and names, and references, other books are merely genetic lines, and strings of family repetitions that prove nothing except for a genetic relationship that is not soul-based. A soul may travel from body to body, from time and place to place, even from different countries, states, cultures, and ethnicities, from what I've learned.

We may even change, in an androgynous state, from male to female, or always be one gender, proving ourselves illusive also at other times, as people we'd least suspect ourselves to be, related to other ideas also that we never thought we'd think about.

The idea of evolution might not even enter into play for some people.

So, we keep on investigating, because of the word, or the thought, of "reincarnation" itself, eventually, and form a science out of this, in America, or whatever country where the science is most needed, because it would help our family, and the communities of the world evolve no matter what our awareness, since we would know our own evolution through actions and karma, instead of judgments.

We all should recognize Reincarnation, as a general idea, based on the principle of respect, if viewing the exploits of Christ, or someone like him, for a lot of religious people, and this is usually true.

Strong family bonds are formed by honesty, and with our honest connections it is hard not to pay attention to the details, and notice why a person might live a totally different type of life -- such as a writer turned actor, or the verse in contrast, because I know the same for the double-effect of mutuality between or amongst souls, I also know that people will sometimes inherently agree we are meant to keep progressing, "to the next thing" -- "no matter how great the work of the previous life." And there in the form of respect, you might focus more on spiritual work, itself, beyond all religion, because in a time like this, you form your own religion.

I think if you look at reincarnation through another person, or the general focus of an individual like an archetype, or a personality-type, you might learn a lot more about the positive side to reincarnation in a shorter period of time.

Reactionary views, or instinctive motives of the will are not helpful when trying to evolve, even if the violence is cruel or powerful it should not be paid attention to.

The power of hatred is immense, when ignored over time, and for long periods in history.

Christ himself may be ignored, while Cain is the real martyr, and we may not even know that "Moses" himself has gone insane, while even Raphael has run out of philosophies, when Lucifer himself saves us all in the end, when you least suspect the virtue of the "good crime" of such a righting of sin.

The power of an image is powerfullest when we respect the true nature of the science. An astral power, such as our own "mind-power" in consciousness, "is" our own poetic ability, and it is said that Lucifer, or Hades were masterfully good at counting.

The ability at math, over time, might add up, to an adduced-to relativism in this science, to nature itself, proving any devil such as him good any time, when the spirit is invoked. This is inherently a very American style of magic.

Puritans early on in history were better at retaining their purity. We lived closely, and when John Smith himself met Pocahontas, he knew how to be careful in / when pushing his values, and culture on her, even then. The idea of "transitioning" or "integration" might've even started with a history like them. In a study of these people, also it is worth nothing that all true religion in America started from the white genome, "the Caucasian" so to speak, and was not a black genome of any kind, nor were Native's as tan as people think they were. Black people did not exist in America at first, not to be offensive, but also their Haitian Vodun did not exist here, either.

A study on how, and why the abuse of evolution itself is expressed in the hijacking of culture and society, by hijacking our very media evolution to a more virtuous reality system is how vodun, and programs like torture and abuse maim and prevent our getting-to-the-next-place, in a study of the progression of evolution, in / where such people as "Charlie Manson" and other figures in history detestably wore the badge of "understanding" in holding to a violent code in their evolution. That was opposed, to this, might be reality itself, with the movies exploiting him on TV, and eventual more powerful use of the internet, and networks, in the hands of better souls like musicians, artists, film-makers, even the cyber-types, and other people, who turn out more powerful in the end, no matter what, based on what it would be a natural evolution in the end, anyway, somehow based on nature, still.

The evolution of "endings" might even change, producing that a soul might even (or the body) manifest, live longer when we are more self-respecting of our own souls, and evolution through the body, and the body's health. Things in certain cultures are helpful to integrate, if such is true, remarking that we might need to inter-integrate certain ideas, and cultural themes over time, when the world is more expansively aware of itself, like the study of dopamine and taste itself in the respect for food, flavor, color, and names in Ayurveda, the mysteriously powerful effect of feng shui, and proper exercise from various cultures, and how the 'right way' to fight is intervarious from so to speak, "inter-different" ways to fight, based on the world, location, and culture alone.

We might also even evolve further to look at this as though judged on the level of soul, so that we can respect our evolution as "what is best for the soul" based on how we know ourselves to be, and what is already best for us, based on how we are now, especially in the "New Millennium."

I know, I might even use certain words a lot, the thoughts in my head, so to speak, just seem to stay the same when I know what works for me. As an example for our psychology to be reviewed the right way, it seems less needed to know what drugs a person does, I've also noticed, in my work on the shamanic level of things. I've learned that people who oppose spirituality life to life, even use the same judgmental words ..

The way a person is self-judged, positive or negative, usually doesn't change. At the highest level of 'high' or highest level of perception, we are usually made the best we can be, over time, to the level of expression we are meant to find ourselves.

In our evolution, a lot of people end up using the same words, thoughts, and names and usually are always the same, in their own way.

We should know reincarnation is an actual idea in history, also, in spite of these reluctant messiah's.

In the illusion of our own ignorance, or judgment, there is also the problem of enemies, interlife, who share similar karma.

The weird problem of idiots, followers, and "stalkers" also is a theme and common problem of popular souls.

An issue of power, also, is how sometimes our tao of leadership may not change, unless seriously powerful decisions are meditated on.

We should know that power in evolution is formed through choice. Free will activates the next level in our thinking, and when we integrate an honest paradigm in free will to keep being ourselves, we can actually do the best thing in life, just by "allowing another to live for themself."

We should thus be formed to make our own decisions, so if you are a "follower" and only listen to the rules / and, or / guidance, and laws of another soul, interlife, you will find yourself being a victim eventually, of them, or another person, usually if the case is that you mentally "chose no free will" due to the nature of karma in nature.

The idea, itself, of "karma in nature" doesn't even get percepted and considered by a lot of these people.

Those to whom ignore their own souls might base it on the present actions, but we are not meant to be so physically-oriented, or based on the body too much.

A problem of youth is evasive measures just to live at all, when we didn't think of our soul existing, past, or future, in spite of the needs of the present itself, which is why time is better to be felt as temporal, and essentially an idea that we think of itself, as timeless. The nonlocality theory in quantum physics supports this.

The "quantum entanglement" of souls, can also be changed, if we want to see change, or shifts in our evolution, it is possible to detach from or form new bonds, based on the desire for your own karma to change or improve. Dharma causes this, which is to be all-giving.

Our acceptance of nature is necessary for truly 'good' souls.

As I've said once, "The Mind Is The Body" -- yet, when I've already meditated on the theory, and through my own ventures, also already told you that I think the body itself is relative to the soul, I am not lying when I say the mind itself is what forms the body, and also what makes it stronger, and more powerful, or altered in any way.

The many pages, and respects, and references, and stories, and exploits of our own history, and personal story in the karma of the very world itself, might be called the world's karma.

I know that certain names are kept hidden. Freemasons might hold "mysteries" they only share amidst their own group. Another group might be more honest about the view they hold of information, and truths about each other.

The reason why some people form in secret, a magical alliance is actually truly because of their psychic, or their creative power. Artistic partnerships are also needed, sometimes, to evade the negative souls on our karmic plane, so we must actually be more mental, and supernal on a level that is needed, because this plane of thought is higher than the plane of thought of lower, more negative souls.

To us, they are more negative, you should remember, only because of our karma with them.

To each other, or from you to me, us or to anyone else, we are really just the same, no matter when.

Time in the mind is the planes, in essence, explored through the physics of reincarnation said to be the "most in depth" according to "Hindu literature" (a lame way to say it, though) even though a lot of Hindu people are occluded, cultistic, and self-obsessed nihilists who do not respect the evolution of others, they are stated to have the "best literature on karma" also, when, in fact this is only the karma of the person himself, who is writing on the subject matter of karma.

I know that some books evade logic, also, in spite of other cultures, like in America where we use things like a "reference book" for bad thoughts or ideas that actually prevent us from evolution, and how much better a simple more psychological spiritual book is more helpful, than a lot of axioms, and references to "affirmations from God .." ..

I'm sorry if I offend people in describing what I know.

The truth is, in evolution, it is also true that for a chemist, musician, or writer of any kind, any "one" of us may also become a scientist, to a degree in the speciality of our own art, and style, and expressionary power over time in spite of what anyone thinks of you.

A scientist can be formed out of anyone, also.

Science is embraceable by people who truly respect nature, and the works of art in the world, that are caused by nature, or beautiful artists.

I've read pretty bad books on the subject of evolution by some people, such as Gray who claims we should "evolve ourselves with our art" -- when, to me, the mission of art is actually to explore the entire soul, and not base the soul's evolution on the future alone, when the past has already expressed a lot of relationships, and beauty already.

We should explore the entire soul, also, because we are a important person to ourselves.

And our psychology demanding this, also, the reality we think we need in "drugs" or "sex" or "powerful experiences" are just hedonistic approaches to reality; usually only adapted to by truly experienced drug users, and / or sexual experiences that add up for artists, into an inculcated feeling of power, yet not all of us may achieve this, so the idea is not totally respected in culture. The evolution we should "give" to ourselves, is whatever we can.

Since not all creatures of nature are able to evolve the way as humans are able to, we should also remember how a fortune, implicitly divine evolution is in the order of our own species, to become added-up-to a greater reality, in how our evolution is maybe expressible through a general understanding of reincarnation, also, so we can explore the best sciences, over time, and make our "race of humans" as divine as we can be, truly making ourselves as religious, and divine as we are meant to feel, on Christmas, or spiritual holidays.

I think evolution, if this were a general thought also, would thank the pro-evolved souls, who thought of their "entire souls" karma, and not just the pieces of it we want to use.

The evolution of a person must be entirely respected, to me, because I already know a problem with sickness, and issues with health for a lot of people are based on fragmentation, and how if you ignore certain things about yourself, or do not deal with them somehow, you will maybe replace them later on anyway, or be forced to live without these things in a worser way, that nature demands, in a karma that is useful more to nature, than to you, because nature itself is intelligent, just as there is intelligence in your brain, there is intelligence in a leaf, and in a tree, and in the water, and in a deer, and in the ocean, and in the mountains, and in everything else that is around you.

The world is intelligent, and the planet Earth "is also intelligent" it is said, based on our Universal connection to the planet.

GAIA / or "the Earth body" or the energy-field, of the planet, so to speak, if it were feelable, or sensable, we might say is add-on-able, as a new phrase, we might want to keep evolving, with our "personal interests" if it is recognized, by the intelligence of nature, or the machine of nature, to be a thing that is needed by the planet.

For instance, a crime that is considered a crime to humans, might not be considered a crime to nature. In healing a species, the reality of needing purity in affecting nature is what is called "healing nature itself."

This is referred to, in its own way, in Hindu text, but I've used my own language, because I understand this also.

Nature repeats the soul. I've said this, and it's another phrase for the same thing.

We all keep on going, is what I've learned.

There is no problem with nature toward reincarnation.

People do not "stop reincarnating," and if we did, or not want to be born, we would not live, and yet, I personally think of it as a prison to "need to think of reincarnation" to think we will keep reincarnating through the thought alone. I don't doubt in my own subconscious mind, I might have already an inkling of why I've already found a reason to observe more love in the spring-time, than in the fall, even though I was born in the fall. I was born on November 5th, in 1985, and I feel this is a potential birth-date, for all I know, of the future also, and yet the dates may switch around.

I still respect when life is created, it is a new thing.

Though you live again, you might be experiencing life for the first time anyway, in spite of having the same soul.

The buddhism we learn in each other, which is like a natural built-in religion for some of us in America; since, we've done drugs together, we've smoked, and drank, and connected on such prolonged planes of interest in evolution, speaking the same powerful language, and working with the same powerful technology, we know that we are able to experience something new because of the evolution of the environment, and technology itself.

Our world keeps on going also.

We find that love exists in the future, usually, whether you "think of / about reincarnation" or not.

I find that nature is forgiving.

You don't need to meditate on "the people you've fought" or "defeated" no matter what a "samurai" says, or how wise he appears.

Your reality is your own reality, and your own thoughts are your own, so you have a right to think about things the way you want to.

Life is about free will, and I think for a reality to be truly measured as positive in relationship to the theory of reincarnation (that is only proveable through you, and your own art, and love of soul and media) you do not need to "PROVE" reincarnation. To anyone who truly respects God, or existence, all you need to do is to want to live.

To want to live, and to be in a wave of description, of your own voice, and desire to measure this over time, the science will build up, and with a personal science of your own.

-- That means, since you are already living, and you chose to live even further, with or without the Thought itself, you will likely keep on "living" or reincarnation, based on merely the feeling of the faith alone. I know that the prison of the mind is a hell for another, just as the heaven of the mind is a kingdom for the soul to "flow on forever" through the words of poetry, and a judgmentless praise.

I know that also sabotage, and the taking-over of souls, is possible, "through" reincarnation, yet not "because of."

Abuse of the soul, or abuse of reincarnation is a mainstream feature of abusive countries or religions.

I know that people know this, at some times in their own being judged by people, or places, at times, we might think of as racist, when in actuality the soul might appear obvious to someone, and the soul itself is what is being judged, and not our race or culture at all.

If we are outside the bounds of our original home, or family-cell, we might find our very religion assaulted because we've found an evolution outside of our original home, and the offensiveness of this to the native culture can also impress upon nature, and people in that locale a dangerous and hateful response, that we only know, usually, in certain archetypal experiences.

The "programming" of minds, in other words, is how this might be used, and yet the true need to respond is usually with a fresh slate, and does not look into the past in the moment of judgment, in actuality.

I might quote my own words, also, if anyone is wondering, but this entire book is being written only by me, and my mind alone, all in one sitting. And, I choose the words I am using for this piece of writing, though I have (just so you know) already been assaulted twice while writing this, just on a psychic level, by two different hateful psychics on the Earth right now. One a black girl, the other a child somewhere in America, who looks like he's a bully at school. I know this is usually only achievable with an abuse of technology, or power of some kind, and yet the culture itself may fight on in spite of the judgments of others, because a "truly powerful soul" -- and when it has beaten another powerful soul, still "beats that soul" -- we always are the only one who gets the last laugh, because we have fought in a personal battle, that is a battle of our own.