REJECTIONISM \\ My new religion, "rejectionism" is (though based on fear) inspired by the new politics of incorporating more police state politics, and racism into America, so I do not want as much help from people, or connections at all. I tend to say "no" more than "yes" nowadays, since being treated racistically for my post Asian-American genes, seeing as how I have never felt the sting of racism for my entire life, untl COVID struck, I now have a new distaste for my own species. I don't reject everything, but I've turned down writing, and the stylus for a while to come. I don't feel interested in helping a hateful country -- I already know is associated with a good world, they wish to corrupt like themselves. The truth is, America is slime. It is a country full of swine, and I hate the greed of you people. Your self-debasing hypocrisies, and proud nihilism never seems to get you anywhere, when "I" could have helped you all a lot, once, I now reject. I reject your desire to help me with money. I reject your desire to help me with a place to live. I reject the idea that I am "going to be treated fairly" when I know I am not, And I truly wish I lived somewhere else now. I guess Rejectionism is based on bad politics, which is kind of the point. I am independent, and I would prefer to have no politics. If all political systems just serve the lonely and tragic group of hypocrites known as "democrats" I know the world will stay corrupt. People who think they "own an idea" sicken me. People who think they "own someone" sicken me even moreso. I've been criminally-mistreated by everyone online at times, and the hatred I feel is real. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of me, or want to have more from me, this is my new religion. BLS