Ina Risening To Virtuality

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The high-rise building or edifice of human perfection is multidimensioned, to a place of a higher epoch-locale that is everyrhingness, with singular choice involved in the outpay of your every day.

The daily grind of what you think of as problematic becomes solutional in this, virtual training, to real life experiences.

Through virtual training you can rise to a much higher height in your personality, and personal evolution, so you must choose the experiences also.

The choice is taught, at the same time as the experience.

Heightened experience to virtual experiencing isn't just one of us, but everyone is capable of virtual evolution.

The virtuality, aS I call it, is just a thing of idea, or thought, that is a real psychological concept. Think of it as a general term in technology and a bio-relational study on brainwaves to the EEG-transference to a sensor in a TV-set, or across the atmosphere, and back through ions and waves, in a way that is mutually positive.

We tune these waves, work with them, and study them through life.

The electronic as well as analog waves in the atmosphere, or natural as far as you can get it, is a world of study into realms.

Atmospheric frequency, and mood balance is vital in this evolution.

In the risening to virtuality, we have reached our highest epoch of evolution, based on the hypothesis of a surrogate escape from the realm world that may still add to our lives in another realm, such as nature / the real world, and when applied fruitfully, we succeed through technology "and" the real world to a high degree of magnum opus.

The power in our voices improves when we hear the right song, just as the change in mood escalates wth a new escalation in frequency in the virtual world.

Evolution in the virtual world, can mean evolution in the real world, from lessons, to experiences, to simulations.