Technological Evolution In Art
- A supposition, yet based on the present state of things. -

by Brendan S

The way a program works might be a vexing thought to some artists, and yet we make the program work for us anyway. We even are able to use settings that are personal to us, and we learn a form of cybernetic alchemy based on the result in how we use the software.

I am finding that writing new programs, to me, is like an un-needed effort when we’d rather be artistic and program literally anything, in a sense, to function how we want something to.

In theory, we all do some form of programming in life. The style, how we choose to look, the nature of our thoughts, in writing, and personality and life we all daily change or alter or program a number of things.

Programming can be like alchemy, to some of us who wish to control or simply change a thing at all.

What are called permutations are the laws or rules in a program, and the positively-limited forms of balance to other forms of alterment to the “codes of reality” are all like a form of alchemy choosing how we think or look on things. The idea of change or control is essential to the process in programming. You might even want to alter another’s style or program in a matter of influence, and influence is another way of programming.

Bio-acoustically influencing a sensitive quantum machine maybe in a future day will be programmed through free will alone. The directive in this could be used for art, for math. For writing, for relationships. We might even learn to make a song programmable automatically somehow some day. The instantly manifest power in this would be like a psychic miracle and probably make an artist feel really good.

I improvise my song lyrics sometimes, including the sounds of my own guitar-playing, “on the spot” in league with this concept, and I’ve written single-take pages of lyrics the same way.

You may think of this as manifestation. The truth is, it is “instant manifestation.”

Instant manifestation requires a good sense of perfection. You must also be a hard worker to achieve the best effect — mistakeless, and desirous of power.

The ability to program or reprogram, a thing must be pure and essentially “yours.” Vital ownership over a program or object requires sacrifice or money. The funds needed to cheat such a system would require a device such as a brow chakra based crystal, or perhaps quantum machine. Since psychic power is not afforded to all witches, you must also be honest to take into account we all live in the same holographic world. Though a matrical math may apply, chaos science is helpful in this science too.

Giving free art, being a healer, being a protector, and such things are all some form of devotion that function as good sacrifices. You are a strong capable human, and if witty enough in magic, angelic support is not discounted from the process in certain cases.

The use of “your own” magical devices, workings, tools, and devices will make you stronger.

The manifestive power in art, if you are high in your power as an esteemed and talented artist, you should find help in a sense from your own machines, from your own personal power as a master of your own art, and channel.