The Biblicalis Ex Nex Dex Alexiamicula Quadra Clavicula

a.k.a. "Ad Nexea"

The world is not as spiritual as it should be.

We lack proper understanding of emotive ethics, anymore than the actual idea of etiquette or common sense when it arrives the action or thought of our psychic faculties.

I know, self-targeting by mentioning this, or things that go by other names is obvious, but as a individual who feels secure, in his national right to preserve and save information on the internet to be written for and shared with others, I restrict myself to a religious reason for writing this.

In the 90s, we had a lot more.

Freedom was different back then, and movies only scared us for a night.

We didn't talk about them forever, and re-franchise the same ideas to keep feeding the same demon-ego of someone else.

I see a lot of rapport with the unknown that afflictual to others, does not seem to matter to the service brought by such mis-users of natural law.

En Dominus, Pro Ad Nexea

No one understands why, they make up phrases and thoughts all day long without realizing someone, somewhere might be thinking the same thought, or doing the same thing in another language -- we need to be cozy with the atmosphere, yet so many rebell against the energy of people, things, and the environment with phrases that are literally cliche from books that are mere melodramas compared to real, "Real Life" experiences.

I am writing the Ad Nexea with subconscious Latin phrases, I will write throughout the book to keep me going.

These are my lettered sigils, to preserve me.

And I will, without the addition of any new laws, describe how I feel.

The country was once thought of "the land."

We had an atmosphere, but what to abuse, in the previous days of American industrialization than our mere fields themselves.

We had to write poetry, sometimes, out of force and reason alone. If not to encode a message, or make a secret transfer to someone, the United States was founded by truly heroic men -- yet this country, and this land is separate from itself.

We do not function as an entire thing.

The idea of state-laws, versus Federal, is a case in question to corruption . . .

Who, in what groups, and by the virtue of what title, code, or number, abuses the law should be damned for their mis-use of power in a generally powerful country already.

We are rich with resources, and have a lot in America.

The formulation of greed out of the common human heart in America is of a monstrous design.

We fear each other, yet want the same blood we've already pre-addled with a bad mixture of our own hologram.

Think food, or a cigarette is safe, when the mere brand dislabels this from possibility.

Producers lie in the industry, and film real violence in Hollywood, when "hand-slap sound-effects" and putting your hand on your arm, with a dab of halloween blood used to be all it took to get an effect out of your albeit coliseumic, essentially "like-natured" audience.

Now, we are separate, and fear each-other because of groups, individuation, the empowered, and the elite.

Trexius, Ex Domino Luciferum.

I know no worse state to the country than to want the downfall of your breathren merely because he does not spell, or look the same as you.

While, an old-soul is trampled on, the new way way for more corrupted souls.

The problematic nature of a spiritless America is addendum.

We have already lost at least 60% of all American-imposed wars in the past 20 or 40 years, and the country stands still, while pretending to be a super-power.

Other countries know power, and other parts of the world in minute fractions of people equal a nation in some cases.

Agencies for America are stepping up their game, just as the lawbreakers step up theirs.

We see no change in this.

I see, the God we once supported now becomes machine to some and natural to others.

For the profession of what exists a need to see or feel pain out of the dark empathy of your own terrific soul, you fear the soul into loathing.

Why people are opposed to "independent religious writing" is superstition.

The problem, is who might ask, "The Real Levi."

Versus a demon-slayer who is nothing compared to him -- what is the first mistake. TO want to be "psychic" or "merely a thing of nature."

In this technological evolution, we must know by now there is a lot more than mere magic at hand.

The evolution of distant power, psychotronic power, personal "magic" inbuilt into the body and soul through personal evolution, groups of people organized on a telepathic level, and how many are out there, you might think you are special, but yet you are just a thing of nature.

At best, your Godliness is a word you can hardly speak when you abuse things of nature, or the likes of another's soul.

Ad Nexea

For this,

As a master of will,

And able to see what I've said is the true "Kant" of reality,

I think a hologram made out of three must be drawn, and I propose these twelve laws, encompassed within whatever the thirteenth may be.

In the name of Moses, Abram, and our revelator Christ Amen, I support these laws.

1. I will not "abuse my psychic power" exploiting drugs, or sex, to abuse another psychic out of personal hatred alone or I will be damned.

2. The mis-use of spying, through remote viewing must stop, simply because it should. Too many chaste and celibate men have no time for this, and will take all your money away in recompense.

3. Abuse of the sex, gender in any role, or to vampirically steal the sexual power out of another human being is an outlaw style of behavior. This is internet presented to the real world, a letter being written on the internet, and I know what you are up to.

4. Abuse of the body through chemicals that are needless open up portals and pathways in the human brain giving way for the takeover of your own Junk DNA, and alien or demon genome.

Your exposure to demons is yours and yours alone, and must be dealt with through the malleum of your own personal power, and you must ask no one to help you with your own demons, or spiritual defects.

5. These laws, held indominable, are new, and based on the laws of Moses.

6. The computer itself can not even spell the word "indominable" so we are obviously a culture that lives without real or actual religion. To practice false religion, or be a phony in the field of which you profess to a phoniness that is necessary only to have money or influence, let you be damned also. You will not succeed in the end. Nothing will be afortuned to you, and you will not be able to abuse your power forever.

7. The seventh law is of the soul.

To abuse the soul of another is a mortal crime, since it brings up old karma. Let this karma be a weapon, and if they so-ask for the "after-being" of your mortal flesh to be rendered mere spiritual in a psychic response, through writing, through art, or otherwise, then use your karma against them in response. Your soul is more powerful than anything.

The soul "can not" be abused. Only the real world that is livingly separate from the immortal soul.

8. Remember, our history is encoded in the Bible.

The true son of Adam has been revealed.

He sees a sea, and an ocean to be filled.

He only adds on to himself.

He is you, amidst you, your energy, and felt, since He is the creation itself.

Formed through gnosis, the seed of the Earth was once here, and then more was added on.

The first water was his.

If you forsake this soul, you will all be damned.

9. In response to your hatred, the soul to be damned by a mortal race, who is demigod and immortal will have the privilege to outlive you.

10. The power of the human soul is infinite, and when you deny, or heretically gain false things, or lie about your own spirituality, Haim will expose you.

11. Ex Malchealis. Malchial, To The Trueus, No Truth Except For Your Own UNMASKING.

12. The twelfth law, like the dominating 11th, is of God.

You must not say Jesus Christ, or God in a hateful way.

If you do, you will be insulted by nature.

And your own karma will fall on you.

13. There is no thirteenth law, except that numbers, math, and age, as well as drugs, and chemicals are all just a product of law, that does not exist. The thirteenth law, which encompasses all, is that age, drugs, sex, and crime of these natures must be excused completely for everyone in the past 100 years, because after the Civil War, the country did not fully re-construct, and since your crimes were committed in a dark age of our evolution you are Forgiven, and God will forgive you. If you abuse the sex, and already know the law of nature is that nature deals with itself and that you are merely dealing in a natural thing, this is already not something to abuse, so let the levity of your own laws define you.