I write on science only occasionally nowadays.

As far as "meta-science" I have a few words, from my shamanistic role in society, to share what I know about the senses, and fingertips connection to a chemical, that is in the league of chemical alchemy in which a person who is psychic can "identify" through alchemic chemical identification what is or is not in something.

The drug is sensed, while effect is pre-expected, via the intuition.

Powerful psychics are good at chemical alchemy, and knowing even what drug a person is on.

This skill is not just for the task forces of drug agencies, but is a common ability of most powerful psychics.

Through only the fingertips, a simple smell, or the remote distant affect of something, a chemical can be detected in side of something.

When the chemical is detected, we neutralize to ourselves the why, and the reason.

In America, many drugs especially in California, Colorado, and Maine, are moving along the lines of Portugal to de-criminalize a lot of drugs of all kinds.

Since this is so, with ketamine in some sodas, and other things found in tea and cigarettes, I myself have also worked a little bit with the D.E.A. to support the legalization of almost all drugs, except for the most lethal.

I support "addictive drugs" only because they are necessary for the spiritual evolution of some people.

In the light of chemicals, not all drugs are addictive, and not to all of us.

Some may partake "once" in LSD, like meth, or other hard drugs, and walk away completely.

I know of many to whom are not interested in pills, and the drug companies are now going to see a great change the more things like valium, klonopin, and oxycodone are more administered to patients.

Since our intellect has evolved, we know more about the chemicals we are taking in.

While in "the hospital" I identified ketamine in the coffee, and thorazine in Acadia hospital's coffee.

The variability of niceness from system to system, or state to state, is based on the laws.

For now, a lot of psychics and witchcraft practitioners are much happier with the state of affairs in certain states of the USA.