From the carnapharus that was Odin, who was Osiris, a lower-level individual, who praised himself to be king when he only cheated the throne repeatedly, we saw in a siture a time when en-future we might catch a glimpse of the doings of his war with Ra.

Once upon the time of building, a zigurraut (a large-scale structure) was designed to be erected to praise the people for their Egyptian magic, so well-balanced, so well-harnessed.

The world was to be rewarded for its magic.

A time came, in the future, when the Sphinx eyes were bi-located to something like Orion, and another star.

We didn't know much into the satellistic reasons for "needing to reach them" yet the pyramids stood, also for a same reason.

Ra was the most powerful in the world, in the world of "magic" he had electric power.

He was able to prove alchemy in a single instance, with any audience.

His wise nature that was "youthful yet caring" was mischievous at times, and caused the deaths of some in hilarious ways, making him a dark image for his early years as king.

Osiris wanted the throne, so in spite of respecting the magic of Ra, Osiris who was like a kitchen of falsities, a veritable cauldron of lies, claimed "he would be king" while the magic of Ra stood strong.

Ra made able his crewmen, and elite soldiers, and dealt with everything from resources, schooling, administration, and magical ordination in the public.

The zigurraut stood as a great symbol.

Then, deep in the great future, it was seen by the future incarnation, or past-incarnation of Ra, to whom it is not something we can prove, the transference of bodies in Thoth-Hermes, who watched from "The Black Crystal Screen" a wave into the future, of time when screens would be used in a much different way.

Men spoke of one another.

Violence seemed a popularity.

Mainstream celebrity cult image was mass-abused.

Money, and finance was poorly spread.

Eventually, Thoth and his father Atmeh saw as the world was taken apart.

"And this is when you step in."

Thoth saw himself in the world, in an image of the future king that was Ra,

In the Corinthian sixteenth garb, and worn with a sleeve of violet, his aura was blue and gold.

He was rejected, yet, as the world felt more sway from "news broadcasts about the need for more policing" in an already crime-filled world, as opposed

to just "not being criminals."

Thoth watched in disgust.

The dis-ease spread fast, and eventually, under a crushing velvetfold ceiling, the mass of humanity was in a cathedral of lies, as the truth was fed into itself, profiting off its own beast of fancy, while the magnetic power, and resources of God went un-admonished.

As the true nature, the true reality that was water, and life, and all things, humans favored a synthetic protocol instead.

Their images were waning always, in spite of their cybernetic advances.

Over time, they started poisoning themselves with their own synthesis.

This was the very opposite of alchemy.

Thoth saw himself, in an abandoned place, performing magic there.

While he was there, in sojourn, he told a man, "Yes. I was Black Elk. I foresaw all of these things."

In the long line of incarnations, the dis-ease had spred bio-mutagenitcally inspite of his trials as so many a prince.

He felt, as though being ignored by the world, and them seeking fear instead of a hero, the dis-ease was nature's answer for rejecting "the sun."

Why he said, "The Sun" is because he meant that the sun was a miracle.

The sun represents light and truth, and gives us all that we need to grow.

Since the world acknowledged so much metal, he saw that he needed to update himself, so he became magnetic over time.

Those to whom were opposed to him were antichrist (anti-magnetic),

And he reigned as a quiet human being.

City-walls crumbled, and streets were blackened with the waste of their own sewage. Metal moved along the valleys, and the magma spread, as the world felt the debris of its own first plague, following floods, and the worst demonization from poltergeists, and shamanic after-effects from ghosts unborn, as the world felt tortured, it was not without respect, as the answer to the entire problem lie in the propaganda of the hands of the wanderer himself.