Transcendent Futurists And The Prophets Of Fortune

by Brendan S

"What is there to say about our wits about the needs of others, and our control over their needs..?"

"Nothing to say. We all suffer the same strife."

"It is born, inbuilt into us to feel this way, so this is just the human nature to respond that we all have."

-Ben Franklin *UNKNOWN DATE

If there is a verb, "Catch it!" - Mark Twain

"And then, to my morbid disgust, I awoke to find two spindly black legs instead of what I was used to, as I pulled my body free from the bed-sheets they appeared erratic in movement and insectine." - Kafka (poetry, notes)

"You're all truly fools compared to what I know." - E. A. Poe

* * * * * * *

The "transcendentalism" that sprung up early into the 1850's, was when spirituality truly became a norm for a hobby, or new function of how to behave in the world in America.

With Emerson, and Poe at war with the idea because of his religious devout obsession with purity, he needed to know "why" a name needs to be attributed to something we have many names for.

The problem of spirituality misunderstood in America likely started with the transcendental movement.

Emerson wrote "Nature" about an all-perceiving "lens" that saw all, yet this represented only an astral projection, that is nothing compared to the true omnilocal power of the mind of God. The reality is that Emerson wrote from a psychic mind, but he lacked the inner wit to know that "nature" and "spirit" are both equally intelligent, and born of many demigods and angels.

Not just human wits, but as Alice Bailey with the N.W.O.'s original formation in the 1900s, a lot of profiteers were readying for the future industrialization of America as we learned about our own souls, at the same time as watching every cubit, and edge, and rooftop of our new matrical hologram of a world to be created, race to race, family to family, and union of work to the next, we learned how to evolve on this slope of learning through a quiet awareness of our true magic, and hid it in a word, like a mass group of heretical movement profiteers, using a mere "term" to escape from the entire lexicon of metaphysics.

The problem of this is that "Transcendentalism" is not enlightenment, and since enlightenment has already also been reached before the term "transcend" ever existed, we rose above early on, and the addition of these terms is unnecessary.

Emerson strangely speaks of a living, intelligent "natural world" that is "given" from the heavens, when the heavens create first.

The lacking in effort from other artists is hilarious, when you consider Emily Dickens wrote her best poetry in shorter verses, yet her most obviously rending poems are the one's of sadness, that are prolonged, the short poems do her justice, but she destroys herself with her own words three or four more pages into the "poem." Why are poems so long..? What is the need to take up the precious mental mindspace of another human being, unless you really have something to say..?

Giving yourself all of the need to write all of these spirituality books, or "transcendent" means of a new life, through a witness, and a perceiver, is merely the collusion of two.

Two is not one, and one and one makes a better two, see you through to the end, when they find this problem of separation is a matter of black and white.

To say, we are decreed one or another less or better because of how who or where we are, we are judged on a class=based level, and so that when we find more "power" to our fancy as rich or powerful people, the rich profit more off spirituality than the young and powerful, saintly men such as the writers and artists of the world. A property deterioration is also taking place when the art of the young artist is demeaned by hopeless attempts to be "better than the better" or "better than God even said" -- because you can write a spiritual text, you must be the God's newfound writer on the subject, under the header of a new spiritual movement, when spirituality is infinite, and has never once truly begun.

To profiteer off of spirituality, our worth in the magic of our work is diminished.

Spirituality is not a business, or a church-sponsored grant for a new science, spirituality and religion may actually go hand-in-hand.

We merge our own physics with the understanding we have of this duality, and since we argue them daily, yet still practice routines, and use our own magic and ability to be special, we learn that our true understanding and power is arriven from the word itself, and when we find that no one else has the word except for us we are the victors of the entire history, via name, via word, via sound, via tone.