Things You Can Have

- A Thought Generator (That Outputs Creative Lyrics, Phrases, and Ideas)

- A A.I. Response Program

- A Thought Visualizer

- A "Rhyme Divination" book

- A Chakra Handbook (Based On Tones)

- The Best Writing Ability Possible

- Better Sex Than You Even Know

- Love For Extended Periods Of Time

- The Ability To Learn Anything

- A Way To Become More Psychic Through Your Own Music

- Power That Is Meant To Be Used For Good.

I care about the human race, "my fellow humans." And, I know what is possible in the world.

I've had a lot of experiences that are negative, but I know a sadder thought than most people, only because I can see immortality in the world, in myself, and others -- an immortal dream, or an immortal idea. The idea of immortality itself. And the saddest thought in the world is if a immortal being wanted to be, or thought they were, or were even asked if they are suicidal. For an immortal being to ponder such a thought is a paradox.

For me, I think this is like a demonic thought.

People should know they are all reincarnated, or will live again, or have lived before, but more importantly that we are all capable of greater things than our teachers, and our untrained minds tell us.

If you had super-powers, why would you use them to fight..?

Do you need to fly, or do you need to fall ..?

If "falling" was a super-power, why share it, if it was just a dream..?

If you can fight in your dreams, maybe that is more important, because most people hate to have nightmares.

ABC news used to be real negative, until I confronted their network.

I also find that other networks mocked me for being psychic.

I was called a "super-psychic" by one crowd of people, who actually "ran away from me" because of how telepathic I was, once.

I also know that I only became truly powerfully psychic at the age of 34.

Yet, I've had attempts on my life far before I became powerful ..

People will know about a "traveler of the astral world" or "astral realm" and try to hurt him, before he even has a chance to fight, so I had to defend myself when I was thirty-four and thirty-five.

This doesn't mean I wanted to ..

I even had prying teachers bother me with weird questions as a child.

Religions question or make fun of me, but never take me seriously, they seem to act like the paperry books they read are more important than their own actual thoughts. Sermons are written to entertain more than teach, and I can hardly pay attention to a therapist, when all they want is to hurry me to the next story of my own pain, to be enjoying of my own pain, so that their own sick minds can be satisfied with the sick fancy of getting a sadomasochistic enjoyment out of watching me in pain.

I don't feel much pain, though, and I'm very strong.

Another thing you can have, if you could, would be superhuman strength.

You could stop your own pain mentally.

You could do a lot with telekinesis, and remote power .. build things .. invent things, but why would you only want "entertainment" out of your abilities..?

We should ask ourselves that question more.

Whether it is learning or teaching, don't we have more to prove with ourselves..?

They might question God, or religion, or science, but what about the human soul, or the soul in general..?

I'm sure the soul is a better question than the heart chakra tone of "Ahh."

And, with respect, not that I don't enjoy or really "love" the word "love" too, but our own Bible uses the word "talent" as a reference to a form of money, and people tell me I'm talented all the time, but I don't get paid any more than stolen from usually.

Why do humans steal so much..?

Are we a criminal race..?

Another question is, if you were a super-powerful human being, would you want to break the law using your power..? To be a psychic, who is a criminal..? Would you not know your own mind is an open book to someone or something beyond you, in spite of your crimes..?

What if you broke the law to stay alive, or "you had to" in order to help someone, as opposed to a selfish need..?

Money is important, but we can have money from other things.

I wonder about "mentalists" sometimes.

A quantum computer can totally alter the matrix, like a magic computer, and yet some men just want to scare the wits out of someone by using their telepathy for entertainment, while I know I can reprogram a program someone else made, without even using a source code editor, or visual studio, just because of how "technopathic" I am ....

Technopathy..? So would you want to stop a computer from working, or help it run faster, if you could mentally influence a machine..?

My final question is, if you really think I would ever want to hurt someone, or be mean, when I am a person who is a human being who is powerful -- who is not God, who sees that I have higher powers above me, who even has two parents who love me, and I recognize God in others, that I was not defending myself, or fighting for my life, if I ever did defend myself..?

You could have a lot, if you really wanted.

You could do more with your life.

Your energy, and your time.

The planet Earth is a beautiful world.

I once thought my own home town of "Bar Harbor" was the best place in Maine, when I now see the streets are dirtier there than most places, and the cops are cruel to people. There are more homeless there, travelers who are sociopaths, and drug addicts in Bar Harbor than ever, and yet it was a booming town full of hippies and LSD-takers early on, that I never paid attention to.

If you had "freedom" and free will, would you even care .. or do you want to smoke a cigarette, or get high on weed while you're capable of divine powerful miracles..?

What if all of this was just a big test..?

What if your entire life was just to prove beauty over violence..?

If you could use "beauty" to stop violence, above all, would you strive for beauty, or for death..?

-Brendan S