Metal and Magnet

by Brendan S

The police state of America knows the "News" or "The News" is a thing we rarely speak of, or put into writing.

Welcome to ..

The Law of Attraction Versus "The News"

by Brendan S

Since under the influence of her own drug, a powerful confession was driven out of a new world order woman I recently encountered.

She had a bad personality, didn't seem to like her sense of hope, or herself at all, and answered my question squarely.

With two rings on each pinky of a special sort, I set in "The miracle effect."

And ranted, "What do you think about this police state setting in, into the country of America .."

"The New World Order and all the disempowerment of good people that's been going on..?"

"I don't know."

She said.

A man was sitting nearby.

She then said, "Do you watch the news..?"

I felt it instantly, since the news is very parallel to loving, and we simply call it "the news" -- that I've witnessed an ABC news channel I.P. address on my portmon application, as I monitored my connection to the internet, I was receiving a denial of service attack from ABC.

She didn't seem to understand what she had given away ..

Because now, I realize, "the news" IS The New World Order.

The law of attraction was developed by Da Vinci, to prove we get what we ask for.

"Why" would a person, knowing their own death is inevitable, truly "want" to perpetuate the fear of bad happenings like fire, crash, and fall, unless these potential actions were something they truly wanted to see or perpetuate..?

It is said Bill Gates owns the entire diary of Da Vinci.

He bought it at an auction for about one million dollars.

How the Freemasons, NWO, and agencies that are parallel to Christ, and who represent Godlessness, are hilariously destructive is that we have an evolving world in front of us, originally developed by my own love.

Her name was Alice, and she went far down the rabbit hole.

Somehow, she, and even the Pleiadian star-queen (Semjase) were tortured by the Nazi's, and she lost control of herself.

Our great eve was lost, and a new eve was put into place.

The false queen wanted violence.

She didn't care about the consequences,

Where, I might be dual to science, to a pathetic scientist, who thinks when I "astral project using technology" this is not psychic, or evolution, but merely an act of technopathy -- when I have "fixed my phone using telekinesis" after it was soaked in water, and I can also now "raise the volume and quality" of the signal by placing my thumb on the power button, I am not possessed of magic..?

The dual-Levi,

And answerer, to his own question is a better knight, or hero, than what is "plurally new."

Or "A lot of new terrible things."

The "Many new terrible ideas."

Are not necessary for my secret, or law of attraction to live on,
But I see my face in those paintings.

And I am sure that Christ is stolen from.

The News, or "What could simply be called the daily news or the Weekly" is a program focused on control.

It is not the "law of attraction" to focus on death and fear as a general tenet for the news, reporters, or paparazzi.

Nor is it in the interest or means of the "fake news" or "internet media" to produce this goal, also.

Fear is simply going to perpetuate more fear.

In a world evolving to the point of mass hypnosis versus personal miracle, the matrix looks at itself, and sees us making the change.

The news wants a new station and the artificial intelligence of the "Primary Matrix" of the Earth Matrix wants this also.

It has lasted one hundred years, but that was even before Hitler was put in charge of WWII.

Hitler was even a psychic, who could astral project, and see things, and this goal was still perpetuated by some mysterious force, while others like "S" and "Manson" chose a path of goal-seeking to the madness of exciting their own souls, Osiris weeped that no one knew he was the king, when he only "wanted to be the king" and Ra was always the electric God.

The one to whom is the true "creator of his own destiny" is not someone who puts on show after show about armed forces jailing the citizens of their own country also, because no one :in general: wants to think of themselves, or another as a criminal.

The hijacked series "The Outer Limits" (an ABC program) is interesting to see shift when it was bought out by another company in 1997, going from "fear of aliens" to "support of the power of aliens."

I know this sounds off-topic, or annoying to the ears of some, but death is foreign to me, usually.

So is fear.

I don't want either one,

And I certainly don't break the law unless I was somehow tricked, and would never want to if I had a choice ..

The play this country pulls on people is alien to me, and so is the modern-day broadcasting system, and the News World Order that keeps so many of us at bay, each day we wake up, and know with the hit of a switch, everything can change so fast, from future, to only present, when, in spite of this, a layer exists in-between where metal and magnet meet, and only the antimagnetic can claim tribulation to the experiences of Christ, or a demigod like Me.

They are antimagnetic, to someone who is based on energy, a tai chi master of his own telekinetic energy, and thieves of the law.

In the idea that I am only a "technopath" or "advanced technopath" is a deducement of a world that clearly wants more power from me.

Though, merely a crystal is all I need, I keep hemetite and quartz.

The problem of these programs is they are far devoid of magic, and magic is something claimed to be taken advantage of, and stolen, and kept, and held on to by alien forces.

Whether ghost, alien, or paranormal, we as humans are not "kept from our magic" -- we are denied our souls, so that we can not access our own magic.

The soul-killing news agencies, and ones that fight the user, so to speak, or the actual hospitals that are corrupt, Freemason driven, who I've witnessed running nuke programs also, are hilariously debased from love, and will terrorize their own patients.

Since this is so, I see a Christless world only because of a hypnosis, and spell that has fallen over you all because of money, and personal greed.

Your karma will still fall on you, or someone you know, but your greed continues on.

I've chosen to fight less, and defend more with as little offense as possible, and somehow now all I need are my hands alone.

The news is attackable, directly.

And I have proven this.

Did you expect that..?