A Few Thoughts As Of Late

by Brendan S

Of a stasis and a strategem, a steady-held view of the world, one is "complete" when they view the world through spiritual eyes. We see an ethereal mist more than just a cloud of smoke, but the residue of ghosts, and a haze of light that is cast before the sun like the father the moon itself, in an alchemy we understand. In modern-day America, spirituality is "Hell or Heaven" -- Biblical, or neo-biblical, in study, this provides that people wish to be spiritual, but are still stuck in Pagan rituals, and neo-biblical sundry politics that divide more than connect them to one another. A super-psychic could see clearly, this is all based on need, a need for resources, for energy, for attention, for need itself. We replenish ourselves when we have something that gives us more energy, and the feeling is felt via drugs, chemicals of connection, and dopamine floes of life itself. We feel life, and we feel vivacity, so we seek life more. Those who are in a state of descension simply give in to the demons of the subconscious, while the angels of the Qabala of which are usually only held in the council of Judaism, are felt by many others than myself, as a saving force, while the hertz and frequency of the brow chakra is a frequency that can purify you from the impressions of falseness, I've learned that Levi only lived twice, just as a Lee may only live twice, with the same name, to prove a point about safety, security, and the long-living satisfactions of the human soul. Called, "Levites" the original followers of Levi were written in the Bible, while a later incarnation of this soul appears to be the magician Eliphas Levi who wrote several books of which were rooted in mysticism and the occult. Levi is suggestively a later incarnation of Christ. Just as with David, and with Matthew. Daniel predicted a horse which felt that he had many things under His command, when the revelation was originally told, by the eyes that clearly saw the future as it truly is, while the many-horned and Eagle-headed angel of death felt the most, he was the red-dressed horse-rider, who represents Seth of Azhraham. The fourth horseman of Seth being now seen, we see the Earth in a state of peril, Where only the most powerful are willing to vye with the wits of Nature and God, now. Where akashic information is pure, telepathic lies infect the media and human politics, and lost to the concept of telepathy while schisms reign supreme a very unspiritual status modus operandi has struck upon America the deathly feeling of "too much need" and greed succeeding itself. The greed of Americans is outweighing their demand for God and Nature. This provides a need, only, for more spiritual people. As a result of the greed of America, we are infiltrated with counter-culture, as well as other culture crises that provide an indifference to the cause of false democracy in a world where obviousness and W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. politics reign supreme, the new age spurs forward, while unknowingly the impressions of the future and past haunt us as we move into the future more deeply, only a certain type of mindset can clearly see through the haze and mist of so many lies, and belief-patterns of disgust, with turn to the magic, and beauty of God, and Nature, at variance with the hatred of the greed of the country.