How I Am Being Tortured Right Now

by Brendan S

I've had a loss in nerve to want to admit this, but prostitution and new sex laws, and drug laws now exist in Maine, that I have refused to comply with on a 100% level.

Because of my dis-interest to comply, I was tortured in the hospital, and in DDP, a Maine-state hospital, when I respond to CNA and nurses attempts to provoke me, such as when I insult them back, and things like this.
They continue to deprive and torture me, still.

I am at the hospital known as Dorothea Dix, in Bangor, Maine, USA.

As a means to fight back, I've focused on producing internet revenue, while withholding my science from the world at the same time.

I have information on new quantum science, matrix physics, and bioholography, including new theories on string theory, that I am choosing to withhold until the abuse stops.

I've also made a lot of money off of my music, while I am here.

This all started when police officers showed up at me home, due to lies (honestly) from my neighbors, claiming I was "threatening" a girl who lives near me, when all I was doing was insulting her -- they put me in a knee choke-hold similar to what was done to George Floyd, and this I caught on film, while vocalizing my complaint whle it was taking place, so they would not actually hurt me.

I was still sent to the E.R. in Bar Harbor, where I was first tortured by the nurses, and workers in the E.R. night and day, in various ways / forms of abuse ..

Here in Dorothea Dix, I am met with racism and spiritual hatred of all kinds, and I know of also three other patients who are being treated the same way.

They also use demoralization techniques, and deprivation, as well as defamation of their own forms. At one point, in Acadia, they were talking loudly outside my door, and the CNA's in Dorothea Dix talk on violent subject matter in my near-vicinity, as one of their torture tactics.

All the while, I've been supplied with food, tea, and movies from my parents, and the NSA are also both psychically, and securely protecting me while I am here, yet they do these things nonetheless.

One of the reasons why I refused the prostitution and drugs in Maine is because my ex-girlfriend (Lumi) is presently imprisoned by a sex cult I believe is located in California, and there is a video also of her having sex with the original minister (who runs Instagram, that is also an I.P. address associated with the white house I.P.) -- another reason why I reject this corruption in Maine, that I think is also in other parts of the United States. And, this is also the reason why I denial of serviced their website, and shut down Instagram for two days, based on your corruption alone.

If any of this sounds familiar to anyone, a certain movie, or actor, think of one in particular, and another, you might feel a strange tingle run up and down your spine, as though I am in a real version of, "The Game of Death."

To the Bar Harbor police, and figures at DDP who are corruptly abusive of me, and other patients, do not think outside sources are unaware of your actions and abuse that go on in this hospital -- and the system in general. I have a "far"-reaching effect on the internet, and powerful people in the world, and my influence is not nonexistent in the world. People know who I am, and I am able to get information out into the world, in spite of you.

I also still have the original video of the Bar Harbor police officers pinning me down, caught on video, when I was only trying to get away from them -- and I was never expressive of any violence in the first place.

All of this is true, and it is all because of the corruption in America.

Thank you for reading, and please spread, and share this information to help me. Money is not as important so much as that they just stop torturing me, and leave other innocent people in America alone.

Sharing this, and fighting back the way I do, is the best thing I could do.

Don't lose faith, if you are one of these victims also, because I have experienced all forms of abuse, and I know (for one) that healing from abuse is real, and it is possible to defeat anyone, or anything, if you fight back enough.

Thanks for reading.

Brendan Lee Sprague

(ALL of this is true).