"The Church Of Patterns-End" by Brendan S It's strange.

It's really strange ..

The way people "lie" but for some reason think it's a bad thing ..

The truth is, it is far worse to lie when you don't need to.

Mysteriously, the truth is far better when you don't "need" to lie.

What are you masking..?

If you are so facetious,

Why would you need to lie, when you don't, unless you're trying to be funny.

At a party, do you want to "kick it" -- or do you want to throw down. ?

Are you "trying" to take the problematic risk, of really thinking a lie can't help also..?

* * * * * * *

In various cases, it is okay to mask or lie, in other cases, it is better to tell the truth.

In our world, the reality is we compete through views.

The view-system, and the internet's entire algorithm is totally confused, and mixed up.

We are flooding each other out, whether with a nuker, or our popularity.

We are bombing each-other out, with constant unnecessary changes, and updates to ourselves.

We are adding, also, things we truly need.

Some of us tell the truth effectively.

Some of us like to be happy that we know how it feels to lie

Some people don't lie at all, and they're terrible

In my honest opinion, we've all done something. In our modern-day and age, we've all "done something."

The end is the question.

Holograms, or in our matrical reality, the all-connected reality, we must know that reality as a hologram is always complete.

You might find my poetic speak increase in power when I focus on the matter of my most powerful interest,

Which is sound and waves. Or sound and frequencies.

I would say, "30 hertz is good for creativity" --

And just exploit every milisecond of my opportunity to speak on thought itself.

This is general psychology, when it relates to the mind, but there are realms.

The idea is absurd to some, but when the world is like layered worlds, and you see a biosphere, and atmosphere, a natural element, and other spheres or realms that make up the world, even like a technosphere (satellites), or the "noosphere / gaia spiritual body" of Earth that states we have a spiritual layer to the Earth.

If we are trying to, we can change a lot of things without needing to.

Usually we don't, though.

The reason why is because the hologram is already complete.

The hypervescent effect of how this feels, when you rise above it all, and learn of the dimensions, of your own life, the world, and other people, is that just like the jailing of a scientist who thinks about the atmosphere, or trying to be funny when you're not, the reality is that no matter what, something is going to reach en eclipse, a punchline, a crescendo, or a climactic prestige. We think things end in America. It's like the land of death. The expectation itself is what scares us, and we can't stop lying to each other, I swear, because of our own general obsession with the atmosphere, which is for better or for worse.

Why, do we think the ending is negative, or that things end at all..?

The world-end possibility, if such existed, is still part of a complete reality.
The idea you don't "know the meaning before the meaning" is right there in front of you.
You can think; speed up, or try to get there now, but you are there now.

The end is always now, because based on maybe "hyper-physics" the dimensions don't go any higher than 13, and this number is complete, and unthought-of number.

The mystery keeps us alive.

We keep ourselves going, but we do not .. We Do Not know the meaning before the meaning.
In the future, adaptation to cool winters in telepathy, we'll be finer than to say we feel "communication is amazing" -- we'll just talk. Or communicate, in times of need.

The words are changed, or changeable, editable, or something we can change in any way.

All we really need to do is know what we are changing.

The effect is in the change we produce, and in our action to cause change, we are acting on this, at times, through mental thinking alone. Or conversation.

Why, in my last question, if we need to lie, don't we do it more often..?

Maybe the world has been under a terrible spell of truth.

I'm sorry.

But I need to confess.

I released the brow chakra frequency, which I will not share here, that allowed for others to lie, and others to tell the truth, since we are all so good at engineering and making music nowadays.

I turned the world into a master,

And the frequency eighted itself. A perfect half-octave, always in A.

I couldn't believe how far it went.

In the "end" I came up with holographical science. All things related.

It's relativistic to the other events, or event, or you.

And the meaning is likely involved in how it is complete