The Difference Between You And Me

(Interdimensionals aliens versus alien hosts lecture)

by Brendan S

In this article I leave a lot up to the assumptions of the reader, where the "drugs" used for awakening are coming from, from certain breeds of supposed "hosted" types of people, in contrast with a more far-away style of orientation, that is so able to see from a distance, and at a good vantage, would not take of the information, or things of the described hosted styles of alien archetypes on the planet Earth at this time.

Interdimensional science was a study of the 60s psychic, an "Ed Wood" psi-scientist, who believed in the same eight-based frequency I feel is true to the resonance of Christ, and a multiple-christ syndrome of awareness on the planet Earth.

The "many-tensed" (a phrase I use) means many, and who are in the same state. A referene to hive mind thinking.

Seeing a Post-Egyptian, drug-addicted (from crack) "Sirian" host, such as the modern-day Tut, as confused as the next pedestrian picking strange flowers out of a neighbors flower-pot, might indicate a powerful difference between an alien host, and an interdimensional alien.

The true difference is that an alien host is merely "remotely-based" and was once a more normal human.

An interdimensional literally has apported to this world, and was once aborted from another. They are time travelers, and "visitors" from another dimension, and I myself, with my original NDE OBE (near-death experience out-of-body experience) which took place in 2012, in which I both flew, teleported, and became magnetically-aware all in a single fight-and-flight reaction to a mean car in the road, struck me as an obvious need to place a singular, or essential reason why I "know" the one may be of a nether type, and the new kinds of alien, an interdimensional, or "real alien" (such as a grey, a zeta, or a Pleiadian host) are much different than your everyday witch-obsessed, and magic-obsessed alien host in the new age.

For one thing, most "true aliens" don't break the law, and for the most part, since an interdimensional is capable of achieving information from great distances, and may also communicate remotely with the zeta's, and other races, using an interdimensional science of their own, that is both natural, and matrix-based, I see also a great difference in the alchemy between these two types of aliens.

First of all, the "alien host" usually is a drug-addict, has done a drug of some kind, to poorly re-integrate alien DNA from the right-brain of their own DNA, and genetic orientation with the world, awakening only a certain strain of DNA in their genome. We are all of "many types" in the world, in astrology this is galactic, yet to the conformation of actual alien breeds, there are almost 186,000 different kinds of aliens in the universe, and many of them are not nice.

I find that my science, above the science of a person who "suddenly develops an interest" in witchcraft, when I smoked Egyptian cigarettes at thirteen, burned musk, and even smoked musk at the same age, burning incense, candles, and listening to heavy metal since I was a teenager dressed in black -- know witchcraft like the back of my soul, whereas the "alien host" is a new practitioner of magic, they only try this type of orientation because they are imitating the power of others, and we all know alien imitation is a sure style of imitation not much different from the lizardine attempts of a more reptilianesque approach to reality. Not to mention, with the Dark Greys, Draco's, and other breeds, and now the more negatively-known Sirian archetypes, who tend to be stalkers, I am learning that the great and most prime difference between an interdimensional alien like myself, and the alien hosts on the planet Earth is that, though they themselves were "once human" they are more like criminally-oriented demonic souls now, and I was always interested in spiritual science, and try not to break the law. I also respect God and my higher power, and these types I see, who perform bad magic all over the place, and act like idiots when they get a chance to, are so poorly-adapted to the English language after waking up to their "great enlightened states" that I am learning, also, an alien host can not defend themselves the same way I can.

Splitting the difference might be a cigarette, or a strange herb, or drug you use to fuel the alien implant in your brain, where a crystal wrapped in metal is all that I require.

I do not "carry metal" necessarily, nor do I carry crystals, since in Maine the smoky quartz is findable almost anywhere on the ground -- from the street, to gardens, courtyards, and anywhere you go, these alien hosts will pick up almost anything off of the ground, and seem totally ignorant of the things they find.

Another difference, then, is knowledge versus ignorance.

I see alien hosts are also usually unkempt, and do not take good care of themselves, at all. They are typically numb, and operate on a machinetically-oriented basis with emotions.

Just today, I saw a woman with a big black purse leaning into the side-garden of someone's house, who then walked directly at me, and then to her car, in a weird mode of self-protection, after I walked past a strange amount of tree foliage on the ground that indicated a lot of alien energy was located in the area I was passing through.

Alien hosts, I must reiterate, are not truly enlightened, they are triggered by drugs.

In my book "Genetic Re-Integration" I detail an awakening that is far more spiritual than this, and to truly re-integrate your "original soul" you must look to the past-lives you have, and not just to the future of the matrix. (Or the world, so to speak).

Though we are evolved to a new paradigm, and we live in a more holographically-oriented world now, I know also that a true alien host who is of a dark orientation is more of a fake, or phony friend.

They are typically more flaky, and sociopathic, and tend more also to enjoy the pain of others. Control is the norm, for them. They act as though prison warders of the Earth when they wake up, and they don't even seem to know why.

In the film, "They Live" this is easily seeable in the mindless blind situations found by the character who can see how many greys (the dark zeta's) who are more machine-oriented, and in essence, from what I see, a dark grey would prefer an herb, or marijuana, or something that is more natural, since a machine is less threatened by herbs, than actual electrical power found in a stone, or another machine.

They feel indifferent to interdimensionals, also, I am finding, in spite of the support that I get from the gov't, and people of this world who are aware of my exploits.

I'm sorry to say, that a lot of alien hosts operate both directly, and indirectly, and are now very present on the Earth, and work in a hive-mind, whether controlled from a distance, or simply operative through a means of their own "awakened" DNA.

I know that for me, all I need is music, a good lay, and maybe "any drug" to get where I need to be, but these types of aliens are more seemingly in search of the spice of the universe, and have a dark craving for control over the resources, or something on the Earth, whether gold, plant, or human blood, that they just "need" -- far more than a normal human, or person such as myself would.

Their dark orientation is obvious to me, and I am able to spot them on the street, and in systems of healthcare, and other institutions, since sadomasochism is modern-day pleasure for these alien archetypes, and they enjoy watching the pain of others so much, that I can tell the reason why also they enjoy breaking universal law so much, is because a lot of our original seventies culture, and reference to aliens, from people such as Hendrix, or maybe even some later nineties artists and musicians, feeding off emotion itself, also, seem in their vampiric tendencies so far from a "true alien" that they are more referrable to a demonic orientation with the world, than anything special at all.