Super Terrestrials : "World Peace"

An article

The achievement of this idea being written down (and revelated as a writeable subject) is a work nowhere close to fiction, and I think world peace has felt itself as a real idea, though a concept in life, or of life, that has "wanted to exist." Is an idea that we base our feelings on when we want something out of our own achievements themselves, in the world that we know as possessing of breathable oxygen, good food, the right chemicals, and a proper understanding of our own spirituality and "soul."

The "soul" is an idea we rarely approach, but I will focus an endless plea in this prolonged letter to the world that states the following:

"If you like yourself, and build up a good image of yourself, that you can reflect back to yourself, and you like who you are," you will not want to fight.

The "self-image" is what this is called.

When you have a good self-image, and you modulate or control the energy, and feelings, and temperament of who you are, no matter whether you are a drug addict, or a cop, you might find (to your surprise) a feeling within you that calls out for God or love in moments least expected.

The internet provides a place where you can feel a weight that is like an added volume to your own body which is like an extra seven grams of power, added unto you from the mere weight of the right photo, or profile online.

To use the "atmosphere" or the actual town, or locale you live, in a similar way, is of a similar function to how your image operates inside of your mind or outside of you as well.

Therefore the image you have of yourself is necessary for the love you have of the world if you are able to see that the image of the world is also held in how you see yourself, you will love the world more, if you recognize the world in you.

Drugs, pain, or just tragic needs, or whatever causes a person to lose sight of the need of their own personal freedom is a loss to the soul.

The world in chaos, may be more caused by "you" than you actually realize. A family in pain, is more oriented to your own feelings than you may think. Like how every step you take is another potential breath of "a better way to live" -- you may take strides, and find that you are making greater changes with more respect to every step you are taking in life to improve the world, your family, or the "energy" of something, with whatever feelings you master, your temperament is something you want to master, and take advantage of the need for love, the need for feelings at all.

A feelingless world that is too numb to sense its own pain may not even think on the idea of world peace, and to even reach the brink of the threshold in human psychology, as a human, to ponder such an idea, all on your own, like I am writing this book, does a job on your mind, and will produce the right response in your own psychology to realize that you want world peace on a personal level is an honorable thought.

I think the reason why a lot of people do not think of "world peace" as a general idea, or why there are not so many books on this general subject is because they don't think it is their responsibility, or pantheistic duty to control or operate in such a thoughtmode, or mode of possibility at all. The dream of love, or the hope for a better future, the creation of a new song, and the reality of love, or the "reality of a good relationship" are all possible ideas.

The possibility of a "possibility" itself does not dawn on a lot of drug-addicted persons, and individuals who are also under the thought-pattern of thinking sex or alcohol are not drugs, when DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) contains chemicals, and so does our skin, blood, and the tissue of plants, and all organic material with life inside of it. The mind that is too numb to even comfortably "think on the thought of chemicals" is obviously too much weighed-down by the influence of its own comfort in chemicals to be self-aware, in a mysterious way.

The "atmosphere" is what we are effecting, yet, and the atmosphere, to us, on Earth, is also the universe, and yet we do not seem to realize this.

Only a sum total of 30 miles above our heads is outer space, or however many it takes to reach the stars, and even if you do not think so, the numbers may not be true when you hear this from a scientist or astrophysicist, but the trip to the stars must be discovered for yourself, and my awareness of this is that, even though you are on the Earth, and the ground is right under your feet, the stars are not far away from us.

We are all too much embroiled in our own personalities, our "spiritual archetypes" (astrology, the cosmos, science, and even spirituality itself) where a metaphysical transcendence might be rooted to the past-lives, the DNA, or the soul itself, that is transcendent to spirituality itself. The soul of all things are not spiritual, but a human soul is definitely a spiritual thing.

Corrupted spirituality is not "as spiritual" but is still spiritual.

For the sake of love, you might want to re-locate to get away from a certain drug or criminal activity, or family issue that is in your own "present family" to want to start a new life or a new family of your own; but change lies within. We should know that to change "where you are" as opposed to simply trying to go somewhere else, though you may re-locate, you are always in your own mind.

Your mind is the final answer, with your own consciousness the actual spiritual link to the soul. The DNA may be be triggered to activate an awareness of your own conceptual "relationship" to certain ideas or things, but demon or alien, angel, or otherwise, you are only you. You have one identity, and you are meant to be yourself.

Since you are who you are, and life expresses you to be here, on the Earth right now, and you are in the same biosphere, and oxygen, and wave atmosphere as everyone else, connected through relationship of the quanta, DNA, science, and waves, we are all linked, soul to soul, through the energy of not only what we say, but the actions we express also, since thoughts, words, and actions all leave ripples in the ocean abut us.

The world is the atmosphere, if you are able to expand your mind enough to see "why" world peace is an answer to your own addiction problem, or criminal behavior. Confess you love the world, and care for nature directly, and world peace will be based on how you feel and look in the end, as a result.

Your self-image, just like the way a star truly appears in space as a magical spark of light in the night-sky, would be relational to the image you have of beauty.

In some schools of thought, the idea of beauty is said to be something an adulturated, or over-maturized person loses sight of.

Though some are even oriented in a spiritual way, they are not beautiful people.

The spirituality of a person is not also based on beauty.

Beauty is a real idea, that nature itself can recognize.

This book is "going to be written" is what your own life-force, and feelings say about themselves, if a science of faith could be proven. If "faith itself" had its own science, the Z-result of your own faith, in the variables of an XYZ science, space, time, and result, would provide an answer to all of your questions reaching finality at the thought of this book's subject-matter..

Since "argument" is not a way to find the answer to a "problem" -- argument only seems to cause more provocation, and more argument, we must find a peaceful way to achieve the peace we strive for. World peace is an achievement that thus would require poetics, and a good style to achieve. Beauty is the pathway to world peace, then.

We need a good self-image, not only for the sake of the world, but for good relationships to function well. Self-esteem is key in communication, and a real requirement to get a point across at all. The reason that "reality" is such a popular world, you might "argue" but to truly find an "understanding" of this world, might require a poetical style of thinking, repetition exercises, practice, and true patience.

We all need to think, and prove the idea of beauty more to ourselves, and prove this actively.

Self-awareness of your own beauty is truly a powerful idea.

The powerful thought lies in your character, your actual image, face, body, and essential form meaning muscles, shape, and the real "texture" of "you" -- you are not just a "thing" or a material organic living body, you are truly an identity, and a unique identity.

I've heard sad people say the world is like hell to them or that people in the world are prisoners of a dark place, only because their brain chemistry is not rightly-fitted or properly-accustomed to the atmosphere itself. I find this almost funny, but it is truly sad. The world is a good place, in actuality, and actions that are chemical-driven, or "drug-driven" (the basis for modernday crime), and all sin being that of a problem in relationships, I know that these are both something that go hand-in-hand, and yet, what of the idea that "one hand will wash the other" when so many of us rely on each other, and not more on ourselves, to live, and be supported..?

We rely on the world, not just each other.

If we rely on the world, and not just each other, we must also rely on the faculties and features of the world, and not just the faculties and features of our own bodies and minds.

A house has texture. A bird has colors. A town has an "image" just like we do, and so does the very air sometimes, in how leaves move through the fall wind, or in how the very sounds are in the effects of ambience.

I learned that "ambient noise" is nice, when I found a practice of mindfulness early on in my twenties.

Ambient "noise" is literally noise itself, that is calming. A noise like static, road-sounds, and even loud crowds of people are not always negatively-charged, and for a person who really wants to "prove to themselves" they love the world around them, feeling the energy of sounds, the image of how we look at the world, and how the world looks at us, must be that we honor the actual living-space not just in terms of the planet's objectional existence, but that of the spiritual soul of the planet, or the identity, or "place" as a spirit, like Terra-Gaia, or "Gaia" as referred to in books on spirituality. The spirit or soul of the Earth exists, and lives, and breathes, just like we do.

The truth is, you don't need to sing a song to save the world -- but sometimes, you do.

Or, "is my voice too lame, or is the world too lame to sing for ..?" Does your guitar sound the way you want it to, or are the strings simply out of tune..?

Which one is out of tune -- the world, or your guitar..?

If your voice itself is out of tune, take a quick break and re-tune your mind, by meditating. Listen to a song, or talk to the right person. Frequency-change, or a simple change in your frequency relationship to something is not complicated anymore than practice.

You are a mindful enough person, and yet if only song, music, art, and beauty were more universally accepted, we could be the truly unique artists, and "souls" we are meant to see in ourselves, as opposed to just groups of Christians, or "Witches" or "Wiccans" and the such. We would look beyond spirituality, or even the very nature of things, if only more admirant of the truth that is simply an image of something, or beauty itself.

Though politics might seem a needed-to-be-addressed subject matter of "world peace" the individual might do better to attempt an omnipathic view of the idea of law itself. We might say, "Free Will" is free to those able to meditate, or modulate their brainwaves or heart-rhythms via the help of their own mental power, stamina, and use of their own thoughts. The rate of brainwaves is slowable, and speed-up-able, to the changes in blood-pressure, and heartrate within seconds for some gurus in India and other parts of the world, and we must respect that the mental power we have is usually enough without the need for words like "law" or "politics" to be needed.

I generalize the idea of "mental" or "mind" because we all have thoughts, and the thoughts and consciousness of a human is directed through words, where in the idea of words, though this sounds basic, or whatever, I know that for some people the "actual words" we are thinking may have a different effect on our mind-body connection, and health in general. The way our bodies function in relationship to the words we are thinking, were this a thought of vibrational science, like the word "neuroacoustic" might affect, such as also a more spiritual outlook in the word "psycho-acoustic" (the idea of your own inner planes of consciousness) -- since we all have a subconscious mind, as well as a conscious mind, there are already a state of which is effectable, on a multiple-level Reality, that is of the polarity in both consciousness and body. The subconscious mind is more connected to the body, and if we think more consciously about the mind, or the body, in a general way, we are essentially more able to affect our own existence.

It is actually referred to as the "bio-computer" or the universal link to God by some studies in the law of attraction, and powerful success-story based people. People who embrace the power of their own minds, and right-brain (subconscious) power are usually more able to attract things into their life they need, and also want at the same time. The ability to be successful is therefore not just a idea of even just consciousness, but subconsciousness, and if thought of in a way, then also physically, and not just mentally, where the Earth if such a idea existed of a spirit, might also have a flowing consciousness like a collective unconscious, or an actual "system" to its flow, or general feeling-state governed by the consciousness of the species, we would say the Earth is like a mind and not just a spirit, just as we are not just minds, but also bodies.

The Earth is necessary for the thought of world peace in maybe the equation, but "place" as a general subject is best to be seen as addressable in terms of atmosphere, since we are more involved in the internet, and social gatherings, than nature itself, or just the very natural world alone. We use the internet so much, that we might even say the technosphere of the internet itself is borne of its own energetic atmosphere, made up of waves, the quantic super-strings, our own feelings, our visualities, and the very thoughts, words, and ideas we use to transfer information and code.

This matrical world-view is actually necessary to embrace all things, and if the "matrix" were not a movie or franchise, it would be a actual grid, or pattern of all things to be thought of, as opposed to mere propaganda, but math itself. A relational idea in this might be an actual awareness of "general mass statistics" that are truly honest, or in the math, think on how the number six forms a hexagram in nature that is relativistic to how most cells and molecules take shape like snowflakes, and also how there are supposedly six trillion cells in the human body, or "matrix" of the human body.

A technosphere is also not just the satellites or computer-world, but the relationships we have in such a locale of connection. The matrix of connections is what this would be thought of, and a matrix of connections is what we are truly trying to balance, and make sense of. We want to make sense of each other, not just a great show, or "dream" or "reality" -- we want to take care of each other.

Balancing a matrix of relationships, or how to help each other is not an issue really. The idea of "overpopulation" is a statistical lie, and I know for a factuality there is more space in the wilderness of Maine than a crowded city of just "New York, New York" and the hilarious comparison to these two things should offer enough room for thought that we think differently than to crowd a certain idea or concept, when more space can be given, or accepted to anyone. We need only space, air, oxygen, the atmosphere, and an honest reality to be giving in the statistics of a world we might truly know through an honest number, and the idea that life is limited is another lie. We are immortal to the degree in the ideal of reincarnation, past, present, and future, and as perennial to the system of reality as wearing the same face, or body, we function better when we are self-aware.

Spirituality is contained in the idea of a self-aware sense of our own spirituality, also, since in this case of "the matrix" we are not just our minds, or our bodies, or even our spirits, we are literally our countless number of lifetimes, in the Emerald Tablets, of however many walls we are able to break through, to "prove ourselves to ourselves."

We give evidence of our own being, and our own self to ourselves, and we become empowered. The reason why self-image is important in this study is because a truly self-empowered person who is self-empowered through their own being is not a person who usually needs to fight, since they are aware of their own power and ability.

What mental block, or preventor of awareness stops someone from knowing their own soul is honestly sometimes the soul of another person. Within all truth, some people are so narcissistic, they will not allow another to see their own soul, because of the weight of their own. Yet, we all have souls.

Just as with the mental awareness of your own spirituality, you might be knowledgeable of a certain field of interest in spirituality or the physics of science, such as genes or DNA. You might even take a certain drug, and activate a part of your brain that has ancient information, and become more aware of a special ability others think you are not meant to have. They may try to stop you only because you are a "psychically-empowered person" who to them is a freak, when you are normal to yourself. You are obviously normal to yourself, because only "you know yourself the best" and an affirmation is the number one way to feel better when you are not feeling good.

Even the subconscious mind has no reference to the word "don't" in its mathematical style of computing thoughts. In the patternless way the subconscious mind tends to be both linear, yet also patternless, we progress in life mentally aware of past, present, and future, yet there really is no "stop" or "no" in the linearity of progression of thought and consciousness. The subconscious mind only moves into the future, relying on the basis of the memory and present state of things, yet is always moving into the future nonetheless.

Your own psychology that is "self-aware" is your own brain being empowered, and this is truly mostly achievable without the help of drugs, only meditation, exercise, sexuality, or self-awareness in itself. There are often better solutions than even sex or drugs to feel good, and we can prove this to ourselves, if only we'd have the willingness to find a way to fight without fighting, or learn naturally, or find an untrying way to try. We are more able to relax when we are not as pressured or trapped in a style of feeling that is encasing to us, but more expansive to the space around us, so we must know mental freedom. Mental freedom is a thing we need to "have" also, and if the image of your own mind and body is supported through better photo's, and a better "presence in the magazine world" (in a sense) you are stronger, and better at looking at yourself in a mirror that only wants to reflect peace back at itself.

The image you see of yourself can be made material, and if you are an artist, or someone who writes, or makes a work of art, "out of your own energy" or "your own feelings" you may use bio-feedback, or find a way to give the energy back to yourself in an additive, and multiplying way.

Self-feedback, and bio-feedback is a real science.

The root to self-awareness is awareness of your own feelings.

The way we as a race or species "want" to feel is good.

It was even proven in the year 2017, when things were at a stand-still with drug laws, the #1 thing people typed in as a search term on the internet was literally the word "good."

If we are trying to be good, and we are searching for a good feeling, or something good, and this itself was the number one statistic on the internet, as a symbol for our own hope, then at least let the amount of goodness in the species recognize its own beauty for even trying at all.

The drug-laws in America are changing, where yet for some reason the authority in America is embittered more, strangely also integrative of internet laws into the real world, so the idea of personal freedom online is being questioned by "virtual laws" that don't even really exist.

Since the internet is virtual, and not all things are saved or made physical, or the idea of "free media" is becoming more popular, we might find that the more we add to ourselves yet also keep ourselves in a free state of sharing ourselves with the world, we might learn that the sacrifice of this is a matter of some new type of alchemy, in a sense.

The disquietude felt by some, for their "power online" is even foolish at times, when we exist in the real world, not just the internet.

If the internet is the "only world" then how come no one is willing to share their video-games..?

I used to ask my friends if I could borrow certain video-games, and they would selfishly keep them to themselves, while I had to stay at home and play Tecmo Bowl by myself, in an imaginary stadium, and as I learned how interesting a multiplayer game might be, even yet politics got in the way due to the more empowered admins who had "low pings" and could also live closer to the server, and play more effectively by cheating the energy of the system.

The internet is only one source of media, and also yet who is willing to admit they found a girlfriend online, or know that the "love they find online" is a idea someone else might have once compared with..?

We compete in many forms, and for a virtual world to cause competition is maybe why this book had to be written, because just as a selfish world can take itself away from itself using another world, the satellites continue to spin and transfer data through signals across space, and we are still underneath them.

The paradoxes I am inviting to be questioned are things we must consider.

Since so many things are at play, the need for "balance" is what is really meant to be found in the study of world peace, and yet the world is not just the world. The world is also the species, the soil, the atmosphere, and if our minds were able to so-reach, the universe also.

We are also not just used to the thought, but "magic and feelings" are part of the equation also, since the thought of alchemy and spirituality are growing more popular, what control or need to conform to a thing like "magic" do we need..? If we needed to conform to such a thing as "magic" then clearly balance is needed, because "magic" is essentially just another word for alchemy.

Alchemy is a matter of the resources, the volume, weight, and gravity of things, and we should always know these are considerable "things" and not just a word like "resources."

Do you ever really think about what "resource" means..? Or how "resourceful" you are ..?

What if the word "resource" itself were an abused frequency..?

What if we say "environment" so much, the very four syllables take up more brainwave-space than a simple word like space itself, but we need to "prove our intelligence" more than be economical, and use less to save space, since space is all we need to say, yet the word space is also abstract to people, and might evoke emotions of the cosmology, when in actuality we all just think of "space" in many different ways, and none of us are as like-minded as we think. We are more individual than we think.

Space also is not just a word, it is an actual plane, and realm, and sphere of which exists around us.

What if you are not perceiving the world the right way, and you must raise yourself another octave, or lift your "personal frequency" ..? What if this "space" and "atmosphere" is not just space at all, but actually "waves" ..?

A one-tone or monosyllable tone or rhyme, and songs are not just songs, but also "thoughts" and the agreements we wish to make are more based on resonance, and congeniality . . . the amicable need to agree, a "future in resonance" more than just a quest for world peace. We want sovereignty, but we also want agreement with each other -- not just each other, the entire universe.

The existence, and the soul would want to agree, if this is true. So are not songs, and music a thing that universally affect us..?

What if thousands of songs, or two-thousand beautiful songs all existed in one place, and they were all proven to agree..?

If all of them agreed, and you were able to see this, and were borne witness to the resonance of so many songs, would you not be able to notice, how the frequencies, and sound also agree..?

Rhyme with me, then, and agree in the similarities I am "noting" upon.

The language itself is a matter of thought, not just words. Acoustics, sounds, waves, and energy.

Do we need to use our voices to compete with a song, or a political discussion or are either one necessary, when a good conversation is what we get usually, in the end, when we find a good friend, or a nice person to talk to..?

"Ions" come out of a TV-set, but isn't the word "discussians" spelled "discussians" ..? Or are the computers literally programmed by the industry to teach us about energy, without us wanting to know..? If this is true, then programmers are better than you think.

We all find this to be true, with reality. We program our bodies with our minds, and we program our minds with our bodies, where the self-image, and the energy lies in-between. In the atmosphere. In the space. And in the world, and in the singular, and essential "piece" of the world, or the world peace, or the synonym, or agreement we see in the world . . . that is the only one, and the one world we know.

To be honest, my play on words is only one idea, but the idea is yet interesting since we should remember we have only "one" world. This is a "planet that is one planet." Not just countries, continents, or towns, but an entire planet, and we only have one.

We all live here, together, in the same one room, the same one planet that we all know so well, and there is no other place to go, until we get to know the world where we already are, whether there is a cool bar to hang out, a interesting club, a chatroom, magazine, or internet, all of these things exist in only one world, and the only world we know.

"World Peace" by Brendan S