The Worthless hands, The Hand That Feeds You, And How The Hand Will Bite Itself  

The interesting thing we don't ask enough is "why" I am I working this job in the tense of tone, where we mean "the real and actual purpose" versus the money and personal welfare alone.

We address this question more based on the money, when the money only supports a tiny minute effect for how powerful our minds are, after rest past an eight hour work day.

Otherwise tortured to be free and enslaved by anything at all, we must be personally vigilantly aware of how in America that are a trend of worthless jobs, and worthless workers, who are now capable of "having fun" at work, as opposed to truly contributing to the main issue.

We have a serious problem in America with health, and as it may so be, the mind itself and mental disorders that plague us without good explanation.

Tedium can drive a person mad, just like too much of something. At either side of the possibility for too much, or not enough work, I've worked at least eight different jobs that taught me how the system is broken almost through a linear track of one hilarious employeeship to the next.

Though, I made a strong espresso (twice as strong, probably), I could dish out ice-cream faster than anyone else, and raking an entire field of leaves, for me, is like a fun exercise with a light plastic rake.

I don't mind working, yet I know for a factuality the jobs we work can make us miserable.

The "real problem in America" is drug-driven crime, of all sorts. I am not an "officer" -- I don't serve the local PD, I don't "hate" cops either, in fact, I would love to help inform them on a meaningful artistic level, if I could, about what I truly think, and these are simply not needless forms of work -- to give art, or to police the masses. In spite of what people think, we can still have a police force without the Patriot Act, or without being a police state.

The police used to be good, and for another example, for the most part, one thing I can tell you about when I was a landscaper, of all jobs, I was pretty nice back then, so I was able to observe that the men I worked with, who did everything they could to "stay busy and stay focused" while they work -- only took pride in very little. They even feared the grass itself, if they were smoking even just a cigarette, out of some weird super-sympathetic parallel with the job, since they did other "interesting things" involved in the feelings of their natural bodies, while hard at work in this field.

I have proof, and evidence of how this is hilarious to some people, since some landscapers are only hired by rich people with big houses, who want their grass perfect, and the level to be right of the height of the grass. Some, just want you to "be there every week" even if there is no work to be done, except added work like moving sticks into the woods.

Some of the workers took no pride in their job, and we all learned that science was a good interest to focus on, while out in the woods and fields.

I didn't mind using the big machinery, and yet it took them a year to even "permit me" to use leaf-blower or lawnmower, or one of those big road-rolling machines.

I used to think, after I drank a beer, or smoked "after work" I didn't feel guilty, and the timing seemed to prove right.

Mixing attitudes at work, like drugs you just shouldn't do, are common in jobs that suck, I think, from what I see in healthcare. Though workers of healthcare, they also take klonopin, drink, smoke weed, and took pills. They will also perform negative actions while at work, in their own disgrunteled line of work -- yet this is more physical. The empathy of a nurse might hate a man for hurting his back on a bad job, while another nurse despises "me" because I am "only a programmer." ..

Spitefully and vindictingly we choose certain jobs, also, at times, that are a mechanism for our own politics to succeed themselves enough to be honored by the people around us.

We subject ourselves, even, sometimes, to bad jobs, when it is only a job we work to preserve our beliefs, and politics, when beliefs shouldn't be negative -- the job is, and we use this (probably a decision made while high) and work the job anyhow, even at the expense of others.

Why "worthless jobs" are so offensive, also, is for the people like myself who are told they can "not" work, because I was on Seroquel for my last job, that the hospital gave me, and made it hard for me to work in the first place, until using disability checks to keep me at bay (while they were only stolen by my parents, who aren't even my legal guardian, because I am my own guardian) warranting me to leave the house every day, and act like a punk by the shore.

One thing, parallel to another, causing an influence makes a better need, mysteriously for actors, and people in the entertainment industry, because they can "program reality" directly by being good actors, or making good movies.

A programmer like me who also makes music does a similar thing, since I wish to use tuning tricks and actual science to influence the world, I am also a contributor more or less, simply because I know that vibrational healing is real to me, and I would rather "try" than just work a pointless job, so there may be other reasons I am a "worker" for the support of the "extreme psychics" and "most powerful witches" out there, I understand our magic and our spirits are the best things to use.

We don't need to be so physical, or mental, but if you are working one of these jobs, and you don't like it, I think you should mirror what I am saying, and tell someone that a guy named "Q" or "C" -- a cool dude you met, thinks he helps people more by being a local protector, or dealer in "marijuana" than a pointless and arrogant man in the tech field that does nothing but develop graphing software.

We should see already what the world really needs is feeling, and obviously also self-awareness.

Selling drugs is illegal, but so is selling bad, bunk, and dangerous products to your own country, meaning a lot of depertment stores are like a scene out of Brazil, the sci-fi about a dark future, we might see more "classiness" than health in these cases, and their shoppers excuse a lot of self-obsessive vindictiveness while at work, I can only account on how I don't "glance back at them" when they see me, or recognize who I am ..

I really care, though, enoough to speak or have a conversation, yet the far-hatred of a lot of people usually is more powerful, since the feelings of the job, or task at hand, outweigh our natural feelings.

Self-supporting yourself, while still contributing to an industry that affects the world in a good and needed way, is never going to stop you from having a good job, or a related one of a similar kind. Putting the work in to a "helpful way" to contribute to the world, and add on to you with good feelings, that only add to yourself.

now only if we could think about currency that way ..