The Freemasons are a corrupt group of people who specialize in a fake religion they call their own, when in actuality they also side-function as the violent gang the Skulls & Crossbones, which is at the lowest level of the roster of the Freemasons.

The gangs and punks of the skulls & crossbones have been known for such crimes as rape, thieving, and murder.

It is said that John Kerry was a skulls and crossbones member.

This is a screenshot of the private healthcare Freemasons receive.

I am presently living at a group home, where I have screenshotted pages of their documentation proving they are in fact a research facility "posing" as a group home that is also run by the Freemason secret society.

I know a lot about secret societies, and things that go on on the underground because I am a member of a different secret society.

My group is more private.

Yet, we do not usually perform such corporate measures as this.

The Illuminati works to expose, and provide the truth to the world.

AND, it is said " I was born into the family I know "

I am one of a thousand points of light.

If they want to do research on anyone, I think I am one person they might want to reconsider.

The sunset over the bridge in Bar Harbor, Maine.

I bought this lighter a few minutes earlier at a gas station nearby.

I am not a normal witch, I am what is called a natural. I have an effect on nature itself, and I don't really like to think of myself as a witch. As psychic, and powerful as I am, the miracles I've seen, I would much rather be called a saint-witch, or just "Saint."

I was born November 5th, 1985, and I am a Scorpio/Leo.

I've performed many miracles, but exploitation isn't usually one of them.

I have a theory that since the Freemasons, in their own private documentation (which I somehow own some of) what they call "Mysteries" are kept to Freemasons alone, and only shared in special "Lodges" for different members of different levels of power, such as a 22nd degree Freemason, or a 33rd degree Freemason.

I think that my group home is a syphon of information for the healthcare that Freemasons receive.

"ONLY" Freemasons are allowed this special healthcare I've shown you. (Freemasonry).

I theorize they are not gaining as much money from their so-called "recipients" than the money they make from chemical and drug research on people recently released from the hospital, who are all victims of a corrupt agency -- to me. I also think it appears obvious the money they make, as well as the information they learn, from their drug research, goes straight to the Freemasons, and not just the supposed drug research agencies they help out. I see a lot of negative behavior in this building, that is cowardly, and nothing close to religious, and I am a religious man.... I think from the Volunteers of America, what I see is a self-centeredly held cash and information supply meant only for the Freemasons to learn from specifically, because they are a very selfish, self-centered, and reclusive group of people who keep everything to themselves.

As a result of this basic and simple research, and from what I know about the faces, and names, of the Freemasons I've met along the process of my "evolution" I notice a lot of corruption with ALL of the people of this group.

They are poor when it comes to expression of power (bad at magic), and since I am both a witch and a psychic, and I have noticed almost all of the "recipients" in the house with me seem "touched" with something like witchcraft, we are being studied for our psychic power, to teach other witches who are members of the Freemasons our "special tricks."

Watch the latest X-Men movie, "The New Mutants" for a key into what is experienced at some corrupt group homes and rehabs like this.

They collect information on patients, fresh from hospitals, to record and file data to give to more than just the drug research companies, they give it to themselves.

My darkest of beliefs is this is all a bigger front for the NWO and research that is being given to the E.T. presence (extraterrestrials) that are associated with, affiliated with, and in league with the NWO such as the Draco Reptilians, the Grays, and other dark groups I know about.

Good alien groups include the Pleiadians, Lyrans, Arcturians, etc, and are countless, in spite of the darkness of the control and negativity of the planet, and world we know.

What I know is the NWO poses as a politicial group that corrupts other agencies to help them try and control the world with information, and the presently control -



Australia, some of the UK, and some of the USA.

They use special frequencies, which at the end of the book I will teach you how to block, and they use a lot of manipulation, from gaslighting, pigeonholing, entrapment, lying, stealing, and are always covering their tracks ...

I've had information stolen, tampered with, and totally destroyed because of people like this for years .. maybe my whole life.

Why extraterrestrials and the mind-controlled people underneath them want data on psychic information is because they want to control and moderate our evolution.

The measures of use of their mind-control have gone as far as rape, and personal (physical) abuse, and these types of people can be considered violent. They have infiltrated everything from court rooms to hospitals, and are also sometimes policemen.

With the help I've gotten from the DEA and NSA, along the way of being supported by the American public, I vow to fight this problem with my own -- very lifelike heritage, that is deeply interwoven into this planet, as Enki would approach a solution to a dilemma with two of his troubled students when the Annunaki were originally teaching humans right and wrong.

Free will is tampered with when evolution is something you attempt to control, and that is the problem God would have with a group of people like you.

God gives us all free will to stay alive, to eat, to sleep, to breathe, and to also defend what is ours. Ourselves. Our DNA. Our oxygen. Our resources. Our blood. God allows us to find love.

God does not steal from you.


In the name of Seth of Azhraham.

I noticed at the corner of a photograph of the Volunteers of America "staff" (which is full of officers, and security directors) that she is the same woman who once worked very badly at the Maine Organic Therapy clinic in Ellsworth -- who "also" worked at the same time at the hospital in Brewer.

She (to me) seemed to really enjoy pushing the "medication" (THC) on people, especially CBD, and she especially seemed mean to her so-called "Patients" at the dispensary. I found that, with my sense of alchemy, they were sneaking alcohol into the "THC Coffee drinks" and ecstasy into the "THC Juice Drinks."

She tried to trick me several times at the hospital, and even turned the heat up on my room once -- where if I touched the heater I would be burned. In another article, you will see how I responded to this.

Her name is "Illes."

She was the director of both organizations, and is probably a very mind-controlled director for the NWO in actuality.

I know she also involves herself in pornography, since I've found her in not one, but two different "sadomasochistic style" pornographic videos online, of her, and other women, abusing men sexually.

I felt very sexually "observed" at Acadia, while she was around, and the med nurse "Patti" who I thought "must" be a prostitute, even called herself "Baddie Pattie."

I had astral sex with the other med nurse, who was more discrete. So, they got something from me. I didn't want to dream that night.

Astral experiences are very common for psychics, and I am also a genetic mutant.

It was proven through an earlier research study I was paid to be in (when I was an actual research patient) -- that I had special DNA, and that I would even be paid $900 just for an interview.

I declined this interview.

I also threw away my Christmas presents the hospital gave me, in a trash, as obviously as I could.

In an astral image, thanks to my holy grail, I witnessed the tears in her eyes, when she found the blanket and coloring book in the safety room trash.