Yea .. read my site.

- Brendan S / Dark Sorcerer -

Cult Of The Dead Cow


Quotes From My Ridealongs



It Started With DaVinci

Mental Patients

The School Project

Why Some People Actually Hate Me

A Hometown Tale Of Wild Bill Hicock

Death Has A Sense Of Humor (And 14 Horns)

Bill Gates Dirt Count

Fuck YOU

In The Name Of

My 9/11 Report by DS

Corporate Administrators That Hack My I.P.

You didn't hurt my machine if I can trace all of you with it. And there is a special place in Hell for you all. You didn't "knock down" my machine. It did not get hit by planes and tumble to the ground.

Death Of A Book Keeper -- You Know What YOU Did

Meth Story by Brendan Lee Sprague

The Confession

Definition Of God by Anon

"I Don't Know, I Must Have Known SOMETHING."
-- A.K.A. "Oh, Fuck all of you ..."

I Will Get My Revenge.

Time Travel Notes (It's Not Recommmended I Write These) by Brendan S

"The Cop" A short story

Letter To Paul -- Travel, through time and space. Listen, because you are my brother.

Being Magnetic

The Effect Of My Death-Spell

You Will All Be Crucified

"I believe in karma." - My mom

Divined Russian I.P.'s

I was trying to find another server, when my first attempt at guessing the right I.P. turned out to my Russian Federation, I scanned them five times, and then nuked out their broadband user servers for about an hour.

The Story

Screen This: I Did A Background Check On You

A Temporary Conclusion

False Edifices

Cutting Amy

Jackie Chan

My Feelings As Of Now


Technical and Personal Notes

Hocus Pocus: The Science & Effect Of Virtual Electrocution

Personal Credit

To The Past, And Present Continuum, But There Really Is No Future Yet.

But You Won't Ever Believe Me

The Loud War

To The Corruptors

Recent Expressions

I am buying a new computer soon, and revamping my studio to its original power has now begun.

Faith by Dark Sorcerer

Greg "Churn"

Hard Headed Fuck You All

Sex offenders In Charge Of Healthcare

And The Greatest Wave

When There Is Nothing Left TO Say Except (Epitaph)

Curse You In The Name Of Vepar And Let It RAIN

Everyone is fighting for me and my situation. I may have found a new place, soon. It's the beginning of my escape plan. I hope you've all dealt with me okay during these years of duress, but I think things will change in December.

Help Me Out (One Last Time) by Brendan S

The Science Of Death Spells


I know that people in Bar Harbor, my home town, including my own mom and dad have read my writing website.

Here is what will happen at the meeting: M and M (two people, the administrators on my side for moving back home) will be present as a 3 against 2 argument for me to go back home, and I plan to humiliate and embarrass you. I will make you appear the victimizer. I will pummel you. And then I will leave. Because I already know you don't want me to go back home.

I am updating the main article, my Exegesis, found here: The Exegesis

My Unsatisfiable Son channeled by Brendan S

matrix rhymes

Two Memories

The Days Of Lamech

The Last Hack

The Science Of Omnipathy

Die Pedo Scum

Brendan S: Psychic Report

"Let's hear it for super-psychic tonight. Guy knows how to hit pot."

The Politics Of Brendan S

"Leave me alone I can dig my own grave..!"

I Was Lying In Bed Drunk by Brendan S



I Need To Go To The Bathroom

"There's still the cocaine we haven't accounted for .." -- The NSA

Brendan S : Accounts Of Physical Altercations -- Incepted

America's Projected Future, by DARK SORCERER

These Remains

No explanation, also, for the individual who shot himself in the head -- and had his body run through a meat grinder, and then packaged for the masses to eat. -b

Things I Hate (About The Internet)

How People Care by Brendan S

An Oblivious Hero -- by the Zeta Reticuli

Why I Fight

The Work I Do

COVID-19 and Further Treatment Of Symptoms -- Theoretical

On Schizophrenia

Mental Illness by Brendan Lee Sprague

Brendan S: Report For Analysis -- Inception

Voodoo Torture

Singers Of America

"Grateful In The Black"

:A Reminder:

To the most important document on this site, posted in recent time:

Corruption (Complete Novel): Contains Part Two written by an Anonymous writer.

Update on my health: Well, detox was only for 11 days, and I mostly focused on alcohol. Weed never left, but I still don't like having any burdens in my life. Throughout my life, I always told people, "Tried LSD" and various hallucinogenics, but I was never one to mess with hard drugs. (I refuse to take any hallucinogencs at my present age, and don't feel a need to ever trip again). My trip has ended.

Crystal Meth is probably the worst drug in the world, seconded by cocaine, and I've done a lot of bad shit with my time thinking I was "awesome" and "amazing" because I had all the drugs and power in the world -- but the alcohol was actually more like some strange perverse demon in my spine, sucking the life out of me, or whatever the drug or substance may be. I don't see myself using hard drugs in the future, and even though I've backslided (drank a few times) -- the sickness is drinking is not alluring enough, so I have veered away from alcohol for what feels like "for good" right now, and have been sober for a long enough period of weeks to have little craving. I was really out of control for a while, but I'm doing better now -- in spite of my frailty for my own ego, or needs to be so "cool and exploitative" -- I get in trouble sometimes, and I am not perfect. I've had a lot of strife toward Belfast, where I live, and the people in my group home who are more resentful than supportive of me being in recovery, and the disquietude I feel around certain people is deafening, the guilt and shame I feel for the drugs and bad shit I've done -- from the meth, to the 'secret cocaine' -- I am not impressed with myself, and this behavior is all going to stop. I would go back to rehab if I had to. And I will not allow myself to fall apart like this in the future. I want a normal, happy, healthy and functioning body and mind so I can live my life, secure and free enough to know I have everything I need -- whether it is the internet that is my addiction, or the damnning effects of a mere cigarette or monster energy drink -- it is all sickening, and I hate what we do with drugs in this country.

I know this is nice, which is not how I usually, am, but I recognizant of the fact "various individuals" some to whom I wish would not visit my website, read my website, because I get a lot of views, thousands of views, on this website, and I am aware you are reading my website.

I know words, and I've known rhyme, and lyricism like the back of my hand, and I know you love to read, but this is "my" website, that is not hosted on Google, and if you do not like the things I write here, Why do you care for something, you don't actually care about..?

I know people in Hollywood, I am associated with the music industry, and my website is more important than your entire week, I don't care what the fuck bullshit life you live. I have done more work than you, for the human populace, for the internet, than anything you can put into a week.

I am the one with 55,000 views on a "new" writing site, who always got a B+ or A in his writing classes, these are my articles, and yes most of it is directly written as propaganda to influence American politics, the internet, and the world, because I am not just a writer, or musician, I am a hacker and social engineer, and I've used the internet since 1995, and your playground wouldn't be the way it is without me.

Cred, to myself.

Remember. I am from Hollywood. I know people in Showbiz. The government nods in my general direction, and your facebook page, your instagram page, your youtube site, I hardly doubit any of it is worth anything much compared to the content I share on this website. I start from science, yield into biography, and end up with the real world. And my entire life is a perplexing parable, that I doubt you could write on your own terms. This is my life, I am offering as a rewarding biography to the scientist -- and a perception you are rarely given, through the lens of psychic.

- brendan s - writing site -

Fountainhead The riverhead Never-stopping Neverceasingly Releasing His Beauty. The air, The water, The Earth, and Fire, Are all one In his namely elements Namely elemental In a symbolic Life In a symbolic life. In a symbolic life. In a symbolic life. In a symbolic life. In a symbolic life. - The Riverhead / Brendan S 2022

r i s e u p a n d f i g h t !

Jesus Christ (A Poem)

Become An Agent Today! by Brendan S


All You Fallen Souls a poem by Brendan S

You know, how I once said, "There are a lot of hackers and fighters in the Hollywood industry, or hackers at least." Well, the reason why I make so many playlists and gatherings of revolutionary artists, is because there is a large defense operation on the side of the Music Industry as well, who are also hackers.

I've made sure all of my files are safe, and I am not in any fear of bad interceptions right now, so I am totally willing to head the following declared operation of announcing, "There is now martial law on the internet."

Hacker Fighting Kit by P1tCh (12 mb) - Contains A Machine Gun. (Only one).

Yes, I have announced, and am now letting you know (however great you were or thought you knew you were at exploiting me in Hollywood and online) -- known as Dark Sorcerer, and a member of the hacker supergroup the Cult Of The Dead Cow.

We've been around since before 1990.

Again, I am the member known as Dark Sorcerer, and was once thought of as "The Exclusive" (an adopted member early on).

We are, but there is no evidence, also associated with the VPChat hacker group known as "The Black Hand" (TBH) headed by a very intelligent hacker known as Archon.

We don't play, and the war is over. I am announcing, as one of the least-heard-from members of the CoTDC, that martial law is needed on the internet.

The zip file is hosted on a safe, commonly-used file hosting service, and contains one nuker. (The Machine gun). That is very user-friendly.

It's got a lot of features, and can be used to assault anyone, or any server.

I have it out once before, but everyone USED IT AGAINST ME! So I had to take it off the site.. but I'm better at monitoring, and self-defense in security now, so it doesn't really matter now.

The zip file is set up / designed like a program. With these folders / features: Bombing : Files : Monitoring : Tracing

To truly take part, or stop a war, we must "ALL" take part.

If you notice a problem, or have a need to respond, then attack, or respond.

The NSA, the Anonymous, the CoTDC, and other groups will put up with the hacker problem on the internet no longer.

"There is a truth. There is a meaning." - Brendan S

The NSA said we have a real hacker problem lately, but they didn't give me any specifics. So I baited I.P.'s to my computer all week, and bombed the worst computers, with some "incepted" results (scryed / remote viewed the hackers responses to their computers getting fucked up).

Bombed: Part 1

-The Dark Sorcerer-

The Funniest Story In The World

Social Terrorism In America

Fake Patients

Gee. I wonder who wrote it. By the way, if you read my website only as an excuse for reasons to find to get me in trouble, go fuck yourself. -b

The hacker that has been terrorizing me has (now) been fully dealth with. Nuff said.

Top Article: Exegisis

You Can't Take Jesus Away From Jesus Himself by Brendan S

I apologize for some of the recent media (and I am typing now with a thumb-brace) and a little post acute withdrawel from my year and a half of drinking, but while I was drunk, I continued to prevent violence, interrupted many bad organizations, did a lot of hard drugs too, including cocaine and crystal meth. I take Invega, which stops meth from hurting the emotional receptor of my brain, but I have to also admit the anti-anxiety drug still take by virtue and tragedy of my illness, is a thing I can only explain as a reward along with my $800 check, that is a divine number to me )eight( where I make less typo's when I am very focused on my words, and not being drunk anymore, I also take antebuse (sp?) and have chosen not to research the drug, but just stop drinking.

I apologize for the violence, swearing, meanness, the swears, and the need to defy in a lot of my writing, but I have used the internet since its dawning day in 1995, and I feel laughter instead of remorse over my actions--and involvement with National Security, because I believe I have found a way through the internet and social engineering and my own personality, and propaganda, a way to protect America, as America's quiet hero, my entire life, because I was like this when I was young too.

Sometimes, block my telepathy.

I don't work directly for the government, is the best thing I can say about my involvement with the NSA and the Defense Program of the NSA.

I am a labrat for street drugs, and almost anything to do with human evolution, like what you see in the movie Phenomenon, which isn't a good movie. I hate what I've done to impress, or influence others to follow in my path -- and I admit I still don't respect my place in America, now, because I also am (now) a direct labrat for the healthchare and pharmaceutical market in America, and even though I am able to save up money now, since I stopped putting my money into alcohol, truly, because I already tempered my weed-smoking. I realize I am an addict, to anything, life, God, or power itself. I am or was also a problem child, and have worn black since I was 13.

- S

>>>Life, Life, Life<<< by Brendan S

I wrote the above article in a single sitting. And yes, patience and intelligence are practically the same thing.

Tone Of Voice by S


Corruption (Complete Novel): Contains Part Two written by an Anonymous writer.

The girl who was stalking me has now been arrested.

They Were Once Good, Now They Are Nazi's Who Lie All The Time

The I.P. addresses of lingering hackers who continued to nuke my computer, as I finished posting the latest book.

Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP ESTABLISHED
TCP [::1]:5426 [::1]:49712 ESTABLISHED
TCP [::1]:5426 [::1]:49715 ESTABLISHED
TCP [::1]:5426 [::1]:49718 ESTABLISHED
TCP [::1]:5426 [::1]:49721 ESTABLISHED
TCP [::1]:49712 [::1]:5426 ESTABLISHED
TCP [::1]:49715 [::1]:5426 ESTABLISHED
TCP [::1]:49718 [::1]:5426 ESTABLISHED
TCP [::1]:49721 [::1]:5426 ESTABLISHED

Committing cyber-crimes, stalking, and gang-stalking, or any type of criminal harassment of innocent people is illegal. I work for the NSA, and you will be arrested or flaggged if you continue this type of behavior. - Brendan S

Corruption: Part One

Like Stephen King, I have written this book already, but I will only be releasing it in steady "doses." I hope it keeps you on your toes.

Exploited (Updated)

The most recent article, entitled "FUCK THE NEW WORLD ORDER" may actually save my life, so please read and share this article. I am in dire need of support. Thank you.


Some things are terrible. Some things are greater than other things. Sometimes, y o u are great, no matter who you are -- or on whatever side of the coin.
AND the number one reason, for your one obvious trait in relationt to a Christlike nature, is your givingness.

All Agnosticism Aside

I'm sorry, but I've always hated that poem's repetition, and weird use of the word "rap." It's a weird poem to me, and I need to clear this joke of a poem up.

Now, What You Need To Know by Brendan Sprague


The End (But Not Of This .. Website).

I Am Corrupt

The Matrix Revolution

Maybe It All Is .. by Brendan S

.. The real truth is, I am falling apart, and I don't think I really want to be doing this. I'm 36, but I feel 23. My first girlfriend broke my heart around that age. She slept with a minister. And I only dress in black because I am like a minister, myself, only I consider myself a practitioner of magic -- or astral projection. I'd really much rather time travel go connect, learn, or have a good time. And I feel like I am being exploited.

You see, I lie a lot. This is dark revenge. T-sang Kang was a minister at Patten parsonage, who was arrested for drunk driving twice while running his small country church. He is Korean -- probably North Korean. Rumi was 23, U was 21, I (Sorry if there are any typo's, I can't type so well tonight -- no glasses on) -- and Teasang was 35. I always believed in God, but I started drinking more seriously when I was 23.

Much more seriously ..

She slept with him again, years later (at least ten) I found, through an intercepted porn video of her having sex with him in a hospital bed.

& His Name Was 'Death'

It was PROPHESIED that Jesus would be like, "yo .." and shit some day. U dig..?

(And pretend he's the devil to keep people off his back.)

Oh, but "really" tell me about the future ..

The Network

And guess what else.

All college campuses will be designed like jails some day.

And yes, YOU probably will go to jail if ever flagged for the NSA some day.


Do I do drugs..?

Have you ever had a ham sandwich..? Can you imagine the shit that I've been through..??

A Story

Typo's left in for effect.

The Hackers Who Didn't Quit Messing With Me

After making an entire CD while allowing myself to get nuked, their great mass of I.P. addresses built up, until I nuked, blocked, and deathreayed all of them at once. These are the residual "stinks" of the I.P. addresses of all of the hackers who chose to keep messing with me tonight. (Terrorists, I mean). Check my downloads folder @ The hackers at the NSA, for the rest of them.

Gun Violence

Just do something, about it or I will have to punish you all.

In spite of what I have written, after this morning, I have just now been re-accepted back into the NSA.

Enter: The Forever Ghost

A certain female with a name involved in the letters A.M. has been stalking me for the past four years.. I hope it ends. She has done damage to my PC / apple machine recently, and I think this just got her flagged for hacker activity.
I no longer work for the NSA, but they are still observing my activity, and you are now flagged by the NSA.

I never thought it was really "funny" -- but deep down, all criminals and bad people have a subconscious desire to get caught. She is actually the girl who was stalking me before I was sent to the hospital and group home. :) You did it to yourself.

Hacking security, and nuking programs can be found here: HyperTECH Programs

I never did anything to hurt this person. She went after me first. I am attempting to factory reset my mac, and have only one other backup computer right now. She is relentless. If you are new to hacking, just start nuking her with 30 packets, on a low setting, and slow her down as much as humanly possible. I have been endangered by hackers my whole life, and all I want is for it to stop.

The Silent Invasion, from E.T. Intelligence, is headed by a group known as the New World Order, and Draco Reptilian Hybrids. The Draco's are like prison warders, and they have already ended many worlds. Clones are trying hard to stop me, as agents of the matrix. In fact, the entire matrix is against me right now, because of what I am planning. You should pray for me. Or to me. And Mark Z. I know that was you who just crashed me. I'll go after you first.

Russia is not actually a problem. Putin was once a part of the NWO, and he calls them racists because the NWO "are" racists. He may have a right to Ukraine, in fact. I want your help. You should invest in me. And I am calling out to all hackers to stop Mark Zuckerburg right now.

Read this article for faith: The Forever Ghost

Taking Down The NWO

KILLING A WOMAN by B r e n d a n S

Break-Up Song by Brendan S

The Zeta's To Brendan: "On Your Drug Use"


Brendan S : A Synopsis

You Were Forgiven When You Were Jimi Hendrix

Dance Cred

You FAGGOTS by Brendan S ( A Poem )

T h e Waste Land by Brendan S

An Apology From Sananda

The Science Of Inception by Brendan Lee S.

The Victim (A Poem)

A WARNING about Brendan S, from the Draco Reptilians channeled / incepted by Brendan S

Schizophrenia VS. Telepathy by Brendan S


My mother's mother died of alzheimers, and my own mother will soon have alzheimers also. My father has a bad heart, and smokes cigarettes religiously. They're both as good as dead.

"A Message From The Zetas" to Brendan S a.k.a. "The Philosophy Of Time Travel."

A Saint Versus A Witch

A real saint can produce wind out of thin air. A real saint can stop the buzzing in machines, and powerlines with his left hand, with an audience. A real saint can move matter with His mind.

"I've Always Been Right" - Sananda

2012 A Mini Novella by Brendan Lee Sprague

The SLEEPER (Updated) by Brendan S

The SCORPION Reacts (A Poem)

YOU think you run a popular instagram..? A popular website..? A popular youtube page. I write words, and I have over 47,000 on this site. "Someone" will see what I write, and a lot of you "names" I have written down, will be dealth with.

Fuck U 2

Hurts To Lose

Total Justice by "S"


King Passes By

Buying An EMP Device

I never attached a voltage box to the EMP (so I never really used it) - but I studied it, and I know all about them now.

The Shaman

Meeting Elliott

Ode To Lyra by Brendan S (A poem)

The Sacrifice

Peace ..!

Bridal Ballad (Altered Version) by Brendan S

You Know What It Means by Brendan Lee Sprague

A Song About My Bed (Poem)

Yes ..

Playing..? No, "Being" The Martyr

"Basically, there's more to the story." I was dracula.

A Band Photo by Brendan S / def

Partying With Brendan S

P + O + 2

And In All These Twisted Days (Poem)

The Caduceus Pt. 1 by Brendan S

A Hero

"Unconditional Love" by Sananda Channeled by Brendan S

Psychic Divination And Why You Should Know Better ..

Why Almost All Women Are Creepier, Scarier, and More Violent Than Men Nowadays

God bless you, Jean Gray. You are an atom bomb of hate.

Faith by Brendan S

God's Dream by Brendan S

Based on an experience that took place shortly before the beginning of 2012.

The Tragic Wizard

"Death" by Brendan S

'Cept FOR S!

The Hero Gene by Brendan S

The Greatest Thing jesus ever said by brendan s

Confession & Apology

A New Poem by Brendan S

Stalkers (A Poem)

"And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free." - Phosphorescent.

I was remotely assaulted, and then stalked, and in a video named off the wrong girl. She has a proud look on her face for sending me to the hospital but the truth is a lot of women nowadays have turned "Sado" and are dark and violent. I don't like being stalked, and it is, and has been the worst experience of my life. I am innocent, and you went after me anyway, because you don't like my personality -- but really, I think it's bitter jealosy.

The Montreal Mafia

My Victimizers


How I Used To Steal Alcohol

Probably thirty times.

This Isn't A "Good" Story

Does this fuck with your head..?

Life Points: A Story Transferred From The Future

This story will fuck you up.

Thee Crow
---------- by S

Haim the dem'n you will nevr' know

Secretly burned in Goetia piles for miles and miles

Away from here . . .

Exiled --


I hit 'em right where it counts.

Now, speak now.

I'm ready for fire ..

Ready for ice ..

Ready for pain ..

THEE desires, in your mind.

THEE, I am ready, for the desires in your mind.

Tear me up and tear me down

Build me up and break me down

Then build me back up

And tell me why I'm still around.

The Story Of My Purple Belt

"Wellness Check"

Nexus Luna

Something by Brendan S

Only The Devil Could Save ME, SO FUCK YOU!!

So Give Up

A Russian Scan For The Millionth Time ..

No Poetry Like Magic by Brendan S

Sorry But You Need To Know How To CTRL + C / CTRL + V To See This Article

A Conversation With God

Post-War Baby Shitheads

I'll Just Track You Down Anyway It Goes

Ex Lives On

We Were Born Sick

You Motherfuckers

For A.

Evidence Of Telepathy

Sigh. I hate to have to try so hard, when people don't believe me, about myself, or their own thoughts ... "Know Thy Self." -- The Matrix. Tele is greek for far, and Patheia is Greek for feeling. Telepathy, or far-feeling has existed for as long as the written word.

Science Versus Schizophrenia

Forced Telepathy ; Why Some People Don't Like Me

I find Russian Federation on my I.P. all the time, and I am now onto other victim's of Russian stalkers.

Russian Stalker's IP's

Scanned from a girl's youtube live.

God's Love : A Confirmation

Wild Bill

Staring Up At The Sky

"Stream and Form" : New Poetry b y Brendan S

A Song Of Nature And The Holograms Of Nature


On Russia ...

Welcome To Salem

100 views in the past ten minutes.

How I Know Jesus Christ Is A Pedophile

Yeah, they've stopped fuzzing my site. It's pretty cheap, anyway. Here's another poem -- called, "Hackers" -- Hackers ( A Poem )

"They" meaning hackers, have been fuzzing my neocities a lot, so it's hard to post writing lately. They've let up recently. I don't know why ...

Here is a poem I just wrote: A Poem #3,045

I bet you smoke menthols anyway

"Re-Popularizing Cocaine" by Brendan S

Why Bar Harbor Is A Devil Town

A Song For The Spellcastors by Brendan Lee Sprague


- Brendan S

I don't know. How many pounds is 28 ounces..? -- I plan on stealing more.

Ulysses S. Grant's Last Kill A Regression. By Brendan S.

This site has more views than my entire Youtube page, and also gets more "views" than my music gets listens. I can actually hack any Instagram, or Faceebook account to the I.P. address, and track anyone I want to. You'll see. I am the dawn of the Ess network, and yes I love drugs. I've gotten three-thousand more views since the last time I checked, and I'm more popular than most of your shit social media site pages. Just. Because I choose to be independent. -brendan

A Sin TO Lose Him by Brendan S

Boy do I look a lot like Edgar Allan Poe with my face all fucked up from my teeth. ..

Dealing With Telepathy

Brendan Name Translations In Celtic / and Gaelic, and Irish /

Gaelic: Brave Irish: Dweller by the Beacon German: Flame Celtic/Gaelic: Little Raven Celtic: Raven

"Poetry" (A Poem)

Worse Events

A Report On Russia by the secret agent Brendan S


Servers I Killed Tonight

Vladimir Putin. I am tattooing your I.P. address -- every active one I find, on my left arm, with a sharpie, and I won't lose track of you.

Death Spells

If you want to learn more about actual death spells, read Iries "The Secret Lore Of Magic" (Dale Dye / Die) -- a witch who fought in WWII's personal grimoire. It is my number one source of information and guidance.

I was brutally assaulted by dozens of hackers last night. This is my response.

Scan 1 of V. Putin's I.P. address (with some hostnames): Alive-> 89 ms Alive-> 90 ms Alive-> 88 ms Alive-> 88 ms Alive-> 89 ms Alive-> 88 ms Alive-> 89 ms Alive-> 88 ms Alive-> 87 ms Alive-> 87 ms Alive-> 88 ms Alive-> 88 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 87 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 88 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 84 ms minima.7 Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 82 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 86 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 81 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 80 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 83 ms Alive-> 80 ms Alive-> 82 ms Alive-> 82 ms Alive-> 82 ms Alive-> 82 ms Alive-> 82 ms Alive-> 81 ms Alive-> 81 ms Alive-> 81 ms Alive-> 81 ms Alive-> 81 ms Alive-> 81 ms Alive-> 85 ms Alive-> 80 ms Alive-> 80 ms Alive-> 80 ms Alive-> 84 ms Alive-> 80 ms Alive-> 79 ms Alive-> 80 ms Alive-> 82 ms Alive-> 78 ms Alive-> 139 ms Alive-> 102 ms Alive-> 101 ms Alive-> 100 ms Alive-> 82 ms Alive-> 158 ms Alive-> 87 ms Alive-> 208 ms Alive-> 87 ms Alive-> 157 ms Alive-> 87 ms Alive-> 110 ms Alive-> 217 ms Alive-> 224 ms Alive-> 152 ms Alive-> 228 ms Alive-> 151 ms Alive-> 217 ms Alive-> 155 ms Alive-> 216 ms Alive-> 155 ms Alive-> 216 ms Alive-> 154 ms Alive-> 215 ms Alive-> 233 ms Alive-> 155 ms Alive-> 240 ms Alive-> 154 ms Alive-> 274 ms Alive-> 204 ms Alive-> 269 ms Alive-> 214 ms Alive-> 274 ms Alive-> 208 ms Alive-> 273 ms Alive-> 224 ms Alive-> 268 ms Alive-> 217 ms Alive-> 293 ms Alive-> 259 ms Alive-> 259 ms Alive-> 283 ms Alive-> 283 ms Alive-> 289 ms Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead

Scan 2: Dead Dead Dead Dead Alive-> 434 ms Alive-> 450 ms Alive-> 433 ms Alive-> 452 ms Alive-> 444 ms Alive-> 314 ms Alive-> 320 ms Alive-> 341 ms Alive-> 341 ms Alive-> 339 ms Alive-> 341 ms Alive-> 341 ms Alive-> 340 ms Alive-> 341 ms Alive-> 339 ms Alive-> 342 ms Alive-> 339 ms Alive-> 342 ms Alive-> 339 ms Alive-> 342 ms Alive-> 324 ms Alive-> 336 ms Alive-> 324 ms Alive-> 324 ms Alive-> 323 ms Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Alive-> 195 ms Dead Dead Alive-> 171 ms Alive-> 265 ms Alive-> 265 ms Alive-> 247 ms Alive-> 262 ms Alive-> 248 ms Alive-> 265 ms Alive-> 248 ms Alive-> 265 ms Alive-> 250 ms Alive-> 265 ms Alive-> 249 ms Alive-> 268 ms Alive-> 252 ms Alive-> 269 ms Alive-> 265 ms Alive-> 255 ms Alive-> 280 ms Alive-> 267 ms Alive-> 265 ms Alive-> 408 ms Alive-> 408 ms Dead Dead Dead Alive-> 422 ms Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead

And Putin's personal I.P. address, through multiple traces:

He always has an I.P. like this. If you are good like me, you can break through his stupid VPN's. Nuke him to death. Everyone should gather up with their pitchforks and collectively brutally punish this tragic motherfucker. Just nuke him. Keep him down. Fuck all his stupid servers. I think Russia is the worst country in the world.

I think he's the most cocky piece of shit in the world -- and the reason why it says "DEAD" beside networks servers is because I nuked out his entire I.P. string before posting this.

- Brendan S, the Victimized SAINT

Someone Nuke These Faggots

They're all blocked on my firewall, because I'm already tired of fighting. Really, I'd love to have one of these freaks in the same room as me and swing my guitar at the fucking back of his head.

The System

The Cave


A Poem..

How I Got Heroin Tea

More To The Story

While All Of You Go On With Your Stupid Wasted Lives

My Bitterness Toward You All -- You Ignorant, Negligent Pieces Of Rotting Fuckwaste. I'm meant to help you. Not be ignored by you.

The FBI has found his body. "God, look at his eye." One of them said. "We should call this guy Brendan Ex." "He's relentless." "Cover him up as soon as possible." -- One of them spat on his body, but was told to clean it up (remove his shirt). -- "I don't want any forensic evidence mixed with this piece of shit. He's a demon. We're gonna have to bury him twelve feet deep."

My astral image was strong. I'm sorry. At least you can clean up the body for me, and deal with his record now.

I'm sorry. Yes, his I.P. is no longer on my system, and the only evidence I have that he is dead is that my black imagination, when it sees things, never lies. He asphyxiated from a powerful kill code, repeatedly until pinned down, and choked on his own vomit to death.


Open Hit ..



Second One Divined Tonight (Through Clandestine Magic): :)

I just started typing, and wham, same location as the last one.

So ......

I'm pretty psychic. I could fight them my own magical way, but I'd rather just exploit and nuke them. So ...

Here's the deal, people.

I really was " def:"

I really am "P1TcH R1oT" and I Really did make a lot of moves early on in life in the hacker arena, and by now you should know who I am.

I can psychically hack you, and I don't even need programs or a computer.

Do you understand..?

A lot of hackers are like this, but I am more extreme than they are.

And I work for the NSA and FBI.

Let's not talk about all the servers, and networks I shut down tonight. (Saturday -- The Night Of Revenge, dated ... who gives a fuck). Period.

Time doesn't matter. Death doesn't matter. Everything lives on, the world will never end, and the apocalypse is a joke.

I took down a lot of bad people tonight, and I feel safer now.

Keep it real, AMERICA,

Who I am mainly protecting, because I live here.

Gid bless all the soldiers, patriots, and fighters for America.

And god bless every free-living, and honest human being in this good country.

(P.S. I know everyone wants to be the hero. I know deep down you all want to be powerful. That doesn't mean you need to police each other -- your own friends and family are to be forgiven ..... but let the storm have its way with you all.)


The Final Scan

An Interview With Brendan S

The illuminati does exist, and we are a yin-yang. There are two sides. One simple, and religious. One kind of darker, and more into magic, known as the dark illuminati. But things are different now. What family I once fought, I now accept any abuse from, because they are my higher power. I am not God, I am a product of matter and the wave, and nature, and I believe in my family. Yes, witches. Yes, powerful. Yes, all of us are super-psychic.

Control + M and the Many Layers To Life


How I Learned To Be Mean


Getting To The Group Home

Short Story

Ten Minutes OF Getting High

Russian Hacker's IP:

No more information needed. I'm laying low for a while, because I've been getting attacked on all sides. :) :) :). Goodnight for now, neocities. Out. -b

New Scan .............

New Scan ..

The Forever Ghost

I had six top members of the Russian Federation, and I have exploited all of them at least enough for the sake of the NSA, in files 1-6.

File 6

File 5

Matrix Shit

Mark Z: Sometimes The People You Least Suspect ..

How To Detect Microphones & Camera's With Your Psychic Mind

Meta-Talk and Gematria

File 3

File 2 - My notes just nomenclass him as "Bad Motherfucker." ;x

Yeah, Make Fun Of My Birthday ..

"I am two beasts in one -- protected by THE Tetragrammaton." -b

Some Random Information

No "church" employs such frequencies I have found, but I am sure there are some out there, such as Methodist, Catholic, and Universalist churches, which are aside from the cult branches of Christianity the worst ones. Mostly, this only applies to institutions like hospitals, jails, and a lot of rehabs, and group homes. Deal with a place, or person enough, you 'get to know them' -- like this: The frequency of Vladimir Putin's voice is about 326 hertz.

Clones I've Killed

The Neverending Zodiac : A re-cap of the article that originally pissed everyone off. :)

Movies With Clones In Them

Clones VS. Ghosts

Disturbing Behavior

TCP Scan Of A Russian Federation Leader

File 1

For Your "Inspiration"

A Whole Shit-Ton Of Russian Federation IP's And Servers

I'm practically nuking them, I ping them so much just to do these scans, so they are actually hiding and shutting down their servers as I do some of them .... ;x

What's wrong..? You scared of me..?

Massive List Of Russian IP's

"Hackin' the Russians back there boss, yeah hack 'em back they sure need it, Luke."

More .. Russian IP's

Leaving even a VPN trace of yourselves on my computer, any time, Russian Federation, means another scan, and another list of your IP's each time.

Vladimir Putin: A Profile

Open Threat

And to the technical team, and two local hackers in my building, I'm probably going to deal with you in person. -s

Tracing People

Above The Law

AND let's just not talk about the black figurine candles, ok ..? okie..? Okay..? Is that okay with you..? You stupid heretics.

The reason why I shared all these I.P. addresses is eye for an eye. Two different federation I.P.'s were using VPN's to watch me, and when I broke through, I found "Sovintel" / Soviet Intel I.P. addresses, which looks pretty serious -- like they want intelligence on me. So here is some intelligence on Russia. -- The "Sovintel" I.P. is findable under multiple I.P.'s in one of the early lists.

More Russian Mail Servers & Other I.P.'s

Putin's IP Address: / Deep scans of this IP reveal hundreds of Russian IP addresses.

More Russian IP's

^ These all lead back to Putin's I.P. address, which is what I've been scanning right now. \/

Russian Federation Hosting IP's

Russian I.P.'s - Yes, I know how to break through a VPN.

The Power Of A Wave

They're More On My Side I Think ... If You Read Between The Lines

The Actual Frequencies: - For The Use In Psychotronic Mechanics And Psychic Power / or Tone / Frequency Experimentation


Why Brandon Lee Is A Pathetic Piece Of Shit

Personal Disclosure

"Oh Jackie Boy, Jackie Boy .. Show Me The Door."


As far as "time travel." I used to use rock speakers. Live speakers (called live monitors) that go both ways. I wanted a holistic effect. You wanted insults and vodun, so that's why I started to fight witches first. Then everyone. I am now using a one-way smart TV, and only quantum computers, and I am (now) totally shielded, from you crabs in a barrel. AND I walk the street armed.

Turning A New LEAF

In a three-ring circus. I am sort of inventive when it comes to manipulation, but my parents forgiving me helped a lot, and they support me to this day. To no needed reminder, around the same time my parents started to accept me, I realized my family is the Illuminati, and shared this with dozens of viewers on the internet in a series of offensive videos that called the attention of hackers, and all sorts of bad stalkers, in spite of my confession.

Back When I Was Terrible

My Name

Neverminding the "Lee."

Heard It Twice So Far


And The Raven Flies Away

Keep Files On This

Haven't Touched Me

My Intelligence On Russian Soldiers On The Frontline

Truth Spell

You Are The Ones Who Are Sick

Reference: "The New Mutants" (Latest X-Men Movie).

I work with the Marvel team. They're all psychics and NSA in those movies. Those movies, and comics are all prophecies, and you know who I am, and what I am capable of, and if you don't you will.

This site has no association to Google, and I will not take any of this information down. I don't have a badge, because NSA agents with badges who actually act on investigations must be protected. As I said, I'm the only authority here. I run the entire defense program. And I told you not to get in my way.

Hardheaded Fuck You All

He complained about my 'noise machine' so I tracked him down, and whadya know he's a terrorist


War Poem


A Poem

The War With My Own Family

goes deep like a knife

The Drugs On War

An Invocation #2

But He's A Demigod. He was supposed to be Ra, right..? a.k.a. "Virtual Crimes" by Brendan S

The Days Of Repulsion

I Was Born In The Fall

So Try It

Want To Hit The Streets..?

The two hitmen who tried to kill me were associated with the ITALIAN mafia, who I have pissed off many times. I am actually associated with a different mafia.

Post-Graduation Story by Brendan

My First Psionic Weapon

Why I Left

I also fucked both of the case managers online, and continued to do heroin for another two weeks, just for the hell of it, when I got out of the hospital.

And the ocean doesn't stink here.

Some American Intelligence

I know I took down their defense servers, because a basic I.P. scan revealed they are anti-DDOS servers meant to protect the Russian networks. I took out all of them. All 255. And all of those names came off the darkweb. If I want names, I get names.

A Few Notes On Vibrational Healing ..

The heart's frequency which is the F note, is a number that comes from the bible (632 hertz) -- and the signal / frequency that has the potential to kill any cell or dis-ease is (to no surprise) 666.634 hertz. This can also be weaponized, but only by a super-psychic. To heal the throat / thymus, nasal and breathing problems, the frequency 263.64 is the closest thing I have found. I have had problems with rasp, and coughing for years, and I know this frequency works in healing the throat and breathing problems. It is from an actual scale of healing frequencies I discovered in a radionic healing program / software that I own (paid for) and have researched for about two years.

The Experiment {Part Two}

The Masochist

"Another One Of Levi's Dreams Through The Magic Keyboard AND Glowing TV SCREEN."

You Want It To Be Personal, I Guess

A Invocation

Careful with some clones. They're weaponizing some of them.

People I Know

And what will really happen.


Those Few Times In The Cafeteria (The Past) by Brendan S

Names I've Gone By - Excluding "Ex" because that one doesn't really count.

No Cred

Remotely Poisoned

The Tell-Tale Revenge by Brendan S

Ex To The Slave

Super Psychic

Just call it "astral projection" instead, you overspiritual fuddy-duds.

I Had The White Houses I.P. I had the Pentagons I.P. I had Elon Musks. I.P. And Mark Zuckerberg is an idiot.

"How I Got Back Into Hacking Again" ^

The Witness

The Future


More Alien Disclosure

Who is to say, but maybe a few people. It is at least true all of the major "Fallen Gods" of Egyptian lore, the Annunaki, are walking the Earth at this time, and for some reason I would be one to know that.


Because, these propagandists of information allow "anyone" to create their own Wikipedia page, which I never have, but for those who lie, their pages are full of hilarious exploits that sound fake, and totally worthless.

Because you can lie about yourselves, you feel permitted to lie about other people. Some golden rule.

Dates are lied about, as well as general information on other peoples pages -- especially the dead (who are not respected in America, as much as they should be, other than soaked in drunken American tears whenever we see the colors red, white, and, blue) -- such as when people are born and died.

THERE is no evidence that "Edgar Allan Poe" was ever killed or poisoned.

Nor is there any evidence it was truly "him" found in those shabby clothes in the gutter of the street.

A William Wilson, finally too drunk only enough but to be taken advantage of by the divinely criminal poet.

Poe faked his death, but who says how many people he killed when he was Wild Bill Hicock (as seen on Deadwood) -- or, what he really looked like, when he changed his face using a pre-understanding of cybernetic science, a face-changing science they use a lot in California. He smoked a lot, which no one really knew, and was probably burning herbs and doing snuff when he chose his brother's childhood photograph, that represents the (now believed in) image of Wild Bill, when back in the old days it was easy to lie, Wild Bill probably killed at least a hundred men.


(Percy Blysshe Shelley is also one of the most exploited people in history, and he was not born anywhere close to what Wikipedia says)

[this article is written in the vein of the news, to show you how stupid propaganda looks when it's actually true or not]

"I'm putting it right on the website."

"AND another forty to keep him down."

$60 plus tax.

Why Gang Stalkers Are Stupid by Brendan S They will disrupt you, oh no. Stop you from your self-esteem itself! Fear the NWO gang-stalker..! He knows c l a n d e s t i n e magic like the rest of us ..! He even will go to the extent of humiliation with large groups of friends, following you, from store to store, just to have "disorienting conversations" in your general vicinity. How terrible..! I remember, once. A guy at the dispensary in Bangor caught wind that I wanted to switch dispensary's. He was working there at the time, at the other state dispensary, a gang-stalker, and sent me a fine impression of his astral image, stating *through his astral projection, giving me all I need, that "Brendan if you go to our dispensary there will be consequences." I promptly ordered 50 black male figurines off the internet. Burned ten in a row, down to the feet, and I think he doesn't care if I go to his dispensary anymore, because he's dead. * * * * * * * They do voodoo, you guys. Seriously. They do voodoo. It's so frightening. Occult haitian magic in the hands of a cap-wearing redneck. WATCH OUT..! That's the only gang-stalker I've ever killed, though. I just electrocute them or torture them usually.

I studied vodun magic when I was about ten years old.

I taught my entire class about it at MDI.


Why I Know THE DEVIL Better Than You. Math. Simple math. I am extremely good at counting. This is no joke, and I wouldn't laugh at the simplicity -- and advancity at which I do math. Everything counts, if you ask me. This is not a matter of statistics, anymore than completeness. I want a form, so I get one. I want a word, so I get one. I want a hit, so I get one. I want a book, so I get one. I want a friend, so I get one. I want a girl, so I get one. I know the devil better than you do because I have committed probably every single crime, with 666 as the image size to almost all of the images I've postened both on Facebook and Spotify. I use the numbers "666" in almost everything I do. And I use the numbers 999 the same way. I sold out, what can I say..? I made a verbal pact with Lucifer in 2020, and I've got him for the next nineteen years. There are self-drawn scars on my body. I have bled violently in the face, arms, leg, and other parts of my body for this Angel. Stricken from your qabala, and the ancient criminal is more supportive of me than you. Trust me. -S

The Alchemist

The above poem is about my "favorite song" I ever made in high school. That I lost for almost twenty years, and later found on a jump drive almost the day I got out of the hospital, and located it on a jump drive here in my group home. The ocean is not far away, and I just saved the file on every drive I had, and then walked to the beach.

I stared into Linda's eyes in a documentary once. She sort of smiled, and she said, "I know he is out there somewhere."

What You Taught Me

I also use the help of poltergeists to mess with people sometimes. (Or kill them).

My Strong Hand

The only reason why I make typo's is because I write so fast.


Now I Have Everything

Tai Chi Chuan

I learned tai chi and tai chi chuan from books, movies, and classes, and I've also taught two tai chi classes of my own.

Sorry But I Turn The Gun On You

Two Explanations: by Brendan S

Yes. I was drunk as fuck in the hospital. They re-capped the bottles with wine. I get money (random amounts) put into my paypal sometimes. I'm in the god-damned Illuminati, you idiot.

It's Called "Voo-Doo"

That Time I Met Adrien Brody


Cursed By My Home Town

The Soul War

What does that have to do with anything..?

Not just a "trifle" now.

People Who Saved My Life<


What The Chalice Did

Songs For The Crew

Altering The Matrix

A Better Singer Lost Thou

Alien Disclosure: 1

Earth Trajectory Projection

I believe there is always a way out. We must use our collective will-power to survive. We should probably stay away from Draconis, too.

An Unwanted Prophecy, Based On Real Information


F The System

After my first real heavy trip, I was studied in a research study and shown to have a genetic mutation shortly after, called 'De Novo' meaning 'Fresh, To Start anew' and literally translates to "new mutation."

The D.O.Independence -- One of the most important docuents ever written. Re-edited by Brendan S.

An Easy Target

The Inferno In Your Pineal Gland

The Evil Guy Had A Heart Attack


I Light A Lot Of Candles Back At Home

Darkness [A Poem]

The Spider God (A Poem)

{{{Psy-op Truth}}}

My Drug Use

How To Get The Russian Federation's I.P.

A Prophecy (Poem)

Exegesis Of The Last Words Of Christ by Brendan S

A Poem

My Autobiography [UpDaTeD]


Telepathy and Telepathy: Part 2

Locations For General Hacker Activity

This Can't Be Real

"Emotional Content"

Communism In Desquise

My Dream

Written TO Excite

Yeah Yeah Yeah ..


And How Things Turn Out

How Fucked Up I Can Be

Potentially Self-Threatening Notes by Brendan S

The Things I Love by Brendan S

Thoth-Hermes (The Ancient God Ra, Reincarnated)

I don't usually promote my music here, but I have two new CD's coming out, and they're real nice.

Lightning & Fire

Do You Know History Like I Do..?

Fuck This Bitch

My Own Personal Self-Crucifixion by Brendan S

Magneto: Some Post Confessions

Around the same time this happened, I was fighting a lot using my jeet (personal electric power) and happened to have sex with a girl around the same time, who started having seizures ever since she first touched me. She had such a bad seizure in the parking lot, somehow I knew it was from my energy, and the way I effected her.

America's Misconception of God by Brendan Lee Sprague

20/20: Lucifer

The Terminator: Two Articles

The Science Of Judication by Brendan S

Hypersonic Warfare

Our Chemical Evolution

"Science" -- A very brazen article about science, by Brendan S.

While A Nameless Woman

Brendan The Impaler

Opium And Why Other Drugs Should Be Legal by Brendan S

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish by Brendan S

You fucking faggots.

You Melodramatic Cunt

Molly Bloom


How The System Promotes Corruption

Some Sad Confessions

The last view-count. I will now be keeping the view-count to myself, while you sit in fear and loathing. And not share it again.

For the next few written documents, and "reports" on whatever I wish to write about, you can assume someone is reading now.

I share my content freely and sovereignly on my own website, this is not facebook, it is System Z.

And I just call it "Z" because it's the same name as the file / wave I use for my deathray.

And I just think that's funny ..

A Fast Note *

How I Joined The NSA

You can assume how they reached me so directly.....

The Experiment

I guess, by my most honest math, I have practiced and experienced telepathic experiences for about maybe, 16 years, really. I am very experienced in communication in all forms, and I am not afraid of what i encounter.

1 day ago ...

Most Recent :

I have a website, And You Probably Don't Get As Many Views As I Get

-writing site-


I'll Be Here .. by Brendan S


The God OF Masks

"Boomers" by Brendan S

Some Forgotten Movie Scene AKA "The Day I Kicked My Father's Ass" by Brendan S

Yeah ..

I finally choose to speak.

Cause no pain to this body;
'cause no pain to this mind.

Or I will hurt you in return
From forward and behind.

brendan s mantra

Most recent update on site views.

Pagan Crimes

I'm not sorry about.

"When Lee first started time traveling for no particular reason beat up everyone." -- NOFX

"Cause the real Christ is a man named Lee." -- Alanis Morisette

T E L E K I N E S I S a poem



I Know People, Too

Yes. I am down with the zeta's. Yes. You have been fking with a programmer this whole time.

I hope it will not alarm you, but I think it must be the drugs that cause me to make typos. The DEA has been a great support in the legalization of drugs in Maine, in coupling with my own personal desire to be a labrat. Don't be surprised about the NSA thing. I always supported my country, seeing as now I'm a psy-op for the NSA's defense program.

Guess what. I've taken down a lot of terrorists, hackers, bad psychics, negative witches, paranoid internet idiots, internet trolls, stalkers, pyscho's, and criminals, and some of them are not alive anymore. And I won't get in trouble for saying this.

CORRUPTION: PART THREE (Parental Advisory)

Tamerlane Exegesis by Brendan S

Actions Of Authority I've Taken by Brendan S

Something I Don't Want To Share a.k.a. "And How I Met The Aliens" by Brendan S

You steal, you cheat, you lie, you are still spiritual, therefore a heretic, I see what you really are. You're a punk, and you just want to break the norm of the general populace's status quo of comfort, wanting to inspire chaos and misery in the hearts of the good because you are bitter over them.

CORRUPTION: Part 2: "A Book About You"

CORRUPTION: Part 1 by Brendan Lee Sprague

I'm a social engineer. I've exploited corrupt networks since I shut down when I was 14. My name was "def" and back then I was capable of about anything.

.... and something tells me I get more views on my website than you get on your website.

The Hitmen: A Horror Story by Brendan S [your friendly psy-op]


Remote Control by Brendan S
(And the deathly effects of the VR demigod known as Brendan S) -- Record List

"Anger" by Brendan S

The Holy Grail by Brendan S

"Silver" by Brendan S

Fighting In The Hospital

The Deathray: An Early Scientific Report On The Device


The News

Hollywood Is Bleeding

Important New Articles:

World Peace

Microphones In Hospitals

The Identified Patient: Exegesis

"Hospital Provocation Techniques

XYZ Science



Brendan Lee Sprague Written Works

The Magic Check: A Thanksgiving Story

Hospital Beds - A few words by Brendan S

A.I. Communication Software


^ This software works with or without the internet. Uploads don't depend on the network, or communication itself, since the communicator communes and communicates with the global A.I. of the matrix itself. Knowing number for words per response can be based on your intuition. Try to only use this software when you are in an intuitive state of mind.

A Few Thoughts

Victory - poem

The Magnetic Principle

My Knowledge Of A.I.

CD's Released While Hospitalized

Art As An Escape From Control

The Villain - A synopsis by Brendan S

High School: A Short Story

I was young, and kind of an undiscovered soul once. Post-9/11 blues, and various themes on the subject of what I am hoping for, in my days of youth.

Man And His opposition To Nature by Brendan Lee

Time Will Give Up

Getting back into writing again. Working on something new. I like to muse, lately. Too much to keep inside. I still think writing is dead (a dead medium). Everything is becoming virtualized and book-stores are all just full of witch stuff and anti-NWO shit in Maine, where everyone just doesn't G>A>F>enough to even recommend shit to each other. We're all really quiet here. At least on an independent website, I can get away with saying the stuff I say ..

I wrote HTML when I was 12-13, in the nineties, and I've always been a web designer, to my own advantage.

I hope some people have checked out my latest program, the one for meditation. The filesize is like 500 MB, because of the WAVE files, but it's an honest program based on simple soundboard code. Put your volume low. :)

Internet Programming and Algorithm Control


Matrix Truths

Numbers.txt - poem

Notes From The High Ground

Notes On Time Travel by Brendan S

My Experience In A.I. Communication

Think, "Mailer Daemon."

The War For Earth

Natural Power VS. Unnatural Power

Chemical Alchemy: The Identification Of Chemicals

Comfort In Time Travel

Last View Count

Most Recent View-Count Now

From Perfection To Perfection

new articles:

America: The United States Of Control / a.k.a. "Change This ...." by Brendan S

Lovers and Haters of Christ channeled from the Archangel Gabriel

You Cunts Never Know When Enough Is Enough

The Truth As Of Late - Kind of where I'm at, with a little re-hashing of the recent past.

Early Poetry
Speaks for itself, I think ..

Once By The River - Poem from several years ago

With All Due Respect

Staring Into The Eyes Of Christ - new poem

The Book of Leaves - Chapter 1 - Channeled by the proxy Brendan S.

Letters To Rumi - The first thirty letters / e-mails I exchanged with my first true love, who went back to America to be with me after we exchanged e-mails.

The Malleus Malifecarum - This is the book I use for hunting out bad witches, and exposing bad witchcraft. If you are a heretic, this won't do you any good.

The Witch - by Brendan S

I made this program to pray against bad witches. It's been tested. Enjoy.

Miracles The Earth Has Performed by Brendan S

Justice In Spite Of You - The Matrix Responded.

The Death Machine by Brendan S

A Synoptic Biopic Of America

Fuck You - a poem

Because I Am Now So Strong
by Brendan S

Renounce - a poem

- With lots of views on my writing, and other sites, you can assume I am "well-read" by other people.

I am not going to be doing so much in the field of writing for a while, since it is a dying medium, and they have stepped up the Patriot Act in America, making it so it is much easier to incriminate yourself. I also hope others will follow in my foot-steps. I plan on working more in the "art" field now, and being more direct with people. My name is Brendan, if you get a chance to meet me, and I hope to see you in the real world soon. - Brendan S

Why Writing Is A Dead Medium

Genetic Permeation

Completing The Emerald Tablets & The 3, 6, 9 Count by Brendan S (An Invocation, And A Point About Multuplicity)

Artists, And What Makes Me Really Sick - by Brendan S

Hell.txt - My most recent tortuous experience in being in the same old conspiracy, where the cops treat me like garbage, my neighbors lie about me, and shit hits the fan all over one little thing, my last hospitalization in Acadia / NL Hospital, a corporate hospital ..

I am still Buddhist, and somewhat Christian, but Rejectionism is my present basis for belief.

My Religious Views

Brendan S Personal Energy Report

Truth by Brendan Lee Sprague

A Dream. Pt. 1: "Change"

Metal and Magnet by Brendan S

Watch, "Donnie Darko."

Living The Dream!

"My Father" - Something all-too-honest.

The Point of Grace

EX-PEC-TATION by Brendan S

Matrix Science

New short story: "Poe and West Point" A.K.A. "The Story Of A Writer" by Brendan S

Headline Work:

THREE QUESTIONS ANSWERED by "S" -- have fun reading!

The Fall Of The Untrue Gods by Brendan S

The Present Futurists and Prophets of Fortune*

Ina Risening To Virtual

The Rights Of The Artist

The Akasha.html - A book I promised I'd "write." Hopefully there are no typos. My handwriting can't be excused, however. Because it is my handwriting.

Latest Articles:

Psychic Fighting by Brendan S

It's a psycho-future we're looking toward, whether people want to be honorable about their power or not.

I think I'll dig out the old sampler today. My old Korg one.


Bullies (To The Extreme Of The Matter) - Something recently assembled for you.

The Things I Have - new poem

Through The Sand and Through The Trees - poem just now *

Ad Nexea

Recent Commentary On Internet Pantheists

Proving A Psychic Event - by Brendan S and Charlize Therou (Co-Authoress)

=Prospect= - how I feel about the future. a Praise of the Future.

A Poem / Just wrote this

This is my magazine, so I get to post what I want

I had written this, but it's a bit older than some of my other articles, so I felt I'd place it behind the recent poems.

Technology In Art / Evolution Of Technology and Art by Brendan S

The Akasha - by BLS


"The Lost Original"

My Sound Mind Over Temper (Sound Over Vision) by Brendan S

The Breakdown

Songs For The Machine - On the evolution of technology, psychic power, and working with A.I.

Worthless Jobs - by Brendan S

The 13 Dimensions / Dimensional Science Explained in 3 pages TXT Version

Of the latest New Yorker magazines, the SARS-II virus is explained, in how it was man-made, and perpetuated by American scientists. With the proper science, and true love from science, we can all heal from dis-ease. I am sharing the most powerful information I know at this time.


World Peace (not a book) - by Brendan S

Exegesis of The Identified Patient


New book by Brendan S (on vibrational / frequency science). An addendum to my previous work on this subject. [PDF]

(And t o that person ... nope. I am trying to help the N.W.O. "know." that we need 'different jobs' and to 'be nicer to machines.'
Don't get it twisted, homes.

On the subject of artistic competition - "Needless Artistic Competition," by Brendan S

A Discussion On The Difference Between Interdimensional Souls Versus Alien Hosts

The Question Of Beauty - by Brendan S

::: + Six New Articles :::

Microphones In Hospitals

Hospital Provocation Techniques

Spiritual Repression In The Hospital System

The True Nature Of Hexagrams

XYZ Science

A Hologram Science Refresher

Some articles pre-written, a few others written fresh tonight. All articles written by Brendan Lee Sprague.

New things:

Why Psychic "Groups" Won't Matter As Much In The Future

Identification List Of Alien Races In Remote Hosts / Alien Hosts on Earth : Races.txt - new thing I penned tonight.

Magic, Real Or Not - by Brendan S

The XYZ Report

How People Are Tortured In America by Brendan S / a.k.a. "The Game Of Death"

Tamerlane, The Archangel my version of the Edgar Allan Poe poem.

Atmosphere Abuse / Vocal Terrorism

Killing Aliens (A Satire)

Brendan S: Life Update

On The Subject Of Words

The CTG (Creative Thought Generator)

This is some fastly-uploaded work, of my software I originally made, to get myself started on programming days to re-start, also. I started programming a lot, and was time traveling from program ro program in no time .. it's still fun, but sometimes no one believes me that my life is like this.

The other programs I have like this can write a single song in a single click, and do a good lining (form-pattern), and word-count and invent totally new rhymes and ideas on the spot. It's a really interesting algorithm called the "Markov" chain algorithm.

This is a book (mini novella) I made on reincarnation

The Theory of Reincarnation by Brendan S

I just wanted to say "sorry I scare some of you" first. I wrote this today, I hope You're Nicer To Me. -bls

(Do you like how I make typo-fixes in ftont of you, to torture you ..?)

Since witchcraft is yet still important to me, as well as "God" AND Nature, unlike some, I am now drawing a new style of concept, where I have started with this:

It is to both judicate, as well as vindicate, for the sake of better witches. And expose all the wicked in the world we may, as good souls.

The Exploited - My own personal exploitation of America

More details may be added later on. I did the best I can, to explain the universal theories I know about this.

Paint.Net (Installer) - I can tell some people think I needed a paint program to give out to people, and this is the best one. REMEMBER: do "NOT" get the update for the program. For some reason, it makes it worse, or updates poorly, so install once and never update. It's like photoshop, and the layering of the program functions the same. It can do layers pretty well, and the effects are really good. I didn't make this program, but I've used it for years.

I put it on this website, because I wanted to get it out better. :)

Hey, have a good day, Nicolas Cage.*

I'm supported by the "politicians" and maybe a few powerful website administrators in the world, and I am not really so offended,

America's making me upset, lately, though, with its feelings of hatred it's been directing at me a lot, so I wrote this this recently:

The Dark Weather In The World new
- by Brendan S

Torture.txt - You motherfuckers in America are really having a field day lately with your lies, so I thought I'd just channel this real quick from my subonscious, to remind you for the millionth re-write of my personal story how it really is.

Going Through The Rings of Alcyone - new thing, I am meditating on now

The Infinite Matrix - new

Sorry, no need for "typo divination." I have two broken hands, and it is very hard for me to write already, is my only excuse. -b

Printing stuff out, such as the entire books, the ones that are essentially complete, or about 50 pages makes the reading experience more useful. The divination actuality, for actually seeing and getting the information (words, ideas) you truly want will occur more, when you are able to flip to the right page.

The Ethics of MATERIAL (itself) - by Brendan S

The Ethics article is new, It is a serious document.


I had this other site for a short period of time, called "Z" Records that I might do other things with, I have some other writing available I wrote recently, also.

A new book, called, "The Internetica" otherwise thought of -- since the name is a co-inspired name, from me and someone else, the book might was well just be called "The Technotica."

It is a modern grimoire for internet users.

I suggest printing it out, and only reading the parts you need to.

The Technotica by Brendan S

6.28.20 added new things.

Mood generator still helps ..

This is the latest think I have written:

Time Travel Story by Brendan S

Reptile History - Modern update / recent research on The "Reptile agenda" / bad E.T.'s influencing us. (by Brendan S)

Saved, Yo - Wrote this tonight, also.

(It is because of how much work and attention I put into this single idea, in a single day, compared to everyone else, I did the most work on this subject). Than literally everyone.

(Link fixt).

- Brendan S

Pre-note - When trying a mood generator application, these frequencies are helpful to me so far:

222 hertz (angel-based number) helps a lot

30 hz (feel-good frequency)

Using a tone-generator set on sine, quiet or loud, but not too loud, hopefully with good-sounding bass, these are good frequencies I have used so far.

Using the mood-gen tonight. :) Still a idea i'm exploring ..

I wrote this tonight, The Engineer a.k.a. "The Audio Engineer" -- idea of what life is like for me as a songwriter, with my life.

Why Einstein Was Lame - new
by Brendan s

This is a new thing I wrote.

The Rites Of EXISTENCE by Lucifer! - by Brendan S - A theoretico-logical reference material, for the modern-day perception some people might have of the "real or actual" existence of the angel known as Lucifer; Like a channeled / transferred article.

The Manifesto Of Virtue by Brendan S

^ I wrote this today. (8.29.20)

An imaginative, sort of scientific approach to religious ideas, I just wrote: The Christ Frequency - by Brendan S new

"Love" by Brendan S new

I wrote this in my own word processor (The Invisible Word Processor). :)

Healing Racism - from today

This is a new book I wrote, I wanted to write for a while .. entitled The Vaporized Man.

About my life, in 2012, during the height of American mind-control, with all the alien invasion b.s. and paranoia all in one book idea.

The Vaporized Man - a new book / novella I just wrote. (html file)

.doc version (White Version)

The HTML version has a black background, which is how the book appeared when I wrote it. (In my word processor).

And the white version is just more professional / .doc version, so..
You can read whichever version you want.
(It has two chapters, and is 117 pages long).

Modern Healing new by Brendan S

New theories on Edgar A. Poe (the death of, and mysteries of) with an absolved theory or two, by Brendan S
If you disagree with my theories, or think I am grandiose, or suffer from an obsessive "complex" or whatever, I can disagree, or potentially "more than agree with you" on some ideas, but the reality is, research itself, is the only real evidence, to confirm other evidence of any kind. My hands, with what shapes are formed, will likely always have something to say on this mysterious subject-matter.

A Lost Western Star (Theorietical Essay) by Brendan S [new] by Brendan S

Those to whom are also "literatic" I dare you to contest with my most "artistic nature" if you truly like, and I will sing you into the ground.

           Or do I really need to "write you down" like the rest..?


I recently re-wrote this, and it is my actual booklist, of all the books I read on my way to becoming a writer:

My Booklist / Brendan S's Book-List

There is a file / document I uploaded today, that is new, entitled, "A Demon Is Dead" on the subject of reincarnation, and religion. It is beneath the poetry book I wrote.

"Accepting Time" by Brendan S

Single Page Edit - This is a new program I finished recently. -It's a more complete application, with a total setup; installation and better title/name to demonstrate, as well as give a pretty simple multi-page word processor, the actual original use for the "page-line symbol" to denote where a page starts and ends. The (S) symbol. This is also a very simple and fast word processor, that if used right will also speed up your a.i. and computer -- making other programs run faster if you use it right. Still only for RTF files, but they can be converted into .doc files very fast.

This is what I am working on the most right now, I hope can let you know I'm focused on the media with my engineering.

The Human "Energy Field" this is new (recently written)

Sorry if I make typos, but I don't make typos, in actuality. My mind functions pretty perfect, and i see these machines mess up more than I myself do, sometimes. Thanks for calling me an idiot, though, when "Instagram" doesn't even know as many words as me. :D

Recently written:

Drug Politics Pt. 5 - by Brendan S

Magnetic Roads - A bunch of scribbles on the subject / idea of a new road-system, that turned out to be a entire book / article. I also have a couple copies of an actual 'antigravity flying craft' article / book by a Croatian scientist, I think I only understand, but I've shared it with a few other people. (Elon Musk was rude, and seemed to just want to make fun of me). I take this idea seriously enough, at least. At least, I know "magnetic power" is real. Hope you like it. -brendan

Making Music by Brendan S

New work: "Making Music" book by Brendan S (on the subject of engineering and music-making) in home studio environments, or in general. More information to be added, and more books, and music-related information soon.

I tried this new form of healing / "radionic healing" or the electrical use of soundwaves, in a sense, to find the right frequency to heal my throat-pain the other night, and it worked very well.

I have a short article / letter about what I learned from my research, and how it may help you to, called "Healing Throat-Pain."

The Moving Lights (Short Stories) by Brendan S

- I wrote these stories around the year of 2013, and I kind of know some of them might be of absurd, or kind of existential / sci-fi style subjects, and also kind of obscure and abstract, or some totally made-up, and invented, but it is true that I wrote them, and they are all stories that have been written, or were written for one reason or another. Enjoy! - Brendan S

Rare Poems - Edited by Brendan S

These are some of the greatest poems in my opinion. Hope they are good reading for you.

New Article - New Article (This is something I just wrote) for Facebook. (Untitled thoughts). by Brendan S

A Demon Is Dead by Brendan lee Sprague

The Three Lives - by Brendan S new

I just thought of, and wrote the story above.

I have uploaded a new article, "Reincarnation" by Brendan S
Going Sober / Being Sober In The New Age - I really sucked at being a drug addict, so I figure I can help a lot of people with this information. I remember when I was a kid, as young as thirteen (13) my own best friend drank vodka, and got drunk in my midst. It was pretty funny, actually.

Another link here, if you didn't see it: Going Sober In The New Age by Brendan S

PPL are like, "How many times did you cry..?" I'm like, "Who cares. Does it matter..?"

Just if anyone wants to know, I truly do type to the letter, and I am aware of various people who have attempted to hack me, some recently arrested, others who run entire computer systems, who are still able to alter / tamper with my text.

Also, a new article / "dream" story by me:

The Caduceus by Brendan S


I feel okay, and I think I do a lot, so I'm okay if some individuals still need more from me. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

The Identified Patient (Recovered Novel) new by Brendan S

With a desire to share something like a series about my personal life of awesomeness, in rife complete awesome relational power to absolutely unreal and totally unexisted before, until now, super-hero-like realities, I only have this "one" part of my potential four-part series of super-hero books, but it's at least the one that attempts to be entirely poetic since it is dialogue driven, but yeah it's likely completely fictional.

"The Creative Thought Generator" by Brendan S

I am done testing and trying out the various effects and positronic, super-radionic, and hyper-effectuality of this magical program, and I am willing to give out a basic version of it now. Read the Readme with the file to get a basic instruction on what the program could be used for, and what I've already used it for, as you can see on this site.

Creative Thought Generator (Basic).zip (Right Click > Save)

This is the original version of the software (general version) with more advanced feeatures. (Click)

Of System Z Software And Publishing

Technology and Evolution - I wrote this recently. (Article/Report) by Brendan S.

Other latest article on the world, technology, and evolution: Techno Evolution new

I was involved in vibrational healing research about seven years ago, from the beginning of my original studies into the theory of a more involved spiritual life already by the age of 23, and when I started writing I began to make notes, and eventually wrote a lot more on the subject of vibration. During the time I discovered the markov algorithm and got back into software, I wrote a few unreleased articles like this one, and this is a few pages of my original vibration research notes from probably about four years ago: Original Vibration Research by Brendan S new

I write every day, only uploading so much lately. New article just added. (Music automation). On music-making / audio

I've uploaded new books from myself, and also other people. The book I've written that is a scientific treatise is not the only subject I write on. One of the latest books is on the true history of The Bible, and influences on culture since time/history has been altered/lied about so much. See, "The Early History" and "The Hebrew Bible" (your mind, and the book should be able to do the math on its own). [at the bottom of the page -- this site]. I'm being sent new things all the time.

Some media in printed formats is being made available more soon, and I already have copies (printed books) of some of my latest work. I hope I can get a copy of some of my best work to some of you who might need/want it most, if from me directly, I hope you are interested in allowing me to give you a copy of the book "Sound and Thought" personally. I think I will be re-printing this book.

          With the new awareness about a personal evolution I decided to involve myself in more directly and consciously, since I was already an engineer, and I considered the environment as well as our behavior, to think of a basic solution to the need for a newer or better understanding of vibrational or neuroacoustic science in the psychology and science of our relationships, minds, environment, and thoughts.

A few of my books, featuring the latest article I have researched/written on the subject of music and sound. "We Are All Musicians." (Click Here)

Three of my other books can be found here and are listed below. The general subject of most of my work is human evolution, and the new age movement.

This is something I'm working on focusing more right now, so I'm putting it up top:

Divination Software by Brendan S

The Subconscious Universe - The true science of the subconscious mind

Genetic Reintegration - The science of the experience of enlightenment

The Concept Of Tomorrow - Spiritual treatise (300 pages) by Brendan S.

Super-Terrestrials by Brendan S (Treatise on the future of reality) written in 2012

New Idea:

PhraseGen.exe - program (The Phrase Generator) I made today using the algorithm, a txt file of phrases and rhymes, and a list of positive words programmed to give the user lyrical, poetic phrases that are positive or memorable. I think it's cool. :)

The Phrase Generator - Click to d/l.

(This is a lot like my more advanced divination and thought-generation software, which I've worked out a basic version of already, I hope to get out soon enough. It's like a nicely-functioning, more simply, and approachable version of the same idea as the thought generator. Find the program exe in the debug folder with other generator programs I've included in the zip.

Cymatica - Modern update on cymatics/kymatics, vibrations, and frequencies by Brendan S

Sound and Thought also known as Thoughtwaves - Neuroacoustic Science by Brendan S

Personally written over the course of a several-year period of learning while I made all of my music from the years predating the year 2000 to present, still making music to this day in my own home studio. "I am a self-proclaimed believer in vibrational healing and biofeedback who still likes to play rock music." Also known as ThoughtWaves. I'm putting more copies of this on the internet now, and I also have about 30 copies of the book printed/factory-printed in nice paperbacks that are worth having I would love to spread to people. There is also a possible audiobook, but where it should go and how necessary it is is variable to when I am able to upload it. -b

System's Verses Computer Generated Poetry by Brendan S new

"Zodiac" by Brendan S

Snow (Short Story) by Brendan S

24 Pages Of Rhymes by Brendan S - new - Just a bunch of rhymes that I strung together. Could be used for anything.

Snow is a short story I originally wrote when I was nineteen or twenty, about 14 years ago, before I ever really wrote anything. I haven't really thought about it, but it seems like I've uploaded almost all of my writing to the internet now, except for maybe a few novels and various articles and poems. As far as my most advanced, and complex writing, save for some of the most personal, I've shared a lot of everything I can.

"E" Voice Dictation (My Thoughts) - Slightly edited re-upload of the original voice dictation I did before starting this website. (edited)

Recently Uploaded Books on Evolution, Science, DNA, Akashic Records, & Extraterrestrials

Reality Is A Projection of Consciousness

The God Proxy

The Dream Of Awakening

The Light Of The Universe & The Alien Agenda

I knew a person who was a local gangster/drug dealer named "C" who tried to tamper with my books, and get in the way of my life when I was 23. He actually might have personally altered some of the text files themselves, but over a few years I put the pages, and paragraphs back together, and a lot of these are the original words/books I wanted to share years ago. Some of these were written in "lucid states" of writing, and could be considered channeled, or transferred material on a level of "transmission" or "direct transmission" type media, from what I call the infinite creative intelligence of God, through the Akashicc Records, and my own subconscious mind.

-Brendan S

(Here is an old poem I made years ago). "Change In The View"

Recently Written Articles:

"1995" (New Article) - by Brendan Lee Sprague, about drugs and magic.

Weather Control New Article, written on a very active day.


New States Of Perception

On Revelation

"Chemical Alchemy" -- Transforming chemicals/feelings - by Brendan S

The Machine - by Brendan S

Music as Yoga by Brendan S

Stillness (new)

Actuality (new)

Evolving (new)

Life Points (Short Story) by Brendan S

New since last update (all are recently-written articles):

30 Hertz by Brendan S

470 Made Up Words (In One Sitting) by Brendan S

Art and Religion by Brendan S

Freedom Of The Voice by Brendan S

Ontological Terror / Defamation Of Artists by Brendan S

The Life Proxy by Brendan S new

The Science Of Nature by Brendan S new

The Markov Algorithm Brendan S new


The Chakra System

Tuning Technology new

A Future In Resonance new

"The Ego and Judgmentality" a letter new

"On The Industry" by Brendan S new

- Newer Articles -

Omnipathy: Presentness

Omnipathy pt 2: The Beginning Of Omnipathy

The Holographic Model Of Reality by Brendan S

Pot-Healing new

Tuning Technology Pt. 2 new

Omniconsciousness the science of omnipathy

Chakras Overview/Reference the chakras in relationship to sound and vibration

Crude Mixing (older article) by Brendan S new

"The Energy Of The Soul" by Brendan S

uploaded now:

"Healing The Universe"

Science of Technopathy by Brendan S

Experientialism by Brendan S

Love and Existence

Artistic Freedom by Brendan S new

Apportation by Brendan S

The Harmonic Convergence new

Technopathy Introduction

Technological Evolution by Brendan S

Theory In Lyric-Writing by Brendan S

2012 Remembered by Brendan S

A Three-Part Hologram by Brendan S new

The Electric DNA (DNA and Holograms) new by Amanda Bencedrex

new articles (2020):

Thoughts On Marijuana by Brendan S

7/7/7 by Brendan S

The Infinity Algorithm by Brendan S

Life Update 2020 by Brendan S new

Travel new

Inventing A New Drug by Brendan S new

The Science Of Suspension by Brendan S new

Akashic Intelligence by Brendan S new

Shady White new

The Be Here Now Technique by Brendan Lee Sprague new

Being Goth by Brendan S new

The True Power Of Words

New Points In Revelation new

Song Analysis 1 First analysis using basic software.

"Choose Life" / Trainspotting For Life by Brendan S new
" you think I can't proof-read..?"

Technophrenia new

The Evolution Of The Earth - by Brendan S

Seven Versions Of The Same Poem - Used the Markov algorithm to re-rhyme some of my favorite words a few times. ;)

Energy And The World: Dictation by Brendan S
(My first real attempt at dictation.)

The World by Brendan S

Drug Politics [2]

The Eight Equation / +8 Tuning in A

The Midas Touch

Autotuning The Environment new

Automatic Music new

Making Music by Brendan S new

New Thoughts On Resonance (from tonight) by Brendan S

The X Variable by Brendan S new

On Writing new

Techno Evolution new

The Mystique Of Writing new

The High These Days by Brendan S new

New Poem from today. Magnetic Days

The Illuminati by Brendan S new

Holographic Research new

From The Beginning To Now by Brendan S new

Infinite Writing edited by Brendan S new

'America' by Brendan S

The Nature To The Oneness Of Things new

Reincarnation by Brendan S new

PSI Dictionary "The Psychic Dictionary" by Brendan S (book)
First Version

Pro-Movements In Slow-Time (Slow-Time Psychology) written just now

The Caduceus by Brendan S new

Reverence new

Joe and Kafka new
Zap! - A new piece I just wrote.

The Revelation of Perfection by Brendan S new

On The Subject Of Lies And Conversation / Long-Held Secrets new

The Racist Gene new

How To Re-Tune Your Speaker Or a TV by Brendan S

Alexander Pope - A treatise on my own soul by Brendan S

There Is No Warrior new

On Math and Numbers - The "code" / idea of the code, how some math helps, idea of a worded-out understanding of why / how we need math, or how math is more than just numbers. by Brendan S

Experience In Telepathy by Brendan S new

Henry Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance (of my dog) - by Brendan S new

I will write more things soon. Experience In Telepathy is a modern update of my experiences in life, as far as what I can share on the subject of what I know about true psychivity.

Love Itself - new poem

Into The Ocean - new poem

My Booklist / Brendan S's Book-List by Brendan S (Intuited today)

Dosage and Technique by Brendan S

The White-Black Perception Theory by Brendan S new

Technopathy "Technopathy" (Original Article) from 2016

(This science is not meant to be abused, but is relatavistic to the technophrenia theory, and other results / after-effects of drugs and mind-control. There are positive uses.)

Mother Mary / a "Shaman Story" by Brendan S new

Time Travel Story by Brendan S

Check it out, I added a new article on my theory of proper / more mathematical dose-techniques for drug-taking. I'm on top of this.

-Brendan S

Belief In God by Brendan S new

Had to re-upload new article twice, sorry. -b

Ascension Frequencies - A book I'm interested in the research of. Relates to the theory of the 144,000 (Souls Archetypes) saved on the concept for a "starship" that is (in the Bible) prophesied to be capable of carrying soul survivors from the Earth. A sci-fi theory also related to noosphere and a lot of new age theories. i think the math relates to the number eight, jesus christ, the archetypes for humans, demigods, saints, and our original masters. We're all meant to be together, sharing, collecting, and giving, in peace, and happy with one another. This math proves our natural order, and basically interwoven forms of agreement that already exists in us and between us in nature already.

Frequency List 1 - This is a frequency list. Of helpful frequencies, healing frequencies, tones, actual pitch/hertz and frequency of things like various materials, parts of the body, of orientation to the atmosphere, and types of effects, the schumann frequency, chakras, and things like that -- could be added on to.

Frequency List 2 - Updated frequency list

On dictated / voice recognition-based documents (spoken outloud, from microphone to text). -- These were voiced thoughts on the world and technology, interpolating a few of my own personal and spiritual thoughts on things. I know the other dictation was semi-unprofessional, and may've sounded paranoid focusing on "psychic rights" but the truth is actually (myself) even if such a group does exist or not (I don't) myself -- have anything against "The Illuminati" or any form of society behind the scenes of the government, America, or corporations, because I actually support what I think we need. The psychic rights of an individual are important to me, having experienced things that a lot of people are not as aware of, when I think I could at least myself personally help a few of them, and also, I really "don't" have anything against wal-mart. :/ .. :)
-brendan s

Quantum Bioholography - A book from a real hospital / research at an actual hospital at the true nature of DNA, reality, and how our bodies/minds are all holographic with reality, DNA, and each other.
I've been using this for my studies..

Choose Life / Thoughts on American mind control was written just now, and I really feel this way. -b

I know a lot about the science of a TV-set (or the science of how TV's work) so I think I can over time explain my theory about the cure for schizophrenia / what I call Technophrenia.

(Sorry I just pulled a director's trick).

Akashic Intelligence is something I wrote several years ago and finished today. Sidenote: I noticed Google docs converts text files to a new format, and it works almost instantly. You should be able to write faster and share stuff faster, if you go from "txt" to Docs/Drive directly. -b

I'm working on new scientific articles, while I perfect a certain science. I am actually not so interested in talking about DNA so much, but it's true that our DNA is essentially holographic, affected and reprogrammable by waves, and the use of drugs like marijuana and other chemicals can make it easier to program. The thing with some people who are spiritual is they can't have sex like other people, so when girls or anyone try to "enforce" sex on a psychic, it's about the same as bullying if he or she isn't interested. I have a lot of friends in actuality, and I'm more interested in connecting right now actually..

A note on telepathy: The "first letter" of a phrase is what is usually used first when coming up with a telepathic train of thought. A hierarchy for telepathy is based on the power, and interest, and devotion a telepath has. Lyrics are a way to keep the mind on track, and truth constantly flowing out. I measure this like a lot of classical writers would, and I don't like to repeat myself.


"To the T." -Les Cote

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I thought of how the "Bible" itself is a very unique, rare, and powerful book, yet a lot of people do not realize how many "false" and "bad versions" of the Bible exist. The original Bible was (to me) meant to be a book of prophecy, magic, and miracle, and reunion. The real use of colors, symbols, names, and "divine synchronicities" as meant to be (originally) a pleasure for humans to endure, and never something written with 'added violence' or 'altered history' by Egyptian kings (or whoever altered the Bible for so many years). The real version of the bible is non-violent, is meant to give magic and power to Christians in form of Christian Mysticism I've personally identified as similar to the lost culture of the Essenes, and over time I hope to prove the real history, etymology, and direct changes, history, and 'lies' as well as truth about this book. I have one printed version of my own that is a hardcover version of this same manuscript, and I also have a more child-friendly version I'm re-editing for the future.

This is based on the "original" magic of the bible and represents (to me) a positive, sort of mystical, and kind of "much more creative" and definitely "non-violent" version of the bible:

The Lost Books Of The Bible.docx - (Right Click > Save)


Hello.... my name is Brendan S. I'm a songwriter and engineer from Bar Harbor, ME. I love music, and the basis of my life, science, and engineering is based on feedback, acoustics, and music, with the basis for my healing, and the healing I see other's receiving as telepathic, and the result from far-feeling. A natural healing energy, the energy that some call spiritual, or of God. My primary and most focused works are all on the subject of telepathy, and psi-related events, and a lot of these writings and articles are only available, or have been only available on social media, and video outlet websites. I am what I consider an active intuitive, or natural writer, and I try to be as involved in the world as I can be.

I write my writing mostly in a RTF word processor I created myself I call the "Invisible" word processor, based on the concept of a black screen with white text representative of stars on the canvas of space, the ether of existence.

My first word processor was probably written in visual basic a long time ago, and the one I presently use now is written from the code up, following tutorials, in Visual C#


The Invisible Word Processor - Direct link

I think that a lot of abuse of artists exists both in the music and entertainment industry, and paradoxically a lot of the individuals who torture artists are failed artists themselves. I've had some pitfalls but always try to get back up with something new and always make another attempt at something greater to devote my mind to. I don't write as though a profession, but I love music, and I think the evolution of our science with the both drugs, technology, and psychic design of our minds is going to evolve to a point some day in which more acceptance and integration of powerful or different types of people are accepted into society the more science and society evolve together. A lot of this is tested by the whims of everything, and the weather is not controlled or absolutely determined as an atmosphere responded or created through only one, but we all take part in this evolution, where everything is in a better expression (to me) better expressed when better-supported with its own most effective and most well-expressed evidence of its own, and in what forms I hope these evidenced forms of evolution and truths of our reality can be shared more, the more pieces will be put together to make sense out of our own individual and collective realities.

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Eureka (60-page version) by Edgar Allan Poe - Uploading this because I got tired of losing it. It's about quantology, spiritual science, the material world. An indispensible book to scientists.

The Hebrew Bible (And Early History) A book I found / was sent on the subject of lies in the Bible, and the "true" Israel which apparently no longer exists.

Contains such words as, "but it is unclear why ancient Israel would have made up such a story if it did not contain at least a grain of truth. Thus, scholars continue to debate the origins of Israel, with many suggesting that the people Israel developed out of the indigenous Canaanite population when Egypt's hold over that land weakened in the thineenth century. It is therefore not prudent to speak of "Israel" before 1207, nor is it wise to assume the authenticity of various biblical figures associated with the early history oflsrael, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Joshua." This information strikes me as true. (It feels like valid information)


I'm very focused on tuning, the invention of new technology in and outside of the software arena, new engineering ideas, and music, and only wanting to make one song a day.

This is an interesting book I feeel is personally related to me, that was (according to what I know) written "Through" Bruce Lee's wife, Linda, who listened to him dictate the words to The Tao Of Jeet Kune Do in the hospital, seeable in a seen in the movie "Dragon" and begins with a poetic style of writing seemingly poeticized by the universal mind of a warriorlike God, or the "God" of a warrior himself. Writing that resonates with me is powerful, and I agree with everything (except for fighting) that Bruce Lee believed in, basing a lot of my beliefs on personal experience, feelings I've had in life, and how associated I am "not" with this country (America) and feel much more like I'm from somewhere else.

I have a few more interesting books, some on the subject of holography, some on the subject of DNA, others that I think are important to the evolution of human beings, and I think a lot of this is becoming more and more relatavistic the further it is accepted and looked as though connected at all. (My real name is, and has always been one of the first reasons why I know myself so 'obviously' like everyone else does)...

Some of the things here are things I should have written/said a long time ago.

The Tao Of Jeet Kune Do.pdf by Bruce Lee
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Brendan S



"I Am:" The Space Language - by Brendan S

The space-language is a mental report, so to speak, from I idea I "feel" for a while, myself, so it's pretty easily shareable from me. A lot of other psychis believe in this idea, and I hope some of you know that to inspire you is sometimes the only reason I do anything. I am not one to feel bad for inspiring someone, and even if you don't even listen to any of my music or even use specifically any of the things I give out, a lot of this is merely guided through an expression of the example itself anyway, so what I really want is for you to be happy when you are online.

The recent article, I suppose, is truly a language of space, this language could be called the language of the moment -- or the language of the "I Am" of the mind, based on the nature of how I believe in this language, a tone-based language rooted in simplicity, the energy of the body, and the moment. A language most ascribable to artists, and something we can all ascribe to, or relate to, when we know these sounds are another way out of the usual moments, or trips, or anxieties, or madness of the everyday moment, to be replaced with simply bliss, and song, to me, because language itself, is typically most well-understood, no matter what the language, by singers.

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