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Some media in printed formats is being made available more soon, and I already have copies (printed books) of some of my latest work. I hope I can get a copy of some of my best work to some of you who might need/want it most, if from me directly, I hope you are interested in allowing me to give you a copy of the book "Sound and Thought" personally. I think I will be re-printing this book.

          With the new awareness about a personal evolution I decided to involve myself in more directly and consciously, since I was already an engineer, and I considered the environment as well as our behavior, to think of a basic solution to the need for a newer or better understanding of vibrational or neuroacoustic science in the psychology and science of our relationships, minds, environment, and thoughts.

A few of my books, featuring the latest article I have researched/written on the subject of music and sound. "We Are All Musicians." (Click Here)

Three of my other books can be found here and are listed below. The general subject of most of my work is human evolution, and the new age movement.

The Subconscious Universe - The true science of the subconscious mind

Genetic Reintegration - The science of the experience of enlightenment

The Concept Of Tomorrow - Spiritual treatise (300 pages) by Brendan S.

Super-Terrestrials by Brendan S (Treatise on the future of reality) written in 2012

"E" - My Most recently written document. (Using Voice Dictation).

Cymatica - Modern update on cymatics/kymatics, vibrations, and frequencies by Brendan S

Thoughtwaves.pdf / Sound and Thought neuroacoustic science

System's Verses Computer Generated Poetry by Brendan S new

"Zodiac" by Brendan S

Recentlly Uploaded Books on Evolution, Science, DNA, Akashic Records, & Extraterrestrials

Reality Is A Projection of Consciousness

The God Proxy

The Dream Of Awakening

The Light Of The Universe & The Alien Agenda

I knew a person who was a local gangster/drug dealer named "C" who tried to tamper with my books, and get in the way of my life when I was 23. He actually might have personally altered some of the text files themselves, but over a few years I put the pages, and paragraphs back together, and a lot of these are the original words/books I wanted to share years ago. Some of these were written in "lucid states" of writing, and could be considered channeled, or transferred material on a level of "transmission" or "direct transmission" type media, from what I call the infinite creative intelligence of God, through the Akashicc Records, and my own subconscious mind.

-Brendan S

(Here is an old poem I made years ago). "Change In The View"

Recently Written Articles:

"1995" (New Article) - by Brendan Lee Sprague, about drugs and magic.

Weather Control New Article, written on a very active day.


New States Of Perception

On Revelation

"Chemical Alchemy" -- Transforming chemicals/feelings - by Brendan S

The Machine - by Brendan S

Music as Yoga by Brendan S

Stillness (new)

Actuality (new)

Evolving (new)

Life Points (Short Story) by Brendan S

New since last update (all are recently-written articles):

30 Hertz by Brendan S

470 Made Up Words (In One Sitting) by Brendan S

Art and Religion by Brendan S

Freedom Of The Voice by Brendan S

Ontological Terror / Defamation Of Artists by Brendan S

The Life Proxy by Brendan S new

The Science Of Nature by Brendan S new

The Markov Algorithm Brendan S new


The Chakra System

Tuning Technology new

A Future In Resonance new

"The Ego and Judgmentality" a letter new

"On The Industry" by Brendan S new

- Newer Articles -

Omnipathy: Presentness

Omnipathy pt 2: The Beginning Of Omnipathy

The Holographic Model Of Reality by Brendan S

Pot-Healing new

Tuning Technology Pt. 2 new

Omniconsciousness the science of omnipathy

Chakras Overview/Reference the chakras in relationship to sound and vibration

Crude Mixing (older article) by Brendan S new

"The Energy Of The Soul" by Brendan S

uploaded now:

"Healing The Universe"

Science of Technopathy by Brendan S

Experientialism by Brendan S

Love and Existence

Artistic Freedom by Brendan S new

Apportation by Brendan S

The Harmonic Convergence new

Technopathy Introduction

Technological Evolution by Brendan S

Theory In Lyric-Writing by Brendan S

2012 Remembered by Brendan S

A Three-Part Hologram by Brendan S new

The Electric DNA (DNA and Holograms) new by Amanda Bencedrex

I'm working on new scientific articles, while I perfect a certain science. I am actually not so interested in talking about DNA so much, but it's true that our DNA is essentially holographic, affected and reprogrammable by waves, and the use of drugs like marijuana and other chemicals can make it easier to program. The thing with some people who are spiritual is they can't have sex like other people, so when girls or anyone try to "enforce" sex on a psychic, it's about the same as bullying. Plus, I myself am pretty heartbroken right now, and I'm not even really looking for a girlfriend. But if you watch the movie "Waterworld" (the beginning) or see any other scence with a super-hero who is a genetic mutant, or anyone who "doesn't need evil bitches in their life when they are still beautiful with or without her" -- I am that person, I am. I am truly awesome. But no, I don't want "her" in my life right now, so hence the most recent article, and yes, it's true, I've been working you, and your whole city.

The "first letter" of a phrase is what is usually used first when coming up with a telepathic train of thought. A hierarchy for telepathy is based on the power, and interest, and devotion a telepath has. Lyrics are a way to keep the mind on track, and truth constantly flowing out. I measure this like a lot of classical writers would, and I don't like to repeat myself.



Hello.... my name is Brendan S. I'm a songwriter and engineer from Bar Harbor, ME. I love music, and the basis of my life, science, and engineering is based on feedback, acoustics, and music, with the basis for my healing, and the healing I see other's receiving as telepathic, and the result from far-feeling. A natural healing energy, the energy that some call spiritual, or of God. My primary and most focused works are all on the subject of telepathy, and psi-related events, and a lot of these writings and articles are only available, or have been only available on social media, and video outlet websites. I am what I consider an active intuitive, or natural writer, and I try to be as involved in the world as I can be.

I write my writing mostly in a RTF word processor I created myself I call the "Invisible" word processor, based on the concept of a black screen with white text representative of stars on the canvas of space, the ether of existence.

My first word processor was probably written in visual basic a long time ago, and the one I presently use now is written from the code up, following tutorials, in Visual C#


The Invisible Word Processor - Direct link

I think that a lot of abuse of artists exists both in the music and entertainment industry, and paradoxically a lot of the individuals who torture artists are failed artists themselves. I've had some pitfalls but always try to get back up with something new and always make another attempt at something greater to devote my mind to. I don't write as though a profession, but I love music, and I think the evolution of our science with the both drugs, technology, and psychic design of our minds is going to evolve to a point some day in which more acceptance and integration of powerful or different types of people are accepted into society the more science and society evolve together. A lot of this is tested by the whims of everything, and the weather is not controlled or absolutely determined as an atmosphere responded or created through only one, but we all take part in this evolution, where everything is in a better expression (to me) better expressed when better-supported with its own most effective and most well-expressed evidence of its own, and in what forms I hope these evidenced forms of evolution and truths of our reality can be shared more, the more pieces will be put together to make sense out of our own individual and collective realities.

(O.T., See new article)

Eureka (60-page version) by Edgar Allan Poe - Uploading this because I got tired of losing it. It's about quantology, spiritual science, the material world. An indispensible book to scientists.


I'm very focused on tuning, the invention of new technology in and outside of the software arena, new engineering ideas, and music, and only wanting to make one song a day.

This is an interesting book I feeel is personally related to me, that was (according to what I know) written "Through" Bruce Lee's wife, Linda, who listened to him dictate the words to The Tao Of Jeet Kune Do in the hospital, seeable in a seen in the movie "Dragon" and begins with a poetic style of writing seemingly poeticized by the universal mind of a warriorlike God, or the "God" of a warrior himself. Writing that resonates with me is powerful, and I agree with everything (except for fighting) that Bruce Lee believed in, basing a lot of my beliefs on personal experience, feelings I've had in life, and how associated I am "not" with this country (America) and feel much more like I'm from somewhere else.

I have a few more interesting books, some on the subject of holography, some on the subject of DNA, others that I think are important to the evolution of human beings, and I think a lot of this is becoming more and more relatavistic the further it is accepted and looked as though connected at all. (My real name is, and has always been one of the first reasons why I know myself so 'obviously' like everyone else does)...

Some of the things here are things I should have written/said a long time ago.

The Tao Of Jeet Kune Do.pdf by Bruce Lee
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Brendan S