Brendan S - Ode To

I wrote this Cd based upon the time and place during a time of both strife and turmoil for me, while I somehow found a relationship with someone who still didn't break my heart when we broke up because I liked her so much..

She is an artist, and I miss her.

I hope she knows how important (you, your) smile -- I mean, her smile, is to me, and how I like to know she is happy with or without me.

I may have been rude on youtube, but this CD says it all, no matter what or when.

I respect you.


01. Love Alcyone
02. You Were Right
03. Try Version 1
04. Try Version 2
05. You Rock, You Roll
06. Forever For Me
07. Shadow Runners
08. Where I Gotta
09. Getting In The Mode

I released this CD as a original "devotion to the system" and it was originally created out of some "needed to be released songs" I gave to Jessica because at the time we wanted to start a record label, I thought it would be a good CD to improve the industry itself.

For the mysterious reason of somehow having its "magic" and original effect questioned by a lot of different variables, I just thought I'd at least start to think about what I can do with the CD again, since I love some of the songs on it so much, so I am just putting it here for now.

Keep it real.

-brendan s