Featuring Josh Voke & Brendan lee

new music :: "I'm Alive" by brendan -&- "Time Lingers On" by Josh Voke

I am working on new music constantly and also other websites. I will do web design for anyone who asks. My style is rooted in minimalism, and I do all of my websites using direct HTML code, from the code up.

I want to release a new CD soon as well as an older work to go with it, and these can be expected at any time the universe decides to pay
a little mind more than just a desire to pay attention to the going-ons of someone like keeping tabs, when the truth is I have made music my whole life, and I care about music more than anything.

I hope to have new tracks up later tonight or tomorrow.

"This" website is independent, and can be expected to be updated constantly.

Two New Songs:

Harbor Records (S)