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New Software & Files

The Thymus frequency in the meditation program is precisely 263.64 hertz and is derived from Rife frequencies / Radionic science.

The Meditator

Contains all of my best meditations in pure wave form, with the program pre-set to play each one. Remember to set the perfect volume. Mood generation is based on a subsonic effect, and does not need to be played loud to effect you. Just make sure sounds are hearable.

Whorld "Visualizer" - The world itself is making it hard to find this amazing visualization program, so here it is.

Phrase / Word Generators - Contains Three Programs + Song Generator Source Code . . .

- Rhyme Generator
- Song Generator
- Phrase Generator
- Rhyme Generator (App) / Slim Version

Contains my own self-written song/wordlist file songs.txt -- a unique, positive, and efficacious phrase out of a txt file of rhymes, phrases, and positive words I made go with the algorithm I work with, so it's like a simpler version of the thought generator, and has built-in words.

This zip contains the source code to the original song generator, and all of the generator programs as well as the best two versions of the "rhyme generator 1.0.0" program which is mostly based on the actual sounds of the words, so has some abstract sounds to its programming. Also includes the best version of the latest and updated version of the phrase generator that now works effectively, with a good simple version of the song generator fully programmed, in executable files in the bin of the debug folder, where you can find all of the programs. [Right Click > save zip file].

MultiFind.exe - File Searcher For Windows - Finds files fast, the location, and right where the files are, with a click.

ESPERA Music Player

Espera Music - A new music player that is useable offline from the soundcloud & youtube websites. Seems to find more personally-rooted songs, in a sense, the more indie and free, independent versions of songs. (Safer versions). Will also find official versions. :) Compiled today. Hope you like it. -brendan s

Paint.Net (Installer) - I can tell some people think I needed a paint program to give out to people, and this is the best one. REMEMBER: do "NOT" get the update for the program. For some reason, it makes it worse, or updates poorly, so install once and never update. It's like photoshop, and the layering of the program functions the same. It can do layers pretty well, and the effects are really good. I didn't make this program, but I've used it for years.

I put it on this website also, because I wanted to get it out better, using the best sites, and easiest ones to reach people with. :)

The "BE" Hex Editor - (alters preexisting programs) / sort of like a program-hacking program. (These are actually totally legal, to have, and to give out).

I have another one, also, if anyone really needs it. (A visual hex editor).

I usually don't give it out, and a few programmers are getting silly out there in the industry, so I probably will ..

Adding more, "focus.exe" to the world.

focus.exe (no .zip) compiled by Brendan S

A new text editor, for actual .txt files, that is not notepad.exe.

I have a lot of new program ideas I am working on right now. --to evade / help escape the crimes, misery, and abuse of programmers like Gates, Inc, and Work-20hz-Like-Invisible-Ghosts, inc, and whoever else wants to control or manipulate people with technology, I have more helpful, and freeing programs to make, that I am going to compile / create soon. :)

-brendan s

Run the EXE file in the bin or object folders. Also includes a lot of the source code. This was on Github.

(Youtube is a violent website, so it is not really a big deal that pretty much nothing works on their site anymore).

Wave Recorder (Voice Recorder) 1.0

Wave Recorder 1.0 [compiled by Brendan S]

I made this mobile wave editor / wave recorder a possibility, where a compiled editor for recording waves (in the file folder) will allow you to, on any computer, record from the jump drive / USB drive you keep it on, potentially, so that you can record music anymore. It picks up the sound on your computer, and other sounds, for a complete recording.

It has a simple Autotune feature, and a few tuning ideas I would recommend are something with A# (A Minor) (Emotional), E-based tunings for power *Purpose, and a lot of grounding is found in F#, and D notes, usually a more whole D is more securing, and I would write more on this subject soon, so it is okay to just record things in A, which is now being proven to be the most effective and most powerful note in the scale of octaves for healing.

I want to add, with some of my recent things, and what's going on, I know i was mean to Bill Gates, in reflection on his power with computers alone and simple general disrespect for me, but I am not angry anymore, and I'm sorry for this, that I was rude to him or anyone else

Latest Software (Programmed Recently)

new word programs I compiled recently. They are good for lyric, and poem-writing. (The lyric one demands color, and was obviously designed by someone who intended it this way).

Mp3 Playlist (HTML) - Can create a site-based playlist of your mp3's for whatever you have. I just used this on the Music Depository, and it works good.

ASCII Text Generator - A good ASCII text/image generator that works really good. Use "test all"

File Searcher - I think the windows "Searchability" is (and has been) a slightly disorganized system since the "ordering" of files itself seems to be for a long time mysteriously harder and harder for new computers to manage, so I found this source code to a file searcher program, and compiled this into an exe, and I've tested it out, for example, locating the file "Built 2 Fly" on my computer (which, I had lost for many years..) -- Enjoy.

File Manager v2 - You'll find more of your own files if you try to look at them in a new or different way, I've already noticed. This was based on the original Total Commander program (or whatever it was called) and I just re-titled it to Super Commander. (It turned out to be in Russian, so just know that F6 is run, and files transfer directly within the program. ;) Enjoy.

Web-Based Rhyme Generator

rhyme.html - Based on an applet I found on webcrawler that allows you to rhyme pretty fast with a quick array of useful words. Hit enter & rhyme. (The blue color I chose, I thought, is good for the voice to quickly locate the words you need most for your G-notes.)

Online Tuner

I'm not trying to be a renegade or some kind of industry-bashing rogue TV-head attemptor of mysterious new things and experimental ideas to threaten the paradigms and natural grounding of reality or some thing bad or anything, the truth is I really think some music in the industry is tuned differently for some, not so well for me for instance (or some like me), others to whom don't know what the tuning should be, or the general tuning of some things just isn't so great, so here is another tuner I found, which links directly to an online tuner that is more useful for getting a pitch or key from any signal on your browser instantaneously. Enjoy.

Added new software to the website.

Right-Click > Save

I've noticed that a lot of my software usually runs best on .NET framework version 4.5.6 for Windows, or at least with a good updated Windows machine that can run programs written in a Windows programming environment.

Sentiment analysis (working) - Sentiment Analysis.exe From positive, neutral, negative analysis of text input.
I think it has a well-functioning and honest "sentiment" engine. The program isn't finished, but this isn't my code, and I didn't want to stress too much over this, since it is only a fleeting concept for me to think so much about... if anyone thinks this helps, or has their own ideas for sentiment or sentiment analysis in computers and of text I hope it helps. To be honest, it's actually helped me more than a couple of times. :)

mR. Disco - Sour Yellow Sounds (Full CD) - Sour Yellow Sounds (35 Songs)

mR. DISCO is an original anonymous performer, and talented user of computers who designed an entire techno CD using old-school computers and basic eighties and nineties machines. This CD originally inspired all of my work as a teenager. I had it on one CD, like a lot of things, and somehow I was able to save every single song, from almost 20 years ago as virtual data.

(This is the song) I think you should listen to called 12th Moon. It was released in the early nineties as far as I know, is completely rare, unheard-of, known by no one, and is one of the most inspiring electronic songs I've ever heard. I hope you enjoy it like I did when I was young. He has a purely electronic style.

His music was originally findable on a totally different person's website, who simply went by the name "kB."
(A female user I think)....

Enjoy. :)

Websters.txt - Complete Dictionary (English)

- A good replacement for any dictionary or definitions book or program, just search for the word you need using ctrl + f and voila. I got duly-banned from a sandwich shop, crystal shop, and the pot shop I didn't even need to go to once, because some Hawaiian/half-breed criminal asian guy thought I was assaulting him with my cell-phone once, so it's important that people all know what all the words, objects, and things in the world mean so there is not any confusion between people, races, thoughts, and cultures. :) Nothing is so well-highlighted, sometimes, anymore than the "unspoken merits" of an individual sometimes, in the great post-script of "reality."

(The World).

I release software, which I've written my whole life from about the age of thirteen to present, and a lot of the software I've made for personal reasons.

Song Generator Compiled exe of the program I've used for such songs as "Corners" "Keep The Light On" and a lot of the songs off my CD Static Electric. I also wrote the book of poems I just released with this version of the program. It seems to really complete the poems/lyrics based on the math I used, which involved the number seven and one a lot, so it seemed like it was natural enough based on my understanding of those numbers. If this program runs on a computer that operates at "just the right speed" -- in a meditative state, while in a powerful state of mind, or creative state of mind maybe with the lights out, you can watch as the lyrics appear in front of you almost as the program is generating words in the moment. I might want to start gathering up rhymes, and certain phrases and lines of text for another example of the program, and the project I'm working on right now is more enrooted in something along the lines of spiritual and creative, so I want to take my time with the present project. This program could be used for lyrics or poems. Have fun. :) -brendan

I'm still investigating rhyme technology, the markov algorithm, and what other word-based programs, and randominity-based software I can come up with, as I think of myself as an inquirer of the akashic records, and a proxy of information.

PSP3.exe - Image Editor - Program for simple image editing. Handles most general formats, but since it's such an old program, it might not save files always where you want to, so you might need to use a jump-drive. Good for fast image-editing. (very fast). Probably good for memes.

My Browser - Mini-Browser

Fast for a mini-browser, though it isn't so good for professional or serious online activity. Can be useful for helping you out of a jam. It's a cool concept for what it is anyway, with all the stuff that's out there. A suggestion to our personal independence and universal need to create our own realities. This so far runs youtube really well, and it works for facebook. I don't know what websites don't really work with this, but I can say it isn't the most powerful program to handle more complex tasks on the internet, so it's essentially with both its speed and limitation just being a concept I'd call a mini-browser. If you want to just use facebook and youtube, it's pretty fast, and I actually use it instead of opera sometimes when I make playlists, or when I just want to listen to music on a fast set-up when I'm alone chilling out. I think it's cool because the look of youtube is also totally different when you go to playlists, but I still use other browsers too.

Guitar Tuner.exe - I just downloaded and compiled this today. It's really cool. It's an old-school, DOS-looking Guitar Tuner/frequency analysis program. :) -brendan (How's that for staying in tune..?)

The tuner program, "Guitar Tuner.exe" works best in Firefox if you want to get frequencies from sounds off the internet.

UniBall Tutorials - These are tutorials and helpful details about one of (or probably) my favorite games on the internet, based on a ship in space, with teams that play hockey. (Has interesting flight physics, and a lot of cool concepts that are advanced yet simple when you get into it).


The music program (Winamp) is made by nullsoft, and I use it to mix my CD's.

It's important software, and I like to host other software and whatever other things I can find to put on a useful website, even if it's just a simple website that mostly only helps me, because (to be real) I've never been a very recognized programmer.

I have the program "The Song Generator" as well as a dictionary and various rhyme-based programs I am working on, and I hope to release a lot of this stuff sooner than later.

My "invisible" word processor has been uploaded and can be found here

Winamp is findable here and I don't really care about the consequences.

Audio Mastering Program - An audio mastering / normalizing / track-balancing program - Gets all of the volume of your songs to the preferred decibel level of your songs best volume level. (Very useful). I didn't make this.. I've used it a lot, though. Recommended. :) :)

I've used the internet for almost twenty years, mysteriously born during a hurricane, and also magically able to know things about technology without even needing to try, and based upon my life and recent experiences, in the world, and online, I've had some bad experiences, and I know the internet has changed, but I am myself sure there is no need for so much security, judgment, and hate online as there is now. I think this hate was caused by the propaganda of sites such as facebook, and the petty mis-use of power by people to whom are only standing for themselves, bereft of an honest relationship with technology or the world, when real engineers are both artists and also people.

So, I wrote this.

The Truth About Some Websites new

Online Tuner

The truth is, sometimes I repeat myself on purpose.


put good music in winamp and have a good christmas next year also. :D